Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 90 Earth Spirit

Standing at the door of the forbidden place of the Heavenly Beast Cave, Fan Tian's mind still echoed the warning of the head.

"This Heavenly Beast Cave was not built by Wan Beast Gate, but a forbidden land left by Wan Beast Sect in ancient times. No one knows its true face, because no one can destroy its powerful prohibition. Even the original ancestors only found a way to open it, which can make people stay in it for a short time. And the creature called Earth Spirit is even more dangerous.

"Are you ready to enter?" The head of the beast Tianqing beside him is very serious.

"Hmm!" Fan Tian nodded. Although it was full of danger, he had to try the method for his beastly. The so-called wealth and danger, if he wanted to get something, he had to pay something first. At the sign of the leader, the hole in front of him suddenly opened a gap.

"Remember, you can only choose one skill. Once you get it, the Beast Cave will automatically transmit you out." Fan Tian nodded to indicate that he understood, with firm eyes in his eyes, and walked into the cave. After Fan Tian's figure disappeared, the head beast Tianqing suddenly looked at the air beside him.

"Are you sure this won't hurt him!" In the direction that Beast Skyqing saw, a man in armor gradually appeared in the air.

"His life is destined to be extraordinary. If he is damaged here, it can only prove that his heart is not strong enough!" Listening to the man's ruthless voice, Beast Tianqing was speechless, sighed for a long time and disappeared into the air. However, the armored man did not leave, still standing at the mouth of the cave, motionless, standing like this.

In the cave, the air is filled with a damp smell, surrounded by only a little light, almost full of darkness. However, all this is difficult for Fan Tian. His black eyes emit a faint purple-gold light, and the scene here can be seen at a glance.

"This is the interior of the Heavenly Beast Cave!" Fan Tian's face was full of shock. The endless stone forest, as if it was not an underground cave at all, but an underground plain. There were stone forests everywhere on this plain, spreading directly from the top of the cave to the ground. In the middle of the stone forest, there was a stream flowing. I couldn't see its source, and I don't know where it went. chu. Just as Fan Tian was surprised by the scene, a blue transparent figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

"The spirit of the earth?" Fan Tian recognized the blue figure at a glance, which was exactly the same as what the leader told him. The human appearance, without feet, floated in the air, and his face was blurred. It was completely transformed by a mysterious force, and its core was a blue jade wall, recording a jade wall of skill.

In the face of this sudden emergence of the spirit, Fan Tian was not nervous, because the energy shown by the other party was very weak, and at most it was quite a fierce beast at the primary peak. After Fan Tian released his pressure, this weak spirit, like a mouse seeing a cat, fled crazily and disappeared in front of him.

"The leader said that the more powerful the spirit is, the more advanced the skills they master, and they can also evolve the skills recorded in the jade wall, so as long as I meet a spirit that can use the secrets of all beasts, I will find the secrets." Fan Tian is very curious about this place. He can't imagine how a skill has changed into a fighting existence. Thinking about the means of the Beast Sect in ancient times is really admirable and yearning.

He knows that he needs to seize the time, because once the time is too long, there will be an energy that affects people's minds. There have been many elders of the Ten Thousand Beasts before. After their minds were affected, they were killed by the powerful spirit here. Therefore, Fan Tian should try his best to find the sequel of the beast's secret before he is in a trance.

"The deeper you go, the stronger the spirit will be. The sequel I want is to practice advanced skills. It seems that we need to move deeper." As he continued to deepen, a stream of breath around him was avoided one after another, and it was not until an intermediate three-stage earth spirit appeared that he stopped his footsteps.


"Human beings, fresh flesh and blood, haven't tasted fresh flesh and blood for a long time!" Earth spirits can't speak, but they can express their thoughts through divine consciousness. A huge green spirit with a blurred face keeps stirring, which makes people look very strange.

"You want to devour my flesh and blood?" Fan Tian sneered and did not waste time with it. He raised his hand and hit the other party. The strength of the three peaks was not a joke. In the face of the spirit of the same level, it was simply destroying and destroying the other party in an instant. Turned into a mass of cyan energy, the jade wall in the center fell to the ground, and the mass of energy seemed to rush to the jade wall, and Fan God could be as good.

"Heavenly Beast Array, refine the spirit of the earth!" As the sound fell, a six-pointed array composed of purple-gold source force appeared under the cyan energy. After seeing the six-pointed array, the other party panicked and seemed to want to escape. But it, which was scattered by Fan Tian, no longer has this ability. With the support of the source force, the six-point array buzzed, and the cyan energy struggled to be refined into a pure source force and poured into Fan Tian's body. But another unabsorbable cyan breath disappeared into the air. Naturally, this method is also taught by the leader.

