Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 84 Breaking the Contract

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While cleaning up the body of the poisonous scorpion, the other side waited for Xi Ting to answer. Fan Tian didn't believe that this fierce beast was blind and didn't see Xi Ting. Looking at Fan Tian's irresistible eyes, the young lady pouted her little mouth and stretched out her little tongue.

"It's not that I won't help you, but because our family signed a contract with the fierce beast of this forest a long time ago, and the two sides won't take action against each other!" When Fan Tian heard Xi Ting's explanation, he seemed to hear the biggest joke in the world, and his eyes widened and couldn't believe it.

"What? Did you sign a contract with the fierce beast? Are you kidding?" Since Fan Tian's contact, in addition to hunting and killing, he has never heard that humans and fierce beasts can live in peace.

"Who joked with you? Did you see it with your own eyes just now? They don't regard me as non-existent at all!" Xiting was stamped by Fan Tian's disbelief. For the first time since she saw the witch, Fan Tian was anxious to see her.

"Then you have to have some reasons." Seeing the other party's angry look, Fan Tian has realized that what Xiting said should be true.

"I heard from my uncles. It seems that when we moved here thousands of years ago, there were often wars with the original fierce beasts. Many fierce beasts were killed by us. Later, the ancestor of a fierce beast in the depths of the forest quit and came to our family alone. After a war with the patriarch, we The fierce beast signed this contract. The well water does not violate the river and lives together in this forest. Hearing the other party's explanation, it is not difficult for Fan Tian to imagine the strength of a fierce beast that can fight with the patriarch Luanfeng clan, but at least it will not be lower than the other party, otherwise the Luanfeng clan will not sign a contract with them.

"What you mean is that no matter what fierce beast you encounter on the next journey, you will not interfere!" Fan Tian's scalp has been a little numb. This is deep in the forest, and there is absolutely no shortage of high-level fierce beasts. If one is suddenly killed, the senior soul master next to him can't take action, and he can't even escape.

"Of course, I can't take action. Once I break the contract, the murderer's ancestor may come to me. Who knows that thousands of years later, this old man will not die." Xiting's analysis this time was affirmed by Fan Tian and nodded with her chin.

"The life of fierce beasts is generally twice that of human beings. If your patriarch is not dead, the other party must still be alive." Fan Tian's reasonable analysis made Xiting angry, which made him a little puzzled.

"Of course, our patriarch will not die. He will not die if you die!" At the same time, Xiting also grabbed Fan Tian's ear and rubbed the little tiger's teeth.

"It hurts, it hurts, I don't mean to curse your patriarch, just a reasonable analysis." Fan Tian kept explaining under Xiting's ** power, because his ears were about to be torn off by the little witch.

"Well, I'll let you go this time. If you dare to speak ill of our patriarch next time, be careful that I hang you on the tree!" Fan Tian completely subdued the little witch. What kind of logic and behavior is this? In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, he hurried to change the topic.

"Then which direction do you think we are going now? I'm just an intermediate soul master. If you don't take action, I can't stand it!" Fan Tian rubbed his hands and had run the beast formula, hiding his breath to the extreme. He doesn't dare to be arrogant any more. If he is unlucky, he will have enough to drink a pot of high-level fierce beasts.

"How do I know which direction to go? Have I been scolded by you just now? You can choose by yourself. Anyway, they won't attack me in any direction!" Xiting smiled and showed her little tiger teeth, which made Fan Tian want to vomit blood.

"Well, can you tell me which forest your family lives in seclusion?" Fan Tian had a trace of luck. If he could know which known forest he was in, he might be able to find the way out. In Fan Tian's expectant eyes, Xi Ting frowned.

"Hm, I heard about it in class before, but I didn't remember it seriously. It seems to be called Xi's forest."

"Is it the Hiro Forest?" Fan Tian suddenly grabbed the sound

"Yes, it's the Hiro Forest!" Xiting's affirmative answer made Fan Tian suddenly realize that he had never left the forest. This was the area east of Wan Beast Gate, where Fan Tian was chased by Sima Xueteng. He was extremely shocked at this moment. No one knew that there was such a powerful family living so close to the Beast Gate. How secret the whereabouts of this family are to be.

"We can keep going west!" After a brief surprise, Fan Tian pointed out the direction.

