Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 96 Beheading

The dazzling six-point array suddenly overflowed from Fan Tian's chest, and complex runes seemed to want to break the shackles of heaven and earth and break the shackles of the law. Everyone looked at the six-pointed array flying out of their chest, on which the figure of Xiaotian actually appeared, a golden puppy the size of a palm, rolling around in the six-point array. At this moment, a painful voice suddenly came from Fan Tian's sea of knowledge.

"I'm sorry, boss, since the moment you saved me, our lives have been tightly tied together. At that time, I used the contract and prepared to follow you forever. But today I can't do this, because the person who brought everyone here is me. I can't let my friends die because of this. Family love has no fetters me. Only you, the boss, make it difficult for me to give up, but for everyone, please forgive me!" As the painful voice of Xiaotian gradually disappeared, there were cracks in the six-pointed array on his chest.

"It's unbelievable that it cut off the contract between you limited by the law of heaven and earth!" At this moment, even the old man who has lived for tens of thousands of years showed a shocked look. What kind of will does this need, what kind of determination can actually cut off the law of heaven? Even when the lonely Lord is alive, he does not have this kind of pride and ability.


As the six-pointed array in front of Fan Tian's chest broke, the fog suddenly became manic, tossed and roared, and kept gathering to a center. And at that central origin, there were bursts of roaring, which was extremely painful and heartbreaking, which made Fan Tian extremely painful. As large fog continued to gather, a huge figure evolved into the void.

"This is...!" Everyone widened their eyes and looked at the fog giant in the void with one hand covering the sky, emitting a faint majesty and inviolable. While everyone was shocked, the old man shed bitter tears.

"The lonely Lord finally appeared, and his inheritance did not disappear. It's really immortal. At the last moment, he sent the inheritor!" The voice of the old man's vicissitudes, the body of the immortal road bone, turned into nothingness at this moment and integrated into the figure of the lonely Lord in the void. With the addition of the old man, a golden light flashed in the eyes of the fog giant in the air, and his body slowly moved.

"Inheritor, this is the first time and the last time I have performed a lonely song in front of you!" The sudden sound of the Lord of the Void made the whole space tremble. Fan Tian and others widened their eyes for fear of missing it.

Under the dance of the lonely Lord, there is a trace of ripples, a little sadness, a little happiness, a period of sadness, endless lingering. The law of heaven and earth, the sound of the road, seeing the continuous illusion of the rhythm of the other party's fingers, Fan Tian and others suddenly had a feeling of enlightenment, and the perception of heaven and earth constantly sublimated in the rhythm of the other party.

The song of the emperor, the song of mulberry, the sound of heaven, and the earth. At this moment, the Lord of Loneliness showed unmatched strength and understanding of the law of heaven and earth. It can be said that Fan Tian and several people listened to an ancient emperor, even surpassed the emperor's understanding of heaven and earth and their perception of the Tao.

With the sound of the song, a stronger atmosphere broke out in the center of the fog, breaking through from the intermediate second paragraph, all the way, and finally stopped at the advanced third paragraph. This is the inheritance of the emperor. In a short moment, he poured all the force that others could not cultivate into Xiaotian's body. Just as everyone was surprised by the rising breath, Fan Tian beside him showed a faint smile on his face.

"It turns out that the so-called sky is the combination of body and Tao, the so-called high level is God and Dharma, the so-called way of heaven and earth, the ancient law is people's understanding of heaven and earth." At this moment, Fan Tian realized that soon after he reached a half-step advanced level, he broke through the ancient emperor's perception and became a real senior soul master.

The breath was restrained, and the martial soul transformed. At this moment, Fan Tian's martial soul suddenly broke to the extreme, and there was an earth-shaking change. The body expanded, the scales flew, a pair of horns gushed out from the top of the head, the face turned into scales, and the nose grew whiskers. His martial soul turned into the body of the tiger and leopard, the face of the dragon dragon, and the dense purple gold scales, showing majesty.


A roar shook the sky, and the domineering majesty echoed the lonely Lord in the void. The fog giant in the void showed a faint surprise when he saw Fan Tian's eyes, and then turned into a ball again and poured into Xiao Tian's body. Everyone was stunned by the successive changes. Xiaotian broke through, and Fan Tian also broke through. The two entered the senior level at the same time and became the hegemon.

"Fen Tian, have you also broken through the advanced?" The fat man still doesn't believe it.

"It's just a fluke!" Fan Tian smiled faintly and looked into the void. By this time, Xiaotian had completed the inheritance and appeared in front of everyone without expression.

