Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 112 Bafang Comes to Help

The angry voice came from far to near, and with a strong breath approaching in the direction of Fan Tian. It seems that there is something between the other party and this firefly. Otherwise, as soon as the firefly was killed by Fan Tian, a mutant was found in the depths of the dense forest, and it came very accurately in this direction. Obviously, in the face of this strong With the horizontal breath, Fan Tian has no time to leave this place. Because the other party has come to him.

"You killed my brother!" This is a fierce beast that chooses to transform. The middle-aged man is eyebrowed and rough, but he has six arms that are different from ordinary people, which are obviously transformed by his eight claws, two claws into two feet, and the remaining six claws are turned into arms, divided on both sides of the ribs, which makes people look strange.

"There is no...!" Fan Tian's voice had not yet fallen, and a huge claw of the other party had been patted from the air. Obviously, it had felt the mark of his brother's death from Fan Tian's breath. The man's eyes were round, and he wanted to take Fan Tian's life.

At this moment, Fan Tian has just experienced a war, and the power in his body is almost exhausted. In the face of such a violent attack, he can only be avoided. Coincidentally, Xiting treated the injured disciple, who had just left and sent the injured back to the mountain gate, but has not returned. Therefore, Fan Tian could only harden his scalp and squeeze the last strand of power in his body.

"Void seal!" In a hurry, Fan Tianyun picked up the void seal, and his bronze body kept shaking in the sky, avoiding the first attack of the other party. However, the half-step king-level fierce beast that had just arrived had no intention of stopping at all. He couldn't wait to smash Fan Tian into pieces in an instant to avenge his brother.

In the face of this continuous attack, Fan Tian soon showed defeat. After all, the other party was a half-step king-level fierce beast rather than an ordinary human. You should know that although the half-step king-level fierce beast cannot defeat the king-level human, it has been able to save his life in the hands of the other party. It is not difficult to imagine how terrible the other party is.


Fan Tian dodged a huge claw of flame, but was finally hit by continuous attacks. At this time, he could not retreat and could only resist. In Fan Tian's fierce eyes, the magic stick blocked his chest and prepared for the violent attack below. However, just as he was about to fight with all his strength, a gray figure suddenly appeared beside him, with a faint smile on his face, raising his hand to block the attack of the other party for Fan Tian.

"What's the ability to bully a junior." The old man in gray turned his head to look at Fan Tian while talking, with a satisfied look in his eyes.

"Elew? Why are you here?" The person who came was none other than the gray elder sitting in the law enforcement hall. He was the only one who spoke for Fan Tian who went to the land of Nanhuo. When he saw Fan Tian's surprised eyes, the other party actually smiled happily.

"Little guy, don't forget that this is the back mountain of the Beast Gate. Where else can I go if I'm not here as an elder?" Listening to the other party's words, Fan Tian suddenly realized, but his doubts rose again.

"I have been fighting in the back mountain for a long time, but my brothers have seen a lot, but I don't feel the breath of any elders." In the face of Fan Tian's doubts, the elder suddenly showed bitterness and shook his head helplessly.

"I'll explain these things to you later. The fierce beast opposite can't wait. You'd better recover first." Fan Tian knew what the other party meant, because he had already felt that the gray-robed elder was also only half-step king-level strength. In the face of this fierce beast, he was not 100% sure. This was to let Fan Tian seize the time to recover. Once he showed his failure, he could quickly support.

"Be careful, that elder!" Fan Tian also knew which was more important. Without saying much, he flew directly to the distance and held a source nuclear recovery power. The shocking war outside did not seem to affect his mind at all.

"You ignorant old man, get out of here. I'm going to avenge my brother." The fire man's face was full of anger, and his whole body was like a flame, and began to burn. In the face of such a powerful existence, the gray elders are not slow and look indifferent.

"You suddenly broke away from the battlefield and rushed here to avenge your brother? Aren't you afraid that your king will punish you? Speaking of the other party's king, the fireman's eyebrows suddenly jumped, inadvertently showing a trace of fear, but this light only flashed away and was covered by the other party.

"You old man are alarmist and want to disturb my mind. It's simply childish. Wang is fighting with your leader now. How can he have time to take care of me? You'd better get out of here quickly and don't affect me to kill this boy." The fireman has inadvertently showed anxiety. Obviously, the elder's words have affected his mind in the imperceptibility.

"Their children fought and lost and won. We elders should not interfere." The gray elder seems to be a fairy, but he can definitely choke people to death. This is not just a simple fight. You have killed the other party's people and said it so coldly. It is not his own child who died this time, and the fire man was even more blood vomited by the elders.