"How do you know that the direction is right?" Xiting looked at Fan Tian curiously.

"Because your family lives on the east side of my teacher's door!" Fan Tian stared at her angrily, but he didn't seem to see it, and continued to be like a curious baby.

"What kind of teacher are you? Does it look so weak?" Fan Tian is completely out of the way to take this little witch. All kinds of endless problems make Fan Tian want to fall when he walks.

"Sister, I said you wouldn't be ready to follow me like this all the time!" Fan Tian's face was full of bitterness and treated himself as a lifesaver, just like eating yellow lotus.

"That's not true. When I meet something more fun than you, I will ruthlessly abandon you, haha!" The little witch waved her fist like the queen of victory.

"Then you'd better abandon me quickly." Just when Fan Tian was suffering, a fierce beast suddenly appeared in front of him, and he was still a high-level fierce beast. Seeing this, Fan Tian suddenly grabbed Xiting next to him, held his breath, and walked around. However, just as they were about to get out of sight of the beast, the witch behind suddenly called out.

"Wow, what a beautiful beast!" The fierce beast, which was resting, was awakened by her scream. Looking at the culprit who disturbed his rest, the fierce beast shook his head helplessly, as if it already knew the identity of the other party. However, when it glanced at Fan Tian beside it, it showed a fierce light and his face full of excitement.

"Fuck, sister, on purpose, what's your aesthetic!" Fan Tian almost rose smoke, and the anger in his eyes could be ignited with a piece of paper.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't control it for a moment!" Although Xiting showed great guilt, Fan Tian knew that this guy was definitely intentional. However, he has no time to take care of these now, because the fierce beast opposite has rushed over excitedly.

Looking at this fierce beast, his scalp has begun to tingle, not because of the strength of the other party, but because its appearance is really not flattering. The huge turquoise skin is wrapped in a ball of meat. The only difference from the worm is the green pupils in front of it. It always emits a strange light, and the whole body of the fierce beast constantly emits a light green fog. Needless to say, it is poisonous.

"I have begun to reassess your aesthetics!" Fan Tian took out the magic stick and showed the solemnity that he had never had before. Although this guy had no limbs and did not seem to be very aggressive, Fan Tian knew that any high-level fierce beast was not a vegetarian.

While Fan Tian took out the magic stick, the other party also launched an attack. The light green fog around him suddenly condensed together. In Fan Tian's eyes, it turned into a skeleton ghost face, which was evil. At the same time, with a smell of corrosion, it came to my face.

"I actually met a fierce beast with a long-range attack!" This kind of thing, like human soul masters, has more powerful combat effectiveness at the same level. In the face of the roaring grimace, the magic stick transformed again, and the three sticks of heaven and earth came out together to evolve the Taoist rules. At the same time, the golden armor was wrapped around his body, and the purple-gold light kept shining. The dragon scales and dogs appeared on the top of Fan Tian's head, roaring and shocking the world. Fan Tian no longer dares to hide his shortcomings, and all the power at the bottom of the box has been used.

The worm was affected by the beast roar. The skeleton's grimace in mid-air suddenly stagnated and continued to fly to Fan Tian. The talent skill has little effect on fierce beasts higher than themselves. However, this opportunity for suction is enough. The hand of destruction launched at each other again, and the black vortex seemed to devour the worm.


Just when Fan Tian thought he was going to succeed, a pale green ** suddenly spewed out of the other party's mouth, directly corroding the hand of destruction, wisps of blue smoke came out, and the hand of destruction disappeared into the air. At the same time, a trace of blood overflowed from the corners of Fan Tian's mouth, and the hand of destruction dissipated, and there was also a lot of reaction to himself.

"A stick splits the world" Fan Tian was angry and was broken by the other party's hand for the first time. The magic stick in his hand was like a giant engine swallowing the sky, surging down, and smashing fiercely on the other party's back with the breath of destruction. However, the worm is like a ball, and its body is deformed by a huge stick, but it is not hurt. Instead, it looks enraged. The body suddenly swelled and turned into a hill. It rose into the air and flew to the top of Fan Tian.

Advanced fierce beasts can also fly and fall from the air with a corrosive breath. Seeing such a scene, Xiting beside her finally couldn't laugh, but she couldn't take action. She now regretted and provoked this fierce beast.