Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 91 Beast Armor

Looking at the Liuling crystal in his hand, Fan Tian's tearful eyes were full of curiosity. This was the first time he had seen such a thing. Before that, he had never even heard of the other party's name. Liulingjing is constantly emitting soft light in her hands, and she can clearly feel a very pure source breath rippling in the air.

"Is this the source essence?" Fan Tian was shocked by the source force contained in it, because this crystal is completely condensed by the source force. He has heard of the source vein in the ** state, but the source essence in this solid state is unheard of.

"Are there any such things in ancient times?" It is hard to imagine how rich the practitioners in ancient times were. Because of this thing, the speed of absorbing the source force will be greatly increased, far more than several times or even more than ten times that absorbed from heaven and earth. Even if Fan Tian was calm, he showed a trace of greed when he saw the source essence in his hand.

But in an instant, he regained his composure, because this kind of thing can be encountered but not sought. It is already a great blessing from heaven to get a piece. After a short shock, his mind gradually calmed down and decided to find a safe place, refine the source first, and then look for the magic of beasts. Fan Tian did not take the warning of the previous spirit as a joke.

"Well, here, there is no smell of the earth spirit around, and the void in this stone pillar can just hide your body!" Fan Tian took out the source essence and sat down cross-legged, but still left a trace of divine consciousness outside the body and began to absorb and refine.

The pure source power flows through the palm of the hand to the Qihai cave in the body. The purple gold vortex is excited and constantly swallows up and absorbs this strong source force. With the continuous injection of energy, the whirlpool becomes thicker and denser, and the boundary leading to the unknown region in the depths of the whirlpool is also subtly changing.


One day and one night has passed, and the source essence in hand has also shrunk by nearly two-thirds. The big whirlpool in the body has begun to boil, and the purple-gold energy keeps rising, like waves rising one after another. Fan Tian didn't expect to reach the three peaks so quickly, only one step away from half of the senior, but he still did not stop and continued to accumulate energy.

"After all, the energy absorbed in this way is still pure!" Looking at the surging source forces in his body, Fan Tian knew very well that these newly absorbed sources could not be compared with what he had experienced in his life. Although they looked very strong, they were just in vain.

"Fortunately, there are still some magic cores left by the land of southern fire!" Fan Tian grinned at the corners of his mouth and took out a few red magic nuclei to operate the fire refining array. He didn't want these flashy sources to affect his combat strength, so he used the fire training array in the southern fire land. Of course, now he can't meet the demand with a magic core, so he began to urge several magic nuclei at the same time.


The yin and yang fire array appeared again in the Qihai cave, constantly burning the big vortex and martial soul above, tingling in his heart, making Fan Tian frown, but he did not gnaw out a sound, because a strong light was bursting in his eyes at this moment. As the flames continued to burn, the big whirlpool began to change subtly, a The perceived cyan breath overflowed from his whirlpool and blended into the skeleton.

And with the continuous integration of the cyan atmosphere, Fan Tian's body finally broke the accumulation of quantity and undergone a qualitative change. In his shocked eyes, he broke through to a half-step advanced at a visible speed. The violent breath overflowed from his body, and a trace of light suddenly rose from the center of the big whirlpool. Although it was weak and invisible, it was still not captured by Fan Tian.

"Half-step advanced, this is a symbol of half advanced!" Fan Tian's eyes widened and stared at the big whirlpool in his body. The purple light made him unable to believe it. Unexpectedly, I worked hard to break through the middle three paragraphs, and only refining a source essence broke through three paragraphs and broke through to a half-step advanced level, which is simply an unbelievable thing.

However, after a brief surprise, Fan Tian finally calmed himself down. He didn't believe that things would be so simple. He began to examine his body carefully, and after a while, he finally found the root cause of the problem. It turned out that it was not the source essence, but the cyan smell. If you carefully observe this breath, you will find that it is exactly the same as that of the earth spirit. It turns out that those cyan breaths have not been completely refined, and some of them are mixed in the source force and sucked into Fan Tian's body. And it was this breath that made him break through half a step advanced.

However, when Fan Tian was immersed in the changes in his body, a faint voice broke his mind.

"I have broken through half-step advanced, and now I can come out to fight!" Along the direction of the sound, a man in armor, not angry and arrogant, was standing outside the stone pillar at this moment.

