Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 108 Changes of Beasts

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The light of the magic crystal in front of the West Hall became more and dazzling. At the same time, a woman in a blue dress in the secret room of the West Hall suddenly opened her eyes, and the powerful breath retreated to her body like a tide, and a trace of puzzlement and confusion appeared on her cold face.

Because this summoning method that disturbs other people's practice will only be used in case of emergency, the woman in blue thought something important had happened and hurried out of the temple. However, when she saw Bai Xiao and Fan Tian standing next to the magic crystal, her whole body paused and frowned.

"Bai Xiao, is there anything urgent?" Although the blue-dressed witty words did not get angry, it had revealed displeasure in her words, hoping that the two people opposite could give her a satisfactory answer.

"Well, sister, this person has something urgent to ask you, so I brought him here. You can talk about it. I still have to leave in advance." Before he finished speaking, Bai Xiao actually took a very unrighteous flash first. Before leaving, he also threw a look of your own carefulness. Seeing Bai Xiao run away for the first time, the originally unkind look of the wonderful words had begun to sink. Fan Tian hurriedly explained when he saw this.

"Sister Miaoyu, there is really something important in Fantian, otherwise it is impossible to disturb your practice." Disturbing the other party's retreat, Fan Tian naturally can't be righteous.

"Oh? Fan Tian, are you the new city of the sky during my retreat? Why haven't I heard your name before? The witty words waved his sleeves and stood there like a slender fairy, extraordinary and refined.

"Sister Miaoyu, I am not a disciple of the Sky City, but became a guest here after breaking through the Western Emperor's Array a month ago." Fan Tian's words made Liu's eyebrows move, and his eyes suddenly changed a little color.

"Do you think you have broken through the Western Emperor's Array?" Miaoyu was born in the city of the sky since he was a child. Naturally, he understands the horror of the Western Emperor's array. Throughout the ages, people who have been able to break through the Western Emperor's array have become heroes from all sides.

"It's just a fluke." People who can break through the Western Emperor's Array can't just rely on luck. They don't believe these wits, but now their displeasure with Fan Tian has turned into curiosity. I want to know what happened to a person who broke into the Western Emperor's Array.

"Then why did you wake me up from practice? Isn't it just to get to know me?" The witty words are already obvious. If there is no good explanation today, the consequences will be up to you. Fan Tian couldn't help smiling bitterly when he heard the words. Women, no matter where they are, are not fuel-efficient lamps.

"To tell you the truth, I broke into the Western Emperor's Array just to see you, but not to witness the lady's beautiful face, but to consult the lady, hoping that Sister Miaoyu can not hesitate to give advice." Fan Tian's sincerity and pertinentness aroused the curiosity of the other party.

"Oh? What are you talking about?" The witty words Liu's eyebrows stretched slightly, and his eyes had been aroused by Fan Tian's curiosity.

"I don't know if Sister Miaoyu took a little girl near the awakening altar in Shiyuan City three years ago." At this moment, Fan Tian's heart has begun to rise and fall, uneasy, afraid that the other party will tell him not. Although a wonderful voice said that she had seen it, Fan Tian always felt that there was a lack of truth before being affirmed by people.

However, the witty words did not answer directly, but chanted Fan Tian's name.

"Fen Tian, Fan Tian, are you the little girl's brother? Didn't you fail in the altar? Why are you still alive?" Although the girl later went to Shiyuan City to watch the awakening, she had no road and just looked at it from afar, which made the elder Jin Xing, who was originally going to tell the truth to the other party, not even see anyone.

Originally, the elder planned to inform Fan Tian of Wan Beast Gate after contacting the other party, so that even if he could not contact the other party, it would not delay Fan Tian's cultivation progress. After all, no one can say whether the girl will come at the next awakening. In fact, it did not appear. If Fan Tian had stayed and waited, he would only wait for one time. It would be more worthwhile to go here in person after reaching the senior soul master today.

Seeing the other party's shocked expression, Fan Tian knew that his sister must have been taken away by the other party, and even if she didn't take her away, she knew where she was going.

"I survived at the beginning. I don't know if I can see my sister now?" Fan Tian couldn't wait to see him for three years. He was simply anxious to be his brother, and the long-term suppression finally broke out at this moment. However, at this time, the wonderful sound on the opposite side showed a difficult color.

"Your sister was undoubtedly taken away by me, but I can't help you if I want to see her now."

"Why?" Fan Tian's eyes wide

"Because when I took her back to the city of the sky to meet the city owner and was ready to get the city owner's permission to join the sky city, the city owner asked me to give her Linger, saying that this little girl would take care of this little girl in the future. I didn't need to interfere and don't let me say it." Hearing the explanation of the witty words, Fan Tian didn't say anything for a long time. It seemed to be a very simple thing, but now it has become tortuous.

