Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 107 Refining

Fan Tianpan sat in the middle of the room, and his whole body was constantly shining with the light of power. At this moment, he was looking at his body with a surprised face. His consciousness stared at the golden rune. For a moment, his heart was like a five-flavor bottle. I don't know what it was like. The golden energy that was originally thought to expel the outside the body was actually the condensation of the traces of the law. It is an intangible thing, but it has turned into a solid in another form, which is simply incredible and unprecedented.

"Is this the energy that rushed out of the golden egg and returned to his body with the King of Destruction?" Fan Tian's mind kept moving, and the pictures flashed by one. Finally, he was sure that this was the torrent flying out of the golden egg.

"What kind of existence is this golden egg? Unexpectedly, the law of the road can be turned into an entity. Fan Tian's heart can no longer be described as shock at this moment. If this kind of thing spreads, many people in the world will be crazy. The Sky City of the Western Jin Dynasty cannot continue to be peaceful, but will become a battlefield of people's desire.

Fan Tian tried his best to calm down. He didn't dare to think about the origin of the golden egg, because nothing he could touch now. Maybe one day when he became a king or even more powerful existence, he would be able to come into contact with the mysterious and terrible secret, but all this is by no means now.

"The most urgent thing is to refine the golden energy first." Since it is a fragment of the law, naturally cannot be wasted. Fan Tian's eyes have shown a trace of greed at this moment, because he is ready to refine all the fragments of the law in his body for his own use. Of course, the fragments of refining law are not as simple as other things. Although it is the trajectory of Tao, if you want to be your own thing, you must understand and copy and integrate into yourself. This is not as simple as the power of refining.


With the continuous burning of the power in the body, a period of golden rune chains appeared again. Fan Tian stared at the fragments of the law in front of him, and felt the road from it over and over again, as if a child had obtained a martial arts secret book, constantly speculing the true meaning. Before that, Fan Tian was like one. A prime man without any materials can only feel the world and try to peep at something from it.

The difficulty is self-evident. One is learning, the other is to find out which is more difficult, which is known to passers-by. Fan Tian, like an obsessive scholar, was completely silent in the understanding of the fragments of the law and forgot himself. And his body is constantly emitting different light because of his perception of the law.

"I didn't expect that what entered my body were all fragments of the way of destruction. Presumably the golden egg wanted to compete with me, but it didn't expect that although these laws hurt me, they were more beneficial to me." Looking at the law of constantly integrating into his body, Fan Tian's face was cramped with a smile.

In the past, he completely understood the way of destruction with the fist of destruction, but now he has turned the fist of destruction into a form of the way of destruction. Although the relationship is simple, the power shown is very different.

A month later, Xi Ting kept walking outside Fan Tian's house, muttering in her mouth and full of displeaguishment.

"Well, this guy is actually immersed in martial arts and completely abandoned me. It's really annoying." It's no wonder that Xiting complained. Fan Tian has been immersed in the rules of eating in this month, and the communication with Xi Ting is pitifully rare. In total, it will not exceed ten sentences.

"Auntie quits!" Xiting finally couldn't stand it and entered the door and prepared a good punishment for Fan Tian. However, the moment she rushed into the house, she was stunned by the scenery in front of her. Black chains of order filled the whole room. Fan Tian's bronze body was completely shrouded in black, and his face showed the majesty of the king. A virtual shadow floated on his body now, as if to be one with him.


Fan Tian, who was sitting together, suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were like an endless abyss, bursting out two dark lights of destruction. At the same time, the black order chain in the room seemed to have gained life, jumping one after another and constantly drilling into the bronze body. With the continuous influx of the law of destruction, the breath in Fan Tian's body soared, and finally reached the point where Xiting was throbbing.


The powerful breath flashed, and suddenly retreated like a tide, and the eyes blooming in the endless abyss slowly closed. At this moment, the house regained calm. When Fan Tian stood up again, the warm figure of the past appeared again. The change just now was like a fantasy and no longer existed.

"Are you...?" Xiting's little mouth has turned into an O character, and her big eyes flashed at Fan Tian.

"Ha ha, after a month of sacrifice, the fragments of the golden law in the body are finally completely integrated." Fan Tian is surprisingly happy at this moment, with a strong smile on his face.

"What happened to your breath just now? Has it broken through again?" Xiting felt a little incredible. You know, it hasn't been long since Fan Tiantian broke through the senior level.

