Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 82 Luanfeng Holy Land

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The woman in blue in front of her almost made Fan Tian jump from the ground, because she really looked too much like her sister. If she hadn't been older, Fan Tian would have doubted whether she had come to the sky city of the Western Jin Dynasty.

"sister? What are you talking about, sister?" The voice of the girl in blue is as clear as the flowing stream, which is pleasant to the ear. Looking at Fan Tian, who was puzzled by the other party's big eyes, he realized that he lost his temper. However, the other party's appearance was so similar to his sister that he couldn't help looking at it for a moment.

"Well, I'm sorry, because you look too much like your sister, so please forgive your rudeness just now." Fan Tian laboriously supported his body and sat up, and there was another pain in his internal organs. You can imagine how seriously he was injured. When the girl saw Fan Tian doing it, her eyes suddenly showed nervousness.

"How did you get up? Do you know that your injury hasn't healed yet? This will affect the speed of your reply. The girl is beautiful and has a beautiful taste.

"Ha ha, thank you for your concern. I haven't asked Miss Fantian's name yet!"

" Luan Xiting, they all call me Xiting!" The girl smiled with two lovely dimples on her face.

"Oh, Sister Xiting, you should have saved me!" For this girl who looks almost the same as his sister, it is difficult for Fan Tian to think of any other name. However, the girl opposite is a little unhappy with this name.

"How do you know that I'm younger than you and call me sister? How old are you this year? Fan Tian was immediately embarrassed when asked by the other party. Unexpectedly, Xi Ting, who looked very ladylike, was still hot-tempered.

"I'm sixteen...!"

"Then you'd better call me sister, Sister Xiting, I just celebrated my birthday yesterday and just turned 17!" The proud smile of the girl in blue made Fan Tian full of blue veins. He didn't expect that the beautiful girl who saved him was actually a little devil.

"Then I'd better call you Xiting. It's easy to call you old." Fan Tian was full of shame and really didn't know what to say. Instead, the girl opposite listened to Fan Tian's words and came to Fan Tian with her big eyes. After a sound, she said a sentence that almost made Fan Tian's injury recur.

"It's true that you don't call me sister. Why don't you look like sixteen or twenty-six?" When Fan Tian heard the words, the corners of his mouth twitched. Although he had been blowing in the sun outside for the past two years and looked a little old, he was still a little uncomfortable when he was 26 years old. However, due to the life-saving grace of others, he could not refute anything and could only quickly change the topic.

"Xi Ting, what is this place that looks strange?" Fan Tian raised his eyebrows. He still doesn't know what happened. He only remembers that he was covered with blood when he was slapped by Sima Xueteng and woke up here.

"I can't tell you where it is. You must explain exactly how you came here, otherwise... hum!" The other party suddenly grinded up his little tiger teeth and looked at Fan Tian's eyes as if he had begun to have bad intentions, which made him feel that the whole body suddenly became cold and cold.

"You don't have to look at me like this. If I know how I came here, I don't need to ask what this place it is. It's because of the inexplicable appearance that I don't know where I am!" Fan Tian quickly explained that he always had a bad feeling in the face of this little witch, as if there were countless ways to make a whole person hidden in the pure girl's mind.

"You really don't know?" The girl's nose almost touched Fan Tian's face, and Fan Tian was so scared that he almost lay back.

"I really don't know!" Fan Tian has completely lost his temper. This is not a girl. She is simply a witch. She doesn't know that men and women have different witches at all. Seeing Fan Tian completely surrendered, the witch smiled proudly. Because she had guessed this from the moment the two teenagers suddenly found Fan Tian, and now she just wants to tease each other.

"Okay, I won't tease you. This is Luanfeng Holy Land. You must have never heard of it." The girl suddenly stopped to look at Fan Tian, and Fan Tian interrupted appropriately.

"Why has no one heard of it?" But Xiting's next words were like a fish bone suddenly stuck in Fan Tian's throat.

"Because everyone who has heard is dead." This time, you don't need to ask, you will know that this Luanfeng Holy Land must not be a good place. Fan Tian suddenly felt that he was very close to the tiger wolf. He didn't go to the tiger's house, but came to the wolf's nest.

"What? Are you afraid?" Xiting saw that Fan Tian had not spoken for a long time, and her big eyes flashed and rubbed her little tiger teeth.

"I'm not afraid, but depressed. I just survived from the palm of someone else's hand, but I didn't expect to come to the guillow again." It's no wonder that Fan Tian was depressed. No matter who managed to find a good doctor and was saved, the first thing he heard after waking up was that you couldn't live the day after tomorrow, and you wouldn't be happy anywhere. With such torture, it's better to die directly.

Seeing Fan Tian's declining face, the girl couldn't help laughing, like pear blossoms after the rain, which was extremely beautiful. Not to mention that this little witch is definitely a beautiful girl when she doesn't have a hair.

"Oc well, although this is Luanfeng Sanctuary, I also have a way to save you out." The girl pretended to be mysterious. Fan Tian had long seen that the other party was kind-hearted and could not be difficult for him. He did that before because the other party looked too much like his sister, and he rarely relaxed once.