"Are you, the secret of all beasts?" Fan Tian's eyes widened and couldn't believe that the other party was waiting for him to break through.

"Yes, it is the advanced chapter of the beast formula you are looking for. After the current two articles were defeated, I have been waiting for your appearance!" This armored man is almost the same as a real person, and the majesty emitted from his body is inaccessible.

"Why didn't you attack me while I was practicing?"

"Why should I sneak up on you? Do you think you have the ability to defeat me?" The man's words were very arrogant and seemed to look down on Fan Tian in front of him at all. Fan Tian suddenly felt that this seemed to be a mystery. The higher the earth spirit, the closer it was to human beings, and these spirits seemed to be manipulated by others.

"Forget, it's better to get the advanced chapter of Wan Beast Tips as soon as possible. If I leave here, why do I feel that this place is becoming more and more evil!" Fan Tian always has a feeling of being peeped at by others, which makes his back very uncomfortable. He took out the magic stick that he had never understood from the space ring, and half of the high-level breath gushed out.

"A stick splits the world" Fan Tian did not talk nonsense with the other party anymore. He took a stick and mercilessly hit the opposite door. Seeing the long stick, the face of all beasts did not change, and the appendices suddenly gushed out of his body, and the armor on the man's body burst out of dazzling light at this moment.

The dragon and phoenix sing together, the beasts are entangled, the white tiger roars in front of the chest, the back turns into Xuanwu tattoo armor, the green dragon swallows the sea in the left body, and the phoenix sings in the right arm. The king's breath permeated, and the world came out. At this moment, the man is like a god of war, emitting cyan light and inviolable majesty.

"This is the armor of all beasts!" Fan Tian widened and forgot to attack for a moment. Although he had mastered the first two layers of the beast formula, it was always the foundation method and could not really be used. Only the advanced birth method could make the eighth soul in Fan celestial body break the rules and break through the sky. Before that, except that he could see the hazy posture of the eighth soul in his body, he didn't know what the armor of all beasts was.

"Yes, this is the body armor of all beasts in the world. This year I will show you its real power." The earth spirit's face showed a proud look, and the green dragon in his left arm suddenly flew out, and the cyan energy destroyed the world. Fan Tian tightened his divine consciousness at this moment, because he had already felt the power of the green dragon. He couldn't understand the transformation fist in the beast formula.


The stone forest vibrated, the air swayed, the green dragon's body broke through the ground, Fan Tian's eyes condensed, and the hand of destruction broke out of the air. The four-finger scale claw collided with Qinglong, and Fan Tian's body retreated slightly. His half-step advanced strength actually could not get any benefits in the other party's hands, but slightly fell behind.

"In the face of the strength of my senior second stage, I only retreated slightly. You are already very good, but with these strengths, if you want to take away the secrets of all beasts, you are simply dreaming!" The earth spirit looked at Fan Tian's eyes and suddenly became more fierce. Mysterious characters suddenly flashed on the body armor of the beasts. At this moment, the earth spirit man's body became transparent, and there was no doubt about the route and the law of the road. Maybe these are simply books of astronomy for others, but for Fan, who also practiced the secrets of all beasts. For heaven, it is an interpretation of the road.

Although he still doesn't need it now, it will be of great help to his future cultivation. But he did not dare to fully immerse himself in it, because the other party would not relax his attack because of his interest. Qinglong Luanfeng flew out of the body armor at the same time, mysteriously entangled together, and the cyan energy kept swimming between them. Fan Tian has no doubt about the power of this move.

"Fist of Destruction - God's Destruction!" The purple-gold fist took the lead in hitting the other party's dragon and phoenix. Just as the giant fist was about to fall on the body of the dragon and phoenix, the armor of the beasts behind suddenly emitted a hot light. The Xuanwu tortoise shell rose from the sky, and a rune culture was used as armor and stopped in the void.

"I file!" Fan Tian was shocked by the sudden change. The fist of destruction could not avoid it. It hit directly on the tortoise shell. The tortoise shell was like an iron wall, and there was no ripple at all, while Fan Tian's fist of destruction turned into ashes and disappeared without a trace. Under the cover of the tortoise shell, the dragons and phoenixes sounded together and finally completed the evolution. The breath of terror came to the sky.

Fan Tian's face changed dramatically for a while.