"Ha, you misunderstood. After reaching the advanced level, how can it be so easy to break through? Just now, it was just the power of the road that was instantly induced by the fusion law. I am not so powerful." Hearing Fan Tian's explanation, Xi Ting nodded relieved. You should know that after breaking through the advanced level, every level is a gully. Even she, has made today's achievements in the infinite material of the family and the power of an old man who is about to sit down.

After a month of tossing, he finally recovered his health again, and the source power in his body was also refined, only one line away from the peak. After a short break, Fan Tian decided to enter the City of the Sky tomorrow, because he had passed the Western Imperial Array and won the title of VIP. The reason why he lived under his feet was entirely Xiting's request, otherwise Fan Tian could live in the Sky City to recover from his injury.

In the morning of the second day, the bright sun shone on this floating city. Bai Xiao, a man in white, was already waiting outside the door. Today, he is the leader of Fan Tian. For Fan Tian, who entered the city of the sky for the first time, he absolutely did everything.

"This is the brooch of the City of the Sky. Wearing it, you can ignore the prohibition here and fly in the void." Bai Xiao handed a simple brooch to Fan Tian. This two-finger-sized pendant looked very delicate, and also revealed a fluctuation compatible with this world.

"I said how the people who appeared that day could take off. I thought there were some special skills. It turned out that it was because of this brooch. I don't know if you still have it. Give me one. It's really uncomfortable that I can't fly." Xiting grabbed things before Fan Tian and kept playing with them. She liked it very much. However, her request made Bai Xiao look embarrassed.

"Well, this thing is only available to members and VIPs of the Sky City, and no one else can wear it." Xiting, who was still playing with the brooch happily, immediately pulled down when she heard these little faces and gave the brooch to Fan Tian with an unhappy face.

"It's really stingy. I don't care about it anymore." With that, he ran away with his little mouth pout. Bai Xiao and Fan Tian looked at each other, both of whom looked helpless.

"Bai Xiao, can we go now?" Fan Tian's heart is still a little impatient.

"No problem, you can fly and follow me." Bai Xiao showed a look of envy and looked at the Pegasus sitting down. He was younger than him, but he had become a veritable senior soul master. Thinking about it, he was really angry.

Because of wearing the brooch, the defense array of the Sky City has no effect on Fan Tian. Stepping on the void, the bronze figure came to the Sky City above the nine heavens. The moment he entered this floating city, Fan Tian was stunned by the scenery in front of him. Ancient-style castles, the road pattern is well organized, the stream of the nine-day Milky Way flows through, and several dogs are chasing each other.

"This is simply a paradise." Fan Tian absolutely couldn't believe that there were ordinary residents living on such a floating city. Those people were clearly only primary, but they could live here. Bai Xiao saw Fan Tian's shock, but showed a natural look, because every outsider would make the same sigh.

"In fact, the residents here are the descendants of some strong people. Many of them can't cultivate to a higher level, but because they were born and lived here, they did not leave and became the indisputable permanent residents here." After listening to the other party's explanation, Fan Tian suddenly became enlightened. It turned out that these people were the descendants of the strong who once resided in the Sky City.

Gently stepping on the white jade street here, Fan Tian feels unprecedented relaxation, as if the air here can affect people's mood and make people more pleasant and relaxed.

"I don't know, where does Miaoyu live?" Fan Tian did not forget the purpose of this visit. After being reminded by Fan Tian, Bai Xiao found that she only cared about introducing here, but forgot what the other party really cared about.

"Oh, hehe, I'm sorry, Sister Miaoyu lives in the deputy hall, but you went to disturb her closed practice this time, so you should pay attention to some words." Bai Xiao didn't forget to make a lot of orders. After many days of getting along, they have become a good pair of friends.

"Ha ha, thank you, Brother Bai, I will pay attention." Fan Tian also knew that he was very unreasonable this time, but he couldn't care so much in order to know the news of his sister.

After a period of shuttle, the two finally came to a magnificent hall, and two majestic and quiet characters stood in the "West Hall"

"This is the cultivation place of Miaoyu. As long as you inject energy into these magic crystals, Miaoyu will feel your existence." With Bai Xiao's pointing, Fan Tian saw a pile of dense magic crystals marked with different names. Presumably these are all disciples living in the West Hall.

"Then I will offend!" In Bai Xiao's eyes, Fan Tian injected the source force into the magic crystal. At this moment, the crystal changed and emitted a dazzling light.