Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 85 Intermediate Three

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Facing the corrosive worm falling from the sky and the size of a mountain peak, Fan Tian's eyes emitted infinite golden light, and purple and golden light burst out. It's like a bright lamp shining in the sky, emitting bright light. A momentum of staring at the world burst out of the bronze body, and the dragon-scale beast dog looked up angrily and was domineering.

"Fen, avoid it!" Seeing Fan Tian without dodging, Xiting, who was watching the battle, was so anxious that she was almost ready to rush up. However, just as she was preparing to move, a terrible breath suddenly broke out in Fan Tian's bronze figure.

The red blood of the "Fist of Destruction" spewed out, and the dragon scale beast dog instantly blended with the body. The purple-gold light rushed to his hands crazily. The big whirlpool in the body was boiling, and a pair of fists full of destruction kept magnifying and bombarded into the rotten worms falling in the air.

The first type of the fist of destruction came out. Fan Tian's eyes were red, his teeth were closed, his blood was constantly surging, and his capillaries ruptured. The sky and earth changed at this moment, and there were cracks in the void. He was overloaded. The fist of destruction could not be used by the current strength, but the fierce beast opposite aroused the arrogance in Fan Tian's heart. The steel was broken and unbreakable.


The rotten creep in the air seemed to feel a trace of danger, but the arrow was on the string and had to be fired. The first type of Fist of Destruction, the destruction of heaven sent out an irresistible breath and ruthlessly bombarded on the hill-like body. The hill-like body was shocked by the fist of destruction and stopped falling.

At the same time, the corners of Fan Tian's mouth overflowed with blood, but he didn't care at all, as if he didn't see it, and continued to drive the source power in his body crazily. A trace of purple and gold breath continues to flow into the fists, and the accumulation of meridians in the body is also constantly flowing into the gas sea cave. His multi-day accumulation finally appeared at this moment, and the continuous flow of power made his body not exhausted, but transformed at this critical moment.

The voice was not loud, but it broke to the extreme. At this moment, Fan Tian finally broke through the second paragraph that had troubled him for a long time and stepped on the edge of the third paragraph. Feeling the changes in his body, Fan Tian, who had a bloody mouth, smiled faintly, and his ferocious face actually shouted the second form of the Fist of Destruction.

The complicated lines of "the sad cry of the world" appeared on the fists with the sound, and a mouthful of blood overflowed again, but Fan Tian showed an arrogant smile, and his ferocious eyes made Xiting, who was not far away, tremble. The smell of destruction was overwhelming, and the purple gold giant fist broke the sky. Accompanied by a trace of black cracks, Fan Tian fiercely smashed his hill-like body to the ground.


The worm's body fell to the ground fiercely, and cracks were struck. The green ** flowed out of the other party's body, and black smoke rose everywhere and lost its life. The rottenru was finally seriously injured, and a long wound appeared on the side of his body. However, Fan Tian did not stop here. The magic stick suddenly turned into a spear, shining purple and gold, comparable to the speed of arrows, and nailed the other party to the ground fiercely.


Facing the sudden magic stick, the injured worm could not escape for a moment and was nailed to the ground, making a painful cry. But there was still no death. Looking at such a tenacious life, Fan Tian coughed up blood again. A huge claw rushed out and tore the worm nailed to the ground in half, and then the world calmed down.

"Mom, I'm finally dead!" After saying this, Fan Tian also rolled his eyes and lay down. Xiting, who was beside him, rushed over and took Fan Tian in his arms. The light blue source enveloped him in an instant, and his big eyes were full of apologies.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault!" However, Fan Tian could no longer hear all this, because he had completely fainted. The continuous desperate attacks had overwhelmed his body. If the strength had not reached the advanced level, he would have been dead long ago.

With Fan Tian's body on her back, Xi Ting found a wide tree trunk and fell down and flattened his whole body. A pale blue light lit up again, healing the injury in Fan's body. After successive tossing, many meridians in Fan Tian's body were damaged. Fortunately, none of them were broken, which had stabilized under the healing of Xiting.

"Wow, I've never seen such a crazy person fight!" Xiting patted her little chest and took a long breath. Recalling Fan Tian's madness in the battle just now, Xi Ting still had a lingering palpit, but Fan Tian's momentum of looking at the world really infected her.

After two days of continuous healing, the wounds in Fantian have finally recovered. Of course, this perverted recovery ability is thanks to the baptism light of the Beast Soul Hall. He opened his eyes dimly, and the first thing he saw was Xiting's green figure. It seems that the scene reappears as it was a few days ago.


"Sister, you big-headed ghost, dare to take advantage of me!" Seeing that it was exposed, Fan Tian did not feel embarrassed at all, because he had been trained by this young lady.

"I've been in a coma for a few days?" Feeling the grunting stomach, Fan Tian looked at Xiting beside him.

"It seems that it's only two days, not much, much faster than you woke up last time. This time it's not as good as last time!" Xiting's words were always so shocking that Fan Tian rolled his eyes.

