Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 81 Escape

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The blood fingerprints chased closely, and followed Fan Tian with Tongtian's blood. Sima Xueteng's cruel eyes were accompanied by cautious laughter, making this area of the world become the land of Shura. The void imprinted with traces, and the bronze figure quickly fell to the ground. Even so, it failed to completely get rid of the opponent's attack.


The blood fingerprints still mercilessly scratched on Fan Tian's shoulder, although Fan Tian was at the beginning of their appearance. It has been put on golden armor, but the attack of the senior two-stage warrior is not so easy to defend. With the inertia of blood fingerprints, Fan Tian did not turn his head, but ran to the depths of the forest. With this attack alone, he already knew in his heart that this Sima Xueteng was not only an intermediate second-stage warrior, but also an outstanding second-stage warrior.


The blood handprinted into the body, and a mouthful of blood overflowed from the corners of the mouth. Although the armor resisted most of the combat power, it still failed to resolve it completely. If Fan Tian's body strength had not reached the level of an ordinary senior soul master, this fingerprint could have completely seriously injured him.

"The peak strength of the advanced second stage really lives up to its reputation. Now I'm still far from it." Feeling the approaching breath behind him, Fan Tian's face was full of solemnity, because this time it was likely that the sewer would overturn the ship. I didn't expect the Sima family to really do such a huge job for him. Now everything is clear that the turmoil of the Sima family is completely a transfer from the mountain, but Fan Tian does not regret all this.

The bronze figure is wrapped in purple and gold. In the face of cruel and fierce attacks, Fan Tian's face showed no fear, but revealed an unparalleled perseverance. After landing, he did not care about the elders of the Yao family, because he knew that the other party would not kill the elders of the Yao family at all, and it was not easy to kill the elders. He is the main goal this time.

"There is still some distance from the Beast Mountain. It is obviously impossible to escape back." Fan Tian's face is solemn and constantly analyzes the way to escape. However, Sima Xueteng didn't seem to be playful. He wanted to get rid of Fan Tian. He was fierce and ruthless, and another fingerprint smashed over.

"Big blood handprint turns to the underworld!" With the other party's voice, the original blood-red fingerprints gradually breed a gloom, and the gloomy breath has covered up the bloody smell. It seems that the ghost blood claws from Jiuyou constantly release the power of Huangquan and want to ingest Fan Tian's life. With his back to the bloody Netherian fingerprints, Fan Tian felt the breath of danger. This time, it was more powerful than just now. Presumably the other party had exerted all his strength.

"Hand of Destruction" Fan Tian can't continue to sit back and wait for death. Although his strength is not good, he can't be beaten blindly, which will continue to encourage the arrogance of the other party. The hand of destruction came out of the air, and the four-finger scales and claws were not inferior. After the spiritual clan's understanding of destruction in the forbidden land, today's hand of destruction is no longer than before, and its strength has risen to a higher level.


The two skills collided in the air, and Fan Tian's body retreated at the first time, but the breath of destruction did not dissipate. The four fingers of the dragon scale fiercely blocked the blood-red fingerprints, which made the other party unable to enter. Seeing this situation, Sima Xueteng's original bloodthirsty eyes have turned into ferocious.

"I don't know whether I am alive or alive, but I dare to show off my skills in front of a senior soul master." With the fierce voice, Sima Xueteng's body suddenly spewed out a blood red. At the spur of this spiritual power, the big-blooded ghost fingerprints instantly became more violent, turning Fan Tian's hand of destruction into ashes.


Another mouthful of blood, Fan Tianqiang endured the severe pain of his internal organs and dared not stay and continued to run to the forest. Stepping on the empty seal, his speed reached an incredible level, which surprised Sima Xueteng in the rear. For a while, he couldn't catch up and screamed angrily. But Fan Tian knew that it was only a matter of time before they caught up with him, because the distance between them was constantly shrinking.

"What should I do? If you are caught up with him, you will definitely die!" Fan Tian tried his best to force himself to calm down, but this situation was not so easy to calm down. This is a forest thousands of kilometers away from the Beast Gate. When he was at the Beast Gate, many fellow disciples came here to practice. But I have never heard of any place to hide.

The blood of Sima in the rear is getting closer and closer, and the cruel laughter is also more harsh. Although the old Yao family in the sky is full of anxiety, he is entangled by the other party and can't get out at all. No one thought that for a small intermediate second-stage soul master, the Sima family actually dispatched two senior soul masters to intercept and kill.