"You mean, if you want to see my sister, you have to meet the city owner, right?" Fan Tian suddenly felt that his head was so big. In the end, he pulled out the number one person who covered the sky with one hand in the city of the sky, which made people feel a little numb.

"Yes, but the city owner has been closed. I don't know if I have time. I can only try it for you." Miaoyin didn't expect that he had done bad things with his good intentions and separated his brother and sister for three years. In the end, his brother broke into the Xihuang array in order to see him. Now think about it, Miaoyin feels a little sad, although Fan Tian has never accused her.

However, while the two were discussing how to meet the city owner, a majestic and fusion atmosphere came from the rear sky hall, which made people sound like a noble fairy queen.

"Wonder, I already know the matter. You take him to the main hall to meet me." Fan Tian did not expect that their conversations were under the surveillance of each other, and the wits also showed surprise. Although everything that happened in the city of the sky was under the control of the Lord of the sky, his grandmother rarely listened to others. However, since the Lord took the initiative to summon them, it also saved them a lot of trouble.

"Let's go, Lord is very kind, as long as you don't do anything excessive." Fan Tian also understood the kindness of the other party because he was afraid that the other party would do something impulsive because of his sister, but if something really happened to his sister, even if the other party was a king-level soul master?

The main hall is simply a phoenix residence, inlaid with phoenix totems of different colors. The hall is wide and bright, showing the majesty of a king everywhere. In the middle of the hall, there is a middle-aged woman wearing a phoenix crown and wearing a golden dress. She is full of graceful and beautiful faces. With a warm smile all the time, this woman has the power to destroy the world.

"See your grandmother!" In the face of this middle-aged woman, the witty words are a kind of heartfelt respect.

"Well, the strength of Miaoyu has improved again. It has almost broken through to the half-step king level, and my grandmother is about to retire, hehe." Fan Tian didn't expect that this woman not only looked warm, but also spoke like an elder without the air of a strong man.

"Grandma laughed. Even if you practice a hundred years of wit, she is not your opponent. Besides, I don't want to do such an annoying position." In the face of this temple lord, the witty words are actually unrestrained, as if a junior is acting coquettishly with his elders. The behavior of the two simply made Fan Tian stunned and stunned. For a moment, he didn't know what to say, and the woman in the hall seemed to finally notice Fan Tian.

"Ha ha, you dead girl can't let me enjoy happiness. I'll talk to you when my grandmother has time. We can't neglect the guests. You go down first." While talking, the middle-aged woman has turned her eyes to Fan Tian.

"Then I'll say goodbye first!" When he left, the witty words also asked Fan Angel a color, which meant not to be too impulsive.

"You are Fan Tian!" The middle-aged woman's eyes at Fan Tian always made him feel a little strange, but he couldn't say this feeling.

"Yes, I'm in Fantian. Please forgive me for disturbing you this time." Fan Tian nodded slightly, which was strange. In the face of this king, he did not feel any pressure for the first time, but had a more relaxed taste.

"I already know the purpose of your coming, and now I can tell you for sure that your sister is indeed with me and is safe, but you can't see her." The woman's words finally relieved Fan Tian, but then hung up again.

"Why can't you see her? What's wrong with her?" Seeing Fan Tian's anxious and reckless look, the other party not only did not blame, but showed a kind of satisfaction.

"Ha ha, don't be nervous first. I know you care about your sister. Listen to me slowly." The woman in the palace smiled faintly and was very patient.

"Your sister sleeps in a secret place, and she will wake up in a year or two. If it's slow, it may take three or five years." As she spoke, the woman waved her arm and a curtain of light appeared in the hall. In the curtain of light was a mysterious golden space. In the middle of the space, a girl was sleeping, not Linger.

"sister!" Three years later, when he saw the image of his sister again, the corners of Fan Tian's eyes became a little reserved and became wet. His hand unconsciously grabbed the light curtain. However, at this time, a golden color suddenly flashed under the light curtain, making Fan Tian's outstretched hand suddenly come back.

"Golden egg!" Fan Tian looked at the middle-aged woman above the hall with a shocked face, and at the same time, the light curtain also disappeared into the air. The middle-aged woman still looks warm, but there is a trace of seriousness on her face.

"You must already know the existence of this golden egg, so I won't hide it from you. The golden egg is a taboo in the city of the sky. The total number of people you know is no more than five, and you are the one recently added. Your sister was laid by me to sleep on the golden egg. This The benefits are self-evident, so you don't have to worry. The woman paused and looked at Fan Tian and suddenly showed a trace of solemnity.

"Don't say the taboo of golden eggs. Even if I don't tell you, you must understand. But now there is a very serious matter that needs to be notified to you.

"What's the matter?" The woman's solemn expression made Fan Tian a little confused.

"Your teacher, something has happened!"