"There's so much nonsense. Are you hungry? Do you have anything to eat?"

"Can that rotten creep work?"

"Oc, but you have to eat it first. I'm afraid it's poisonous!" While talking, Xiting has sent a piece of barbecue, which seems to be dried meat placed in the space ring. Eating the dried meat in his mouth, recalling his experience in the past few days, Fan Tian also smiled bitterly.

"Fortunately, Xiaotian didn't come back this time. I don't know what mysterious thing he was doing when he stayed in the Yao family. Otherwise, after such a toss, he would lose half his life if he didn't die." Looking at Fan Tian eating, she suddenly fell silent. The little witch also made Fan Tian angry again.

"Oh, what's wrong? That's not worm meat, but the venison I roasted before. Just kidding, you won't be so stingy!" Xiting flashed her big eyes and looked at Fan Tian pouted and looked pitiful.

"Ha ha, I'm not angry. I just feel that it's not easy to survive such a toss. Fortunately, my friends didn't come with me, otherwise it would affect the pond fish." Fan Tian looked at the sky helplessly and took a long breath.

In the next few days, Fan Tian hid her breath and kept recovering from her physical injury, while Xiting beside her kept wandering around and did not dare to stay away from Fan Tian. Although she could not hunt and kill fierce beasts, she could still escape with Fan Tian.

Of course, it was an accident last time. Xiting overestimated Fan Tian's strength. Originally, she had an attitude of watching the play, but she didn't expect that the play was a little too much. Unexpectedly, when she wanted to take action, Fan Tian had entered a crazy state and could not intervene at all. Go in.

In a blink of an eye, another three days have passed.

The morning sun shines, and the forest looks peaceful, but there is invisible danger in it. The breeze blows and the leaves are ringing. Fan Tian stood alone on the top of the giant wood, surrounded by purple and gold, and the bronze figure kept swallowing the source power between heaven and earth, like a big dragon sucking the nectar of the sea.

"How is your body recovering?" A beautiful figure suddenly fell behind him.

"It's already seven or eight. If you are willing to carry me on your back, it shouldn't be a problem to get out of this forest!" The bronze figure smiled slightly.

"You stink!" Xiting almost kicked Fan Tian down the tree.

"Do you treat the wounded like this?" Fan Tian finally stabilized his figure and stared at the little witch behind him.

"Are you still a wounded person? Don't think that Miss Ben doesn't know that the injury in your body has long recovered. I haven't left here, which is consolidating your strength in three paragraphs!" Fan Tian smiled shyly when he saw his fox tail exposed.

"I didn't expect to be seen by you, but the feeling of three stages of strength is really good!" Fan Tian clenched his fist, and the surging force surged around him. Even Xiting beside him felt the pressure and looked at Fan Tian with an incredible face.

"Are you still in the intermediate third stage? How can I feel the pressure that is no less than that of a senior soul master?

"It's true that it's still three paragraphs, but it's just accumulating more!" Fan Tian looked at his hands with a smile on the corners of his mouth. Indeed, even if you meet a real senior soul master, you still have the power of a battle. No longer can only run for his life before.

On the next journey, Xiting did not make trouble for Fan Tian, and the speed of the two also became faster. It took only two days to reach the Beast Gate in a thousand kilometers. Standing at the foot of the Beast Gate, Fan Tian had a feeling of returning to the nest.

"Finally back!" After a year of tossing, he finally returned to this master who has not stayed for a long time since he started, as if this is just his post station. He is tired and comes back to have a rest. He is full of energy and will embark on a journey again.

"Is this your teacher?" Xiting looked at the surrounding environment with a curious face. At this time, the officers on duty at the mountain gate had found them.

"Who is coming, ten thousand beasts, outsiders stop!" Two teenagers in blue blocked his way as before.

"Ha ha, in Fan Tian, a disciple of the outer door, returned from experience." Fan Tian is still very polite to his fellow brothers. However, just as he was about to prove his identity, a familiar voice came to his ears.

"Oh, isn't this Fan Tian, who killed his fellow brothers? Why are you going to kill anyone this time? As the saying goes, it's not that enemies are not narrow. The person who came was none other than the counselor under Xiao Yun at the beginning, rat power. Now this guy has been promoted to the second level, the same level as Fan Tian a year ago, otherwise he would not dare to be so arrogant.

"Well said, I'm really ready to stand up again when I come back this time. If you want, I can give you an operation!" Fan Tian's words were rude. At the beginning, he almost died at the hands of Xiao Yun. This man was definitely one of the masterminds. Feeling Fan Tian's murderous spirit, the other party couldn't help shrinking his neck. He didn't think he could compare with Xiao Yun a year ago. Although breaking through the second paragraph made him a little arrogant, he still had a lingering palpit in the face of Fan Tian.

"Wait, Brother Beast Huayu is looking forward to your return. It's so hard!" Rat Quan stared at Fan Tian fiercely, and then turned around and left. Needless to think about it, he went to the beast Huayu, and another big war was inevitable.