Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 111 The Sword of the World

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The chaos disappeared, and the world returned to normal again. The fire on the opposite side was puzzled, but he was glad that he would not die. On the contrary, Fan Tian was also confused, exhausted, and there was no sense of stagnation. Everything was normal, but the chaotic world in his hand disappeared as if it had never appeared.

"Is this...?" Fan Tian looked at his hands confusedly, but his movements made the fireman opposite him breathe a sigh of relief and laughed wildly. Looking at Fan Tian's eyes from fear to presumptuousness.

"Haha, I thought it was an anti-sky skill. It turned out to be an untrained half-baked man, and it was scary." Although Huo Xiao's words were a little presumptuous, they reminded Fan Tian in confusion that a trace of brightness suddenly flashed in his black eyes.

"It turns out that it's not my lack of strength, but my lack of understanding of Tao." Fan Tian sighed for a long time. Such an anti-sky skill naturally requires an anti-sky perception, which can not be made by ordinary people. Of course, there is another point that Fan Tian does not know that this cracked mountain stick method is actually incomplete. Even if his perception improves again, it is impossible to display this beginningless chaos without subsequent methods. Of.

However, just as Fan Tian fell into a brief meditation, the eight-claw fire on the opposite side was not idle. The eight giant claws turned into flames again and were constantly intertwined together, like an ancient dragon burning red flames, rushing to Fan Tian with a hot melting breath, as if to burn him to ashes.

The "Reverse Dragon" fire dragon roared out, and the eight-clawed dragon in the rear was even more arrogant and ferocious. The huge dragon's body kept shaking between heaven and earth, shaking the whole forest, and the nearby giant trees in the sky collapsed one after another, which was in a mess.

"I don't think I can suppress you without chaos, right?" Fan Tian held a black magic stick, and the bronze figure stood in the void. His black eyes burst into a terrible breath in an instant, like two abyss, a pair of huge fists, all over the sky and earth, no smaller than the other party's fire dragon, with endless destruction, bursting down.


The destruction fist came out, the fire dragon roared, and the two figures in the sky kept colliding, and the infinite light burst out one by one, stirring the source of chaos in the void. It is said that the advanced three-stage fierce beast can resist the half-step king level of human beings, so Fan Tian does not dare to be careless in the face of this tricky fierce beast, and the other party is also more and more shocked. In terms of level, he is two paragraphs higher than the other party, but in terms of actual combat effectiveness, the two are almost equal.

"Kid, I underestimated you, but I didn't expect that there was no chaos without beginning. You still have such a strong fighting power." The fire had to admit that it met a strong enemy today.

"It doesn't matter whether the combat power is strong or not. The important thing is to kill you here today." Fan Tian's right hand danced again, and the fist of destruction was layered with waves, and three fists were superimposed. The body of the king of destruction appeared in the world, with a demon-like body overlooking the fire dragon. In the face of the sudden appearance of the demon god, the fire dragonfly actually made an amazing move. The eight claws suddenly rose into the air and merged with the fire dragon in the air. A fire dragon body that was not weaker than the demon god appeared between the sky and stretched thousands of miles.

"Ky, you are already proud of being able to force me to fight ontology, but that's all." The fire roared up to the sky, and the breath of the whole body was almost infinitely close to the king level at this moment. The violent hot power stained the source of this space with temperature, and the earth was red, and Fan Tian was pressed a little breathless. In the face of such a powerful fire dragon, Fan Tian finally used his card.

"The body armor of all beasts is born!" One by one, dense scales grew under Fan Tian's golden armor, and the tiger's head roared and dragons and phoenix sang together. At the moment when the body armor of ten thousand beasts appeared, Fan Tian's whole breath rose directly to three stages. This was not the three stages of combat power, but the breath, the leap of class.

A violent breath overflowed from his body, and the fourth punch directly bombarded the body of the king of destruction. When Fan Tian punched the fifth punch, a huge black sword appeared in the sky, which was filled with the traces of destruction and held in the hands of the king of destruction.

"Sword of the World!" With the help of the beast's body armor, Fan Tian finally hit the fifth fist of the fist of destruction, the sword of the world. This huge sword is completely cast by the energy of destruction and the law of destruction. Because of its appearance, black cracks continue to occur in the surrounding space, and the rules of heaven and earth have been disordered. You can imagine the horror of it.

Although the sword of the world was born, the fire dragonfly did not show any fear. Obviously, he was very confident in his ontology fusion skills. Facing this long dragon in the sky, Fan Tian controlled the sword in the hand of the king of destruction and cut it down mercilessly.


