Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 97 Listen to the Demon

The hand of destruction is not what it used to be. The strength of the senior soul master is no longer just a martial art skill. The four-finger scale claws have spread out of the arm, and the hand of destruction has transformed into a real breath. However, the Zen people opposite seemed to have expected it and were not surprised by Fan Tian's action. While Fan Tian took action, the other party's body sang bursts of Zen sounds, and a martial soul shaped like a tiger master appeared above his head, exuding a sense of peace.

"Listen?" Fan Tian didn't expect that this black-handed Zen man everywhere actually had a magnificent listening beast soul. Seeing Fan Tian's surprise, the other party showed that kind smile again.

"Lord, you can believe in the old man. You are predestined to teach me, please condescend!" While the Zen man spoke, a golden light suddenly flashed in his eyes above his head, shining directly at Fan Tianshi. Fan Tian couldn't help snorting at this sudden attack again.

"Hmm, the carving bug's little skill is used repeatedly!" The hand of destruction fell to the sky, no longer show mercy, and listen to the head. Facing the four fingers exuding horror, the other party still did not dodge. He listened to the sudden roar above his head. The golden halo overflowed from his body. The hand of destruction was affected by the golden halo, and the speed suddenly decreased. Finally, it stopped a centimeter above the Zen man's head, turned into pieces of energy and disappeared in the air. .

"The donor is so fierce that he almost hurt the old man!" The Zen man's face remains unchanged, but Fan Tian knows that this person is unfathomable.

"If you continue to pester, don't blame me for being really rude!" Fan Tian has been really angry, the purple and golden power on his body is constantly boiling, and the dragon and tiger beasts in his body are about to come out. This is the first time since the evolution of Fan Tian's martial soul. If it hadn't been for the amazing appearance of his current martial soul, Fan Tian would have exposed his real strength and slapped the other party to death with one move.

"Lord, Laoqi is not entangled, but you are predestined to teach me!"

"With your uncle!" The other party kept repeating a sentence, and finally wanted Fan Tian to swear impatiently. The magic stick appeared in his hand in an instant, and a stick split the sky and went down the sky. The huge stick shadow was like a giant engine, covering the whole city.


The purple and golden source force was turbulent in the air, and the breath of destruction kept emerging from the magic stick. In the face of Fan Tian's angry attack, the other party finally changed color. Hearing the roar, golden symbols suddenly appeared in front of him, and finally turned into a golden Zen hand to Fan Tian. Although Fan Tian has just broken through the advanced level, his combat effectiveness cannot be evaluated by simple levels.

The Tongtian giant stick collided with the golden Zen hand, making a deafening sound, and the whole city shook under the impact of the two people. Fan Tian and Zen retreated one after another. In the first round of real battle, their strength was comparable. However, this seemingly inconspicuous Bo Zhong made the Zen on the opposite side look shocked.

"The benefactor's combative ability can actually be indifferent under the old Jin Chan!" Zen people have begun to reassesss Fan Tian's strength. You should know that they are advanced second-stage magic soul masters, but they have not been able to get any advantage in front of the boy opposite, who only has advanced breath.

"Do you think we are still predestined now?" Fan Tian curled his lips. Although the other party's class is higher than him, his real fighting power is comparable to him. And I haven't used my stunt yet. It's not difficult to really work hard to beat the other party.

"Lao Kun feels that the donor has become a demon, and he must condescend this time!" While talking, the Zen man actually took the lead in capturing Fan Tian and made a sneak attack, but Fan Tian was always on guard against him, and this sneak attack did not play any role.

"It seems that you want me to sacrifice sticks!" Fan Tian's eyes condensed, and the three sticks of heaven and earth came out, directly trapping the soul of the other party's listening beast. Although the other party kept roaring, it could not break the shackles of the three sticks at all. At the same time, the fist of destruction fell from the sky, and the huge black vortex covered the constantly struggling listening and was almost devoured. At this time, Poza City Suddenly, a stronger Zen sound came from the depths.

"Lord, please raise your hand!" In the face of this sudden golden Buddha hand, Fan Tian's attack was actually resolved in an instant. This sudden change made their faces sink, but Xiting, who saw all this, took a step forward.

"You guys, do you want to fight two against one?" Xiting, who has never taken action, stood up at this moment, actually exuding a sense of heroism.

"The donor misunderstood, and we didn't mean to work together!" Because Xi Ting suddenly came forward, the other party's golden hand stretched out to Fan Tian and suddenly withdrew. Although Xi Ting did not release any breath, he felt an unhappy danger. Obviously, it is not easy to make the little witch angry.

"Brother, these two benefactors have fallen into the devil's way. We should redeem them!" The Zen man didn't know why his brother stopped and was still bewitching the other party, which made Fan Tian frown again.

"Xi Ting, can you get rid of that old one?" Fan Tian really killed this time.

"It can be, but I'm afraid of shocking some antiques in the city. This city seems to be their base camp!" Xiting's nose was slightly wrinkled, as if she felt some more terrible hidden existence.

"Oh, I didn't expect anything to go well!" The transmission array can only be used once a day, and too much use will be repelled by space, resulting in danger in the transmission process. Although no one knows what the reason is, it has been concluded for a long time, because many people are lost in the void because of overuse in a day.

Just as the two discussed whether to kill each other, the other party actually took the lead in making concessions and flew into the depths of the city. Seeing the back of the two leaving, Fan Tian also felt a little wrong.

"Xiting, let's go outside the city. I always feel that this city doesn't seem to be very peaceful!"

"Yes, it suits my mind. I also feel that these seemingly righteous and compassionate people have evil intentions!" Fan Tian and Xi Ting walked out of the city coincidentally, and not long after they left, a group of Zen people appeared at the place just now, two of whom had just appeared. They didn't expect them to return and brought a lot of helpers.

"Brother, they seem to have run away!"

"I can't run, the monk can't run the temple!" The old man, known as his brother, showed a trace of gloomy in his eyes. The kindness just now disappeared, but his whole body was surrounded by a faint magic.

"Brother, these two people are very strong. If they can cross, the strength of our mother-in-law will increase again!" Fan Tian could never imagine that the other party had the mysterious skill of Du Ren Chengzhong.

Just as this group of Zen people gathered together, a little Shani suddenly came.

"Report to the head brother, the prey has been found and rests 50 miles east of the city!"