Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 105 birth

The nine-day galactic ladder suddenly*, Xiting's liver and gallbladder on the ground were cracked, like a hot pot ant. Fan Tian's eyes also changed color, and the source power in his body gushed desperately. However, in the face of the more violent chaotic light belt, the roots were useless, and the layers retreated. Seeing that the purple-gold light was about to be penetrated by the chaotic light belt.


The dragon and tiger beast above Fan Tian's head roared at this moment and integrated into his body. At the same time, an armor emerged from under the golden armor. The purple-gold light continued to shine, and the eternal breath permeated around. A tiger's head roared in front of his chest, and the tortoise shell behind him kept rotating, emitting a hard breath. The left hand was wrapped around the dragon, and the right hand was low. At this critical moment, Fan Tian finally showed his last card.

"What is that?" The young man's eyes were full of shock when he saw Fan Tian's sudden change, and Xi Ting beside him was also surprised, because Fan Tian's skill had never been used in front of her, even in the recent life-and-death battle. Xi Ting did not believe that Fan Tian would hide his clumsiness, so the only remaining explanation was that this The terrible armor has just been practiced.

Fan Tian is like the god of war exuding a strong breath of self-confidence and majesty on the ladder. Although the green dragon and phoenix are blurred and the whole armor is not so thick, it has played a very key role at this moment. The body armor of all beasts was born for the first time, showing its prestige and breaking through the sky. The green dragon and phoenix constantly surrounds the body, lower than The turbulent light belt of the outside world.


Ten thousand beasts shouted, and the road rang together. Fan Tian's whole body rushed to the top like a broken bamboo. His eyes kept blooming, recording the fragments of the law around him. There was no stagnation under his feet. After the appearance of the beasts, Fan Tian's body suddenly became flowing clouds and walked straight.

"The body armor of all beasts is really domineering!" Even Fan Tian himself began to sigh. He had been in a state of hiding before, so even Fan Tian himself did not know its power. Today, he was born like a sharp weapon, which directly raised Fan Tian's breath to the three metamorphosis. Now it is the old man who has reappeared, and he is confident to fight.

Of course, with his current strength, the body armor of all beasts can't survive at all, because the source power in the body is being consumed at four times the usual speed. If it hadn't been for Fan Tian's rich accumulation, I'm afraid it would have been exhausted.

"We must reach the peak as soon as possible." Feeling the rapid flow of the source power in the body, the speed of the purple gold figure increased again. The chaotic light belt around it was like a piece of steel knife, which was so painful that it would tear Fan Tian. Facing the ruthless light belt, Fan Tian's source force tightened the surface and narrowed it to the lowest range. The chaotic light belt hit the golden armor and kept making steel-like sounds, and the dazzling purple gold light kept bursting out in the collision between the chain law and the armor.

As Fan Tian kept moving forward, the pressure around him was also increasing. The chaotic light bands almost wanted to knock him down the ladder, but they were all bitten by Fan Tian and carried over. In the surprised eyes of Xiting and the young man, the figure with purple and gold light moved up quickly and almost reached the top of the ladder in a moment.

"He is about to succeed!" Xiting jumped up excitedly. Judging from this speed and trend, the next few steps should not be able to stop Fan Tian's footsteps. However, the young man beside him was not as optimistic as Xi Ting, but looked sad.

"Although I admire his strength, moving forward so fast will make his last nine-step road more difficult." The young man's face is solemn, and his understanding of the ladder is undoubtedly his deepest.

"Why?" Xiting's excited expression seemed to have been poured cold water on her, looking at the young man puzzledly.

"Because the difficulty of this ladder is not unchanged, otherwise those powerful people will have a greater advantage." The young man paused in Xiting's eyes and continued, "In fact, the difficulty of the ladder will continue to increase with the strength of the challenger. The more powerful the challenger, the more fierce the chaotic light belt will be, especially in the last nine levels, will instantly soar to twice the challenger's limit. If there is no strong martial arts will, it is likely to be there. In an instant, he was crushed by the chaotic light belt.

The young man's solemn look made Xiting, who had just relaxed slightly, lift her heart again, and while the two were talking, Fan Tian had stepped on the 9990th level and was about to enter the last ninth stage mentioned by the youth.

"Wow, there are only the last nine levels left." Fan Tianchang took a long breath, stabilized his body, and turned the three-quarters shrinking whirlpool in his body. He did not dare to relax at all. Only he knew how the last third came from. Although the speed of looking at him in the outside world was not slow, he was the only one who knew the danger. If he was a little careless, It may be doomed.