"You can leave here now!" Xiaotian's voice has changed dramatically, without any emotion or emotion.

"Then you...?" Fan Tian didn't know what to say, because he was afraid that he would not be able to adapt for a while in the face of the huge change of his personality.

"You leave here first. I have just accepted the inheritance of the Lord of Loneliness. The energy in my body is very unstable and needs to be consolidated here for a period of time." Xiaotian's tone suddenly became indisputable and did not allow anyone to deny it at all. When Fan Tian saw that he had become such a roaring sky, he couldn't help but feel a tingling pain in his heart.

"Hey, how can you become so unhumane!" Xiting wrinkled her nose and looked unhappy. However, Xiaotian ignored it and just looked deeply at Fan Tianyi, and everyone's figures were transmitted out in the other party's shining body.

"Goodbye, boss, I hope to see you again in the future!" After the crowd disappeared, there was a tear in Xiaotian's eyes. In the void, the disappeared old man actually appeared again.

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"What I decided has never changed!" A trace of coldness suddenly flashed in Xiaotian's eyebrows.

Outside the lonely ancient tomb, the coastal city, they were suddenly transported to the coastal city.

"What should we do now, Fan Tian?" Several people don't look good. Although Xiaotian's strength has been greatly improved, it has become a cold appearance, which makes everyone unable to calm down at all. Everyone looked at Fan Tian, and Fan Tian's face was undoubtedly the worst.

"Get out of here. Since Xiaotian has transmitted us out, it is impossible to see us again!" Fan Tian took a long breath. Although he was very worried about this brother, there was nothing he could do.

"Is that how you left?" Xiting pouted her little mouth and didn't know what she was thinking.

"What else do you want?" Fan Tian was in a bad mood at this moment. He didn't continue to pay attention to him and turned to Bincheng.

"Where are you going?"

"You go back to the mountain gate first. I'm going to the Sky City of the Western Jin Dynasty!" Fan Tian has been waiting for this day for a long time. He has been working hard for this day. From his childhood to today, he is just worried about the young figure.

"City of the Sky of the Western Jin Dynasty?" Xiaoyue and Fatty couldn't help frowning. They knew that there was no senior soul master's strength at all, so even if they wanted to go with Fan Tian, it was impossible, except Xiting, who smiled like the moon.

"Wait for me. When I was in the family, I heard that it was a beautiful and good place!" As a senior soul master, Xiting naturally has no place to stop her. The two figures disappeared into the vast sea of people in the gaze of the fat man and Xiaoyue.

Bincheng Transmission Array

"Excuse me, where do you want to transmit it?" Everyone is respectful to those who can use the transmission array, because this is a symbol of advanced strength.

"Western Jin, the city of the sky!" Fan Tian's action has been a little impatient, and he is always concerned about how his young sister is doing today.

"Lord Soul Master, this is too far from the city of the sky to be transmitted directly. It needs to be transmitted to Basa City first!" The waiter is very respectful, and his speech and behavior make people feel soft.

"No problem, then send it to Basa City first!" A source nucleus was handed over to the other party, and at the motion of Fan Tian, the two figures disappeared into the air. The power of tearing in the void finally made Fan Tian feel why the transmission array could not be used under the advanced level, because the pulling of this space could not be offset at all without understanding the sound of the road.


With just a few breaths, they came to another city, surrounded by green mountains and rivers. Legend has it that an emperor once appeared in the city, crossing the people and doing good deeds and accumulating virtues. However, the moment Fan Tian stepped into the city, he was stopped by a Zen master.

"Please take your time!" Zen people are surrounded by sound, constantly affecting Fan Tian's mind.

"What do you mean!" Fan Tian narrowed his eyes. The other party seemed to be kind, but inadvertently began to attack the other party's mind. If Fan Tian had not been determined, he would have been affected by him at this moment.

"The old man saw that the donor was predestined to teach me, and I hope the benefactor can get together." The Zen man was recognized by Fan Tian, and he was still not arrogant or impatient, and indifferent.

"I don't think I will have any fate with the despicable sect." At this time, Xi Ting behind Fan Tian also stood up, and two senior soul masters appeared at the same time, which still did not make the Zen people have any retreat.

"Lao Kun sincerely invites, and please don't delay!" While talking, the Zen man actually attacked Fan Tianxin again, and this time he finally angered the other party.

"Get out of here!" Fan Tian was angry, and the influence of Xiaotian had not left yet. There was another good or bad appearance, so how could he not be angry.

"Lord, act recklessly and be angry!" The Zen man continued to pester, but Fan Tian was rude and raised his claws of destruction and pinched them to the other party.