Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 106 Random Fragments

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At the end of the ladder is a portal. As long as he stepped on this door, Fan Tian successfully broke through the legendary Western Emperor array. However, just as he was about to take this last step, his purple eyes actually saw another scene through the golden portal, which almost made him fall here.

The back of the portal actually leads to the core of the whole sky city. Countless chaotic light belts, rich like the sea in the ocean, and the golden magic chain keeps shuttling, breaking and reorganizing. In the middle of all the chaotic light belt, there is a round egg. This huge egg is golden and emits a strong breath of life. Those chaotic light belts are caused by the breath emitted by this golden egg.

"What the hell is this?" Fan Tian's eyes rolled round, and the purple-gold light in his eyes became hotter, as if he wanted to see through the interior of the golden dome. However, just as he was about to peep further, an unprecedented golden chain suddenly condensed around the dome, and the light belt from the mouth of the bowl broke through the door directly and rushed to the king of destruction above Fan Tian's head.


The golden giant seems to be punishing the peep. The king of destruction was instantly penetrated by this huge chain, and a more magnificent breath of destruction poured into the devil's body. The pain of overturning the river and sea made the king in the air hiss. At the same time, an irresistible force penetrated the body of the king of destruction directly into Fantian. In the body.


The golden energy is like a dragon, rampaging straight into Fan Tian's meridians and rushing to his sea of knowledge and martial soul respectively. This energy is unprecedentedly powerful, like a broken bamboo, destroying all the way and rushing directly to his two major key points.

"It's over!" Fan Tian has regretted spying on the secrets of the city of the sky, but at this last moment, he still decided to step out of the golden door first, so that he can at least leave a body for himself. If he falls in the stairs, he may not even have a dress left, and he will be turned into blood fog in an instant.

As Fan Tian took the last step, the king of destruction in the sky fell down painfully, his face was painful and ferocious, and finally turned into nothingness and disappeared in the silence. Only the secret text returned to Fan Tian's body again. After he left the array, the Western Imperial Array resumed silence again, and the ladder ran slowly, returning to a nine-day galaxy flowing into the sky.

"Am I going to die like this? Sister, you are only one step away from seeing your sister. Fan Tian's eyes were full of unwillingness, but the crazy golden energy in his body slowly lost his vitality, and his eyes gradually began to be lax. The scenes experienced in recent years appeared in front of his eyes.

Despation and unwillingness filled his brain, but in the face of the extremely strong golden energy, Fan Tian was at a loss and was slaughtered by others. Because he was curious for a moment, he peeked at the floating secret of the city of the sky, but he also buried his life. At this moment, he finally understood that sometimes it is easier to hang up if he knows too much.

Seeing the golden energy enter the sea of knowledge, Fan Tian's consciousness gradually blurred, and his eyes began to close slightly. At this time, a sigh suddenly came from the depths of the city of the sky. A golden giant hand soared out and turned into another light energy pour into Fan Tian's body. The violent energy that destroyed the body suddenly became peaceful, and some of them integrated into this golden energy and withdrew from the sky-turning body.

"Big brother's child, it's really worrying!" There is a sense of helplessness in this voice, but it contains a trace of kindness, but Fan Tian can't know this at this moment, because he has completely fainted.

Four days later, in the morning, Fan Tian finally opened his eyes in the rest station at the foot of the city of the sky.

"Well, is this heaven? The house is really nice!" In the white bedroom, the air is filled with a faint fragrance, and there is no irritability around it, and there is a warm atmosphere everywhere. Fan Tian gradually recovered some of his previous memories, and scenes continued to appear in front of him. The huge golden egg could actually disrupt the laws of heaven and earth around him. The floating root of the city of the sky turned out to be the reason for the golden egg.

Fan Tian was more and more shocked by the origin of the golden egg. What kind of existence is it? When he can have such a terrible power when the golden egg, Fan Tian's senior soul master's strength is simply vulnerable in front of the other party. He shook his head helplessly, and there was a trace of ridicule on his face.

"No matter what kind of amazing secret he has, I have hung up and said goodbye to that world!" Fan Tian smiled bitterly and wanted to stand up and see the new world around him. However, just as he was about to sit up, a sharp pain came from his body, and Fan Tian's whole body froze in an instant.