"The leader is right. This is indeed a great tonic place. I really hope I can hunt more spirits, so that I will be one step closer to the advanced level." Looking at the jade wall on the ground, Fan Tian did not pick it up, because before he came, he was told that nothing here could be taken out except the pure source power of the earth. Even the skills could only read the imprint in the corresponding jade wall. Everything here seemed to be round and integrated.

However, shortly after Fan Tian left, the jade wall that fell to the ground slowly disappeared into the air.

As he kept moving forward, the spirits were constantly defeated and refined into his body, but Fan Tian never saw a spirit using the secrets of beasts. Just as he frowned, a beautiful man appeared in front of him.

"Advanced spirit!" Fan Tian frowned. With the enhancement of the strength of the earth spirit, the appearance and image of the other party are getting closer and closer to human beings. The clear face is the sign of the advanced spirit.

"Humans, stop here. You have refined many of our spirits!" The man's eyes were empty and his voice was cold and ruthless, but Fan Tian did not feel the negative emotions of other local spirits on this man.

"Impossible, unless I find the skills I need!" Fan Tian did not give in. In the face of this earth spirit, he always felt a little dangerous.

"What skills do you need?" The man's consciousness has shown bad.

"Advanced Chapter of Beast Tips!" While talking, the purple and golden source force has been circulating all over him and is ready to defend against the opponent's attack.

"The secret of all beasts? Then you'd better defeat me first. It's not what you can deal with now!" While talking, the earth spirit has taken action at Fan Tian, and the green figure has opened and closed. Obviously, it uses a very advanced skill. In the face of the attack of the other party, Fan Tian did not dare to be careless at all. Although the other party did not have the power of the beast Huayu, he was also a real senior spirit.


Fan Tian, three sticks came out and covered each other. The purple-gold light illuminated the whole stone forest. The green figure of the other party was also not weak. A huge palm covered everything. Fan Tian almost saw the textures and characters in the giant palm, connecting with each other and releasing a sense of terror.

And in his surprised eyes, the whole body of the green figure became transparent. With the jade wall as the center, the laws, the routes of practice, and the rhythms in it were displayed in front of him. At this moment, the earth spirit has simply become a transparent person completely composed of laws and textures, constantly rotating around. Mysterious characters.

"I understand that these earth spirits turned out to be living martial arts created by the ancient beast sect!" Fan Tian suddenly felt that it was too terrible. The ancient Beast Sect actually made the martial arts secret system into a spiritual body. This spiritual body is completely used to help others learn martial arts. It will clearly show the texture, Taoism and rhythm to scholars one by one, so that scholars can save a lot of energy.

However, when Fan Tian was surprised, the movement of the earth spirit's hand did not stop.

"Yin and Yang reincarnation palm" turns yin and yang in the palm, and five fingers divide the world. The violent breath of the yin and yang reincarnation palm came to his face, and the advanced strength of the earth spirit was undoubtedly shown. For a moment, the surrounding stone forests were shattered and roared. Fan Tian was no longer immersed in the other party's palm. The hand of destruction was sacrificed in an instant, and his paws collided with each other, a wave.

"You are very strong. If you can take my hand, even if you win!" While the earth spirit spoke, the energy has been adjusted again. The yin and yang Taiji was born from his body. The left body is yin and the right body turns into yang. The core jade suddenly burst out a bright light. A yin and yang Taiji incarnates and becomes the palm of black and white. The same yin and yang reincarnation palm emits more powerful power at this moment.

"The reincarnation of yin and yang!" At the moment when the palm flew out, the other party's body seemed to be hollowed out and became extremely weak and almost transparent. In the face of this yin and yang reincarnation, Fan Tian's face was solemn and did not dare to hold it big at all. The fist of destruction was smashed out without reservation.

The two fists of "The God is destroyed, and the world are sad" are superimposed to go through the mountains and seas. In the face of the yin and yang heroes, the giant palms are broken, and the yin and yang dissipate. The Fist of Destruction did not hit the earth spirit under the control of Fan Tian, but dissipated in the air.

"Why didn't you kill me?" The spirit looked at Fan Tian with an expressionless face, and his body was already weak and vulnerable.

"You are not the martial arts I need, and you have no intention of killing me!" Fan Tian saw that this earth spirit seemed to be different from others. There was no bloodthirsty but indifference. The other party was silent for a long time because of Fan Tian's words. After half a sound, a Liuling crystal was thrown from his hand to Fan Tian.

"This is the source essence. You can refine and absorb it. The beast formula is much stronger than me. I hope you can survive in his hands!" In Fan Tian's surprised eyes, the figure of the earth spirit disappeared in the stone forest.

"This spirit seems to be really different!" At this time, Fan Tian had turned his attention to the source essence in his hand.