"Daesn, this is also called a child fight. My brother was killed. Don't delay me." The fireman can cultivate to the half-step king level, and none of them is a fool. Naturally, he sees through the other party's tricks, but the elder does not seem to be afraid of the other party's detection, and still looks faint.

"I'm just procrastinating, what's wrong!" The elder had a face that was not afraid of boiling water. No one expected that the elder sitting in the law enforcement hall had such a side. In the face of the repeated satire of the gray-dressed elder, the fire man finally stopped talking nonsense and directly got angry.

The huge fingerprints of the "reverse eight-inflammatory gossip palm" burned in the fire and rushed to the gray-clad elders. Although this fireman is the same bloodline as the previous eight-claw fireman, the martial arts they follow are obviously different. The younger brother is closer to the body, while the older brother is good at control, but they are also the power of fire.

The old man's face was solemn. He raised his hand and released his beast soul. The huge sea whale covered the sky and the earth. A tidal smell filled the air, and the turbulent blue waves greeted the palm of the other party's flame. Until this moment, Fan Tian finally understood why the other party was unwilling to compete with the elder. It turned out that the beast soul of this gray elder was actually the water beast soul of Haifeng, which just restrained the power of the other party's flame.

As the surging tide collided with the palm of the flame, there was a squeaking sound in the sky. After hearing this sound, the fire man's eyebrows almost squeezed together, because the flame palm dissipated the general power at the moment of contact. Although it was not completely extinguished, it could not hurt the other party, and the old man's blue tide energy almost evaporated, but this did not affect the result of the battle.

"Old man, why don't you get out of the way!" The black line full of fireman's head. To be honest, he really doesn't want to fight with the other party. When fighting on the battlefield, he has found that although the old man's attack power is mediocre, it is surprisingly difficult to deal with. The continuous ocean is simply a big sponge, and everything will be removed from three points, especially his flame palm. What's more, it's like a gopher meeting a hunting cat and can't jump up.

"Hey, didn't I say that when children fight, it's better for our elders not to interfere!" The elder of the meeting looked lazy and wanted to beat him up. The fireman was so angry that he almost lit himself.

"Old man, this is your own death, hum!" The fireman is finally ready to come out with a killer mace. Although the old man is difficult to deal with, with his half-step king-level strength, the other party is really not an opponent. As the flame in the man's eyes became more and more intense, his six arms on his left and right ribs moved at the same time.

"Oh, it's a unique move!" The gray elder still looks loose, but his eyes have become solemn at this moment, and he doesn't want to be as lazy as he was just now. Because he had felt that the other party's breath was no longer simple this time, as if he really wanted to fight with him. The words of the gray elder still played a role, and this guy was a little eager to return to the battlefield.

"Dead old man, since you don't give way, I'll let you bury him, anti-inflammatory Buddha!" As the six arms of the fireman kept dancing, the complicated Zen sound sounded in the air, and the fiery power in the hands of the fierce beast man slowly changed to the power of the sun. The old man did not expect that the other party, as a fierce beast, could evolve the power of interpretation, and it was also the purest power of the day in interpretation.

With the continuous secret text, six huge golden palms gradually appeared in the void, full of the power of the sun and emitting dazzling light. In the face of the dazzling Zen sound, the old man in gray frowned. The other party's skill was clearly aimed at his sea king whale soul, which made the water attribute power lose its advantage.

"Tears of the Sea King" looked at the golden palm in the sky, and the elders also used their unique skills. A drop of water only the size of a fist appeared between heaven and earth, but it contained the power of waves. If you listen carefully, you will also find the sound of wind howling and waves rolling from time to time in the water droplets.


The six golden Buddha hands in heaven and earth collided with the seemingly harmless tears of the Sea King. The Zen sound and the waves sounded, and the power of the sun echoed the sound of the strong wind. It seemed that the Buddha crossed the sea of suffering, heaven and earth were sad, and the seemingly tiny water droplets were instantly enlarged and wrapped the palms of the six golden Buddhas. The gray elders who thought they were holding the victory did not know the six gold The palm suddenly united, and the blue water droplets burst. A great power of destruction goes straight to the old man.

"Haha, you are immortal, take your life!" The fierce laughter of the fireman is invincible. It seems that the old man's head has become a bag, just when to take it. However, just as the golden palm was about to fall to the old man's face, a colorful auspicious cloud stopped his movement.

"Who is it?" The fireman looked tight.

"Kirin Holy Land, Lin Fan!" The voice is not loud, but it shows a sense of pride.