"Is God going to kill me?" Facing the big forest in front of him, Fan Tian couldn't think of any way out. The blood of the other party has spread behind Fan Tian, and the cold laughter is like in his ear.

"Chatter, see where you are still running, big blood and mysterious fingerprints, destroy it!" In the face of the attack close at hand, Fan Tian has been unavoidable and can only bravely take out the magic stick to fight. The split stick came out, and a stick stepped through the sky and stood in front of the blood hands. However, this stopped the other party for a moment and disappeared into fragments. The blood-red handprints came with a strong yellow spring atmosphere. At this moment, Fan Tian finally felt the breath of death.

"It's over, I'm really going to hang up this time!" With the last idea, Fan Tian's body flew backwards, blood spilled on the ground, and the golden armor continued to shine, and still could not stop the other party's attack. However, at this moment, something strange happened. The shining golden armor suddenly stopped, and a moment later, there was a sudden fluctuation, which shocked Sima Xue, who was about to make up for a punch. And the next thing made his eyes widened.


The golden armor actually released the fluctuation of space, and Fan Tian, who had lost consciousness, suddenly disappeared into the air, and Sima Xueteng in front of him did not react for a long time. I didn't come to my senses until half a sound.

"Is it a transmission?" However, no one answered this question to him, because Fan Tian had come to another place at this moment, and he did not seem to be very popular in a coma.

"Who is this? It's full of blood!"

"I don't know. It suddenly appeared here. Why don't we tell my father!"

"We don't allow outsiders to enter here. Tell your father that he will definitely be executed!"

"Isn't he dead now? I don't think there is any life left!"

"Uh... It really doesn't look like it can live!" In a valley surrounded by mountains, two seven or eight-year-old teenagers looked at Fan Tian curiously and didn't know how to deal with it. However, at this moment, a 17-eight woman appeared in their sight and frowned at the two teenagers.

"What are you doing here if you don't go to class? Be careful of the patriarch punishing you." The two teenagers seemed to be very afraid of the girl, and their bodies couldn't help shaking when they saw the girl.

"Sister Xiting, we didn't go to class, but we found this." Following the direction pointed by the two teenagers, the girl saw a young man stained with blood on his armor. The blood stains on his face were obviously full of breath and more breath.

"How did you find out?" The girl quickly came over, came to Fan Tian's side, and bent down to check his injury, but as she continued to check, her eyebrows frowned more tightly.

"We just walked here, and then suddenly a flash of light, and he appeared here!" The two teenagers dared not lie at all.

"Well, don't talk to anyone about this matter. Just leave the rest to me. Remember not to talk to anyone. Otherwise, I will tell my uncle about your skipping class!" The girl suddenly became very serious and threatened the two teenagers. When the teenager heard it, he showed a bitter face and promised that he would never say it.

"Then go to class quickly!" Hearing the girl's words, the teenager ran out like an amnesty. And the girl had a faint blue light on her hand, covering Fan Tian's whole body.

"This man must not be known by others, otherwise those antiques in the family will not let him go." The girl raised her eyebrows and carried Fan Tian on her back, as if she was not a person, but a generation of cotton. The lotus walked elegantly into the dense forest.

On the other side, Sima Xueteng, who saw Fan Tian suddenly disappear, has become crazy.

"What the hell did you go to!" Sima Xueteng kept looking for Fan Tian's breath in the air, but he never found it. Even Sima Ren, who was not as strong as him next to him, became angry.

"Damn it, you can't even solve it. What else can you do?"

"Bullshit, he suddenly teleported, how can I solve it?"

"Won't you solve it before he teleports!"

"Fuck you, don't you want to live anymore? How dare you talk to me like this!"

"Damn it, I can't find him. After we go back, neither of us wants to live." Sima Xueteng and Sima Ren have become irritable because they have not found Fan Tian for many days. Of course, there are also traces of the old Yao family looking for, but the three of them have never seen Fan Tian.

While the two quarreled, Fan Tian was lying in a cave, and his injury was slowly recovering. The girl in a green dress used her light blue power to treat Fan Tian's injury every day. Today is the fifth day since he came here. Under the continuous care of the girl, he finally regained consciousness and opened his eyes.

"What is this place?" The scene that came into sight made Fan Tian a little confused. The cave was full of the smell of plants. A stream flowed past him, and the fragrance kept stimulating his sense of smell. The girl in blue immediately came over quickly when she heard the sound, but what came into Fan Tian's eyes made him widen and shouted out in disbelief for a long time.