"How can it hurt? Haven't I died yet?" In his surprised eyes, he hurriedly checked his body. It didn't matter. At a glance, he scared himself. The golden light shone on the whole body, like a round of sun constantly emitting hot light, making people almost impossible to look directly. The meridians in the whole body were all covered with a layer of gold, making people It looks extremely sacred.

"How could this happen?" Fan Tian's face was full of disbelief. This golden light was clearly the breath of the chaotic light belt. How could his meridians be filled with this breath everywhere?

After the initial surprise, Fan Tian finally calmed down. Now he is sure that he is still alive, but he is not happy at all, because the breath in his body is completely disordered, and the purple-gold whirlpool almost disappeared, leaving only a little power that is not as big as his nails. If the big whirlpool completely disappears, Then his whole body is basically useless.

While Fan Tian was solemnly examining the injury, Xiting hurried in with hot water in her hand, but after contacting Fan Tian, her hesitation suddenly became excited.

"You finally woke up, scaring me to death!" Xiting patted her little chest and came to Fan Tian in an instant, with a trace of joy in her eyes.

"Well, I woke up, but I have an injury in my body!" Fan Tian's face was heavy, and Xi Ting also pouted when she heard the words.

"You still know the injury in your body. Who rushed up regardless of it at the beginning." Xiting's small face bulged and looked at Fan Tian's big eyes like a resentful woman, while Fan Tian scratched his head awkwardly.

"At the beginning, it was a little too impulsive, hey hey!" Fan Tian also knew that he lacked consideration at the beginning, but in the face of the whereabouts of his own sister, he could not be nervous.

"Well, for the sake of your courage to admit your mistake, I have a good news for you. After you entered the Western Emperor's Front, there was a girl named Miaoyin. She said that she had seen the little girl brought back by Miao Yu. Now you can rest assured." Xiting told Fan Tian that his original intention was to calm down and put his confused mind in his heart. Unexpectedly, Fan Tian not only did not relax, but became more nervous.

"What? Are you telling the truth? Has she met my sister? This excitement pulled the wound again, and Fan Tian grinned in pain.

"Can you slow down? If you don't recover from your injury, how can you see your sister? Sky City won't accept the sick number." Xiting looked at Fan Tian sadly and stared at him angrily.

Referring to the injuries in his body, Fan Tian frowned helplessly, because he had found the problem. It was not that his meridians turned golden, but that these meridians were completely surrounded by golden energy, and the dangerous whirlpool in his body was almost extinguished by golden energy.

"Xiting, please help me protect the law and don't let others disturb me. It may take a long time to recover this time." Looking at the shrinking vortex in his body, Fan Tian knew that if he did not sacrifice the golden energy, it was likely that his skills would be completely abolished. Xiting also seemed to know the situation in Fan Tian's body. She didn't say much nonsense, so she left him and went outside to protect the law for him.

With the injection of Fantian's knowledge, the big whirlpool in the Qihai cave was like an army and finally found its own general. The dying purple-gold energy slowly operated again. A stream of power between heaven and earth slowly passed through the encirclement of golden energy. Seeing the slow growth of the big whirlpool, Fan Tian's end Yu Changqi breathed, because he began to worry that the obstruction of these golden energy would lead to the inability to absorb the source force from the outside world. Although it is a little slow to open up now, it can still be recovered. The only thing needed is time.

As time went by, Fan Tian patiently continued to accumulate strength. He seemed to return to the junior soul master again, as slow as a snail. If it hadn't been for Xiting's company, Fan Tian would have jumped up long ago. After all, now his mind is not concentrated, and the disappearance of his sister has always worried him.

After a flash of half a month, the big whirlpool in Fan Tian's body finally returned to surging again. The territory in the Qihai cave was taken back again, and the beast soul above also regained a trace of luster. On this day, he finally decided to start refining the golden energy in his body.

Controlling its purple-gold source force and wraps the closest meridians to the Qihai cave. The purple-gold source force is like a blazing fire that does not burn each other. The golden energy gradually begins to melt under the burning of the fire, turning into a trace of gas away from the surface of the meridians and floating in the meridians.

Just as Fan Tian was about to force them out of the body, an amazing picture appeared. The golden energy vaporized in the meridians actually transformed into mysterious characters. Fan Tian's eyes widened and suddenly shouted with an incredible face.

"Is this a fragment of chaos, a trace of the law road!"