In the following time, Fan Tian studied martial arts every day in addition to recovering from his injury. Sima Xueteng's bloody hands were not in vain. From the moment Fan Tian woke up, he had decided that he would return thousands of times of the gift given to him.


The whole cave is filled with purple-gold energy. If the girl hadn't arranged the magic array here, this fluctuation would have been transmitted long ago. Fan Tian's bronze body has been completely entangled in purple gold, and the news in front of him is like a source, constantly flying out of it and pouring into Fan Tian's body.

This stream is actually not an ordinary stream, but a spiritual vein branch rich in source power. In fact, the whole Luanfeng Holy Land is located on a huge spiritual vein. After many days of getting along, Fan Tian also learned that this Luanfeng Holy Land lived in a hermit family, and it was a very powerful Luanfeng beast soul family.

When he first learned the news, Fan Tian's brain was almost shocked. What is Luanfeng? That's the same level as the real dragon. Think about how powerful a family will this family be? Only the Qingyi Xiting in front of her is already a senior soul master and a magic soul master. Think about how horrible the other elders in the clan will be. Under such great stimulation, Fan Tian did not dare to relax his practice.

The purple gold whirlpool in the body is like boiling water, constantly surging, and the depths of the big whirlpool still leads to the unknown depths, where there is a barrier that can never be broken. The dragon scales and dogs above the whirlpool have slightly closed their eyes, and the purple-gold source below is constantly burning, accumulating energy for the martial soul.

The eight spirits in the martial soul emit colorful light at all times, like a picture of the starry sky, and the eighth break is constantly fluctuating, as if to ask Fan Tian for energy again. Since he was promoted to the intermediate level, Fan Tian has not hunted fierce beasts to supplement his eighth soul, which also stagnated the eighth broken cultivation and has never been useful in battle. Because the secret of all beasts can only exert the real power of beasts in the world. The previous practice is completely to lay the foundation for the future.

"It's time to hunt some fierce beasts." Fan Tian withdrew his strength and stood up slowly. The injury in his body had already fully recovered, but the barrier of the intermediate second stage could not be broken. After many days of absorbing spiritual veins, Fan Tian's accumulation has reached a terrible level, but the practice of martial arts becomes more and more difficult. Many people have stopped in a class for decades. Fan Tian knows this kind of thing, and he can't be in a hurry. It was at the mouth of the cave that suddenly came Xiting's anxious voice.

"Fen Tian, Fan Tian, it's not good. There's something wrong!" Just as he was about to rest, Xiting, a girl in blue, suddenly appeared at the door of the cave, and panic appeared in her eyes for the first time.

"What's the matter?" Fan Tian suddenly had a bad feeling that the thing that could make this little witch nervous must not be small.

"The elders of the family caught your breath through the phoenix mirror. They are about to send someone here. Leave quickly!" Xiting was already a little out of breath. It turned out that when Fan Tian was practicing, a faint breath was caught by the elders of the Luanfeng clan and became suspicious, so he used the Luanfeng mirror of the family to capture his figure.

"I want to leave. The problem is that I haven't left here at all. How can you let me go!" Although Fan Tian is equally anxious, he has not left the cave for half a step since he came here and let him escape by himself, just like sending him to someone else's arms to turn himself in.

"What's the matter? It's really troublesome. Follow me!" Xiting seemed to be really anxious this time. She ran out before she even had time to say anything. However, before he ran half a step, Fan Tian's head became big, because the other party took off in the air, but he did not have this ability.

"Fuck!" Fan Tian couldn't help swearing and stepping on the void seal under his feet and chasing it. Despite this, it is still not as fast as Xi Ting, a senior soul master.

"Why are you running so fast? It's me!" Fan Tian, who ate dust, looked at Xi Ting, who was about to disappear from her sight, with black lines on her head.

Huh? Why do you run so slowly? What a big trouble!" When Xiting heard the sound and saw Fan Tian, who was left far behind, she frowned and almost went together, but she forgot that Fan Tian only had the strength of an intermediate soul master. In the end, he had no choice but to run back and take Fan Tian to run into the forest.

"Where are we going?" Looking at the almost unchanged scenes around him, Fan Tian was a little confused.

"Fantasy array, are you so easy to get in and out of Luanfeng Holy Land?" Xiting answered angrily. Fan Tian saw that this aunt seemed to have taken gunpowder today and quickly closed her mouth. It's better to light less fire.


As he kept shuttling through the jungle, the shocking atmosphere behind finally came, feeling the terrible fluctuations, and Fan Tian's scalp was about to explode. What kind of lineup can release such a horrible atmosphere?

"No, uncles are catching up, but fortunately we are going out soon!" Xiting puffed her little mouth, and there was a trace of excitement on her face. Fan Tian was a little puzzled. He was going to escape. The young lady was so excited, but then the other party's words almost made him fall from the air.

"Girl, you will take care of my life after I go out!" Looking at Xiting's succeeding smile, Fan Tian did not react halfway, and at this moment, the figure behind him finally appeared. One by one, the breath of horror was full of blue and red.

"Xiting, what are you going to do? Put down the intruder quickly and bring it back to punishment!" The old man's crane has a childish face, and his body is surrounded by the smell of a terrible senior soul master.