As Fan Tian took another step, the world instantly changed color, and Fan Tian himself became extremely ugly. The surrounding turbulent chaotic light is dense and suffocating, and a chain of secret text is intertwined, and the breath of danger keeps coming. Fan Tian almost failed to stabilize his figure and fall from heaven and earth.


Under the impact of the chaotic light belt, the defense of the golden armor was instantly broken. If it hadn't been for the body armor of the beasts on his body, he would have turned into a blood fog now. A mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth, and the tip of his tongue emitted a faint fishy smell. Fan Tian retreated to the steps again, with a sense of horrment in his eyes, but it became sharper.

The breath of destruction suddenly gushed out of the body, and the fist of destruction was not played, but the whole space was permeated with the law of destruction. At this moment, Fan Tian understood that the next competition was not only strength, but also the perception of the law. A virtual shadow between heaven and earth rose from behind Fan Tian, without using the fist of destruction, but evolved the figure of the king of destruction.

The demon king, full of the dark atmosphere of destruction, stood upright. With the burst of Fan Tian's purple and golden eyes, the figure of the demon king gradually became clearer. Fist-sized scales, demon-like horns, and thousands of feet tall body, look down on the world at this moment.

"Who broke into our city of the sky?" The breath of destruction has spread to the whole city of the sky through the ladder, and some powerful practitioners have smelled the dignity of the king, showing a solemn look, and rushing to the source of breath. In the depths of the city of the sky, in a gorgeous palace, a magnificent and rich woman suddenly opened her eyes, like the bright moon in the sky, blooming the light of stars.

"For many years, I didn't expect that the way of destruction would reappear in the world, and the source continent would set off another bloody storm!" The woman sighed faintly, as if everything was so indifferent in her eyes, and the vicissitudes of the world seemed to only make her sigh, that's all.

The city of the sky suddenly became boiling because of the appearance of the king of destruction, but Fan Tian can no longer care so much at this moment, because with the continuous clarity of the king of destruction, the pressure he is under is getting greater and greater, and every step he takes is like the top of Mount Tai and the steps under his feet. Making a dull sound, if the ladder hadn't looked good, Fan Tian began to doubt whether it would break because of too much force.


The king of destruction is in the void, and on top of Fan Tian's head is like a king born. The chaotic light belts are avoided one after another, and the purple-gold figure walks up step by step under great pressure. Although the chaotic light belt no longer bombards Fan Tian's body because of the king of destruction, it has no mercy for the huge figure in the air.

The chaotic light belt is composed of fragments of laws, and the king of destruction is indeed evolved from a complete set of laws of destruction. If Fan Tian could not exert its real power, how could he tolerate these broken laws? In the void, the dark chain keeps colliding with the chaotic golden light, which is completely a competition of order. Fan Tian's heart continues to evolve the path and integrates all his lifelong insights into it.

With the continuous attacks of the two, Fan Tian actually caught a trace of destruction in the chaotic light belt, which made him suddenly ecstatic. If he could pull these broken laws of destruction into it, the help to his way of destruction and the fist of destruction would be irreplaceable.

And just as Fan Tian caught the chaotic light belt step by step, the first shocked strong men of the Sky City had appeared around the ladder, not being restricted by the prohibition here at all and suspended in the air. But when everyone saw the huge figure of the King of Destruction, they all showed a shocked look. A woman fell directly beside the young man and asked directly.

"Bai Xiao, what's going on?" The beautiful woman in purple showed a sense of coldness in her words.

"Sister Miaoyin, this person wants to ask to see Sister Miaoyu. Because of the restrictions of the city rules, he can only break into the Western Emperor." Bai Xiao in white simply told the woman in purple what had happened, and the woman in purple suddenly thought of something in her mind.

"The little girl you mentioned did bring her back, but I didn't see her again later, and I don't know where she got her." This woman in purple who suddenly appeared almost made Xiting vomit blood in just two sentences. For nothing else, the information that Fan Tianjiu wanted to know was actually said so simply by her, which was simply a threshold to kill people.

Although Xiting really wants to pull down Fan Tian on the ladder, the arrow is already on the string. At this time, she tells the other party that there is no benefit except disturbing his mind. It's like an egg in the pot. If you don't fry it, you have to fry it. In Xiting's anxious eyes, Fan Tian stepped on the last step with blood in his mouth.

At this moment, the whole sky city suddenly shook, and the purple-gold eyes actually saw an amazing scene through the door of the ladder. Fan Tian's eyes were round and almost fell from the air.