The deafening sound almost spread all over the back mountain, and all the disciples and fierce beasts fighting showed a shocked look. The two thousands of bodies in the sky had attracted their attention, and their faces showed a shocked look.

"Look, the two figures in the air are powerful and scary. I really don't know which master of our Beast Gate is fighting with each other." One by one, the disciples showed their worship, but in these crowd, several people distinguished their identities in the sky.

"That's Fan Tian. He has become so powerful." The speaker is Xiaoyue. At this moment, she and the fat man have become elite disciples of the Beast Gate, reaching the intermediate second stage one after another, but compared with Fan Tian, a pervert, it has become so worth mentioning.

"Yes, the distance between us and him is getting bigger and bigger." The fat man also showed a look of exclamation when he solved the fierce beast in front of him. In the discussion, the battle in the sky has become white-hot, the sound is getting louder and louder, and the breath is getting more and more tragic.

The huge dragon tail with a hot flame swept away to the king of destruction in the air. Fan Tian's eyes were solemn. The sword in the hand of the king of destruction kept chopping, and the long tail of the other party was chopped. The sparks splashed everywhere and the void was broken. Fan Tian did not expect that the other party's body was so hard that there was not even the sword of killing the world. The law is to remove the opponent's defense.

"It seems that only Tianstab can be used." Fan Tian's brain is running rapidly. Although the thorn can pierce the defense of the ancient shield crocodile, he is not willing to do it. In the face of this defense that even the sword of killing the world cannot be broken, will the thorn be effective? The purple eyes glowed dazzlingly at this moment, as if to find out the weakness of the octopus fire.

"Haha, your sword can't even break my defense. Let's see what else you can do." The fire tanger became more and more arrogant. Without the threat of beginningless chaos, his body was almost invincible. He did not believe that Fan Tian had other ways to break his dragon body except for the skill that the law to destroy everything.

"Then you can pick me up for the last try!" Fan Tian's face was still cold and ruthless and did not change his color at all because of the other party's audacy. The body of the king of destruction in the sky suddenly became smaller, and a pure energy rushed to the sword of the world. At this moment, the sword of the world of the world actually burned a black flame, and various cracks appeared in the nearby void.

"Well, boy, you are still struggling uselessly, so I'll give you a ride." The eight-clad fire doesn't seem to want to play any more and wants to end the battle. Eight giant claws, four of which blocked the sword of beheading in the air and four grabbed Fan Tian's body. However, what it did not expect was that before the sword of beheading this time was different, the chain of the law of destruction finally broke the defense of the fire.


The fiery red blood stained the whole sky, and the eight claws grinned in pain at this moment, his body paused slightly, and looked angrily at his blood-stained claws. Although Fan Tian finally broke the other party's defense, he still did not hurt the other party's key points, but angered the fire.

"You humble human, I'm going to smash you into ten thousand pieces." The fire suddenly became angry, and the huge giant rushed directly to Fan Tian and wanted to swallow him in his mouth. However, when he was less than a hundred feet away from Fan Tian, a cold breath suddenly appeared behind him, making the fireman have a cold war. Looking at Fan Tian's eyes were full of doubts, but Fan Tian opposite him But without giving it time to continue to think about it, the bronze figure moved faintly.

"Waiting for this moment, turn into a thorn, go!" A purple-gold spear suddenly appeared in Fan Tiande's hand and flashed silently to the other party. For this moment, he has been brewing for a long time. The distance of a hundred feet is simply close to these senior soul masters. Compared with the other party's huge body, it is like an invisible embroidery needle, and it is this slight The visible embroidery needle ended the other party's life.

"Ah, my eyes, you actually attacked me!" The fireman suddenly hugged the giant and howled in the air in pain. However, Fan Tian on the opposite side surprised that he did not take the opportunity to sneak attack, but showed a sneer.

Is that right? Only eyes?" With Fan Tian's voice, the other party's constantly stirring body suddenly stiffened and looked at Fan Tian with a shocked face.

"What the hell have you done to me?" However, before its voice fell, a huge black iron magic stick suddenly came out of the back of his head, with a chain of destruction with this huge breath of life. The fire crow fell from the air with a face full of unwillingness. Looking at the other party's dead body, Fan Tian just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, and at this moment, a stronger breath suddenly came from the depths of the dense forest, accompanied by a painful voice.

"Brother, who killed my brother!" The sound resounded through the world, and the whole mountain was swaying, falling into this roar.