Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 115 Are you Fan Tian?

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After Fan Tian's reminder, everyone's heart suddenly felt awe-broke, and they really found the strange fluctuations in the other party's body! The source core of the fire man's chest kept beating darkly, the violent energy continued to compress, and a force of destruction was about to explode. The other party's ferocious face suddenly laughed wildly, making everyone feel very cold.

"Haha, I just saw it now. It's too late. Let's all be buried!" With the sinister color of the fireman, the source core compressed to the pole suddenly expand and magnify, like a core of destruction that continues to spread around. The whole back mountain is about to be destroyed by the self-explosion of the other party. However, just when everyone's faces are heavy and the Guizhou donkey can't cope with it, the other party's laughter suddenly stopped and has been white. The claws unconsciously penetrated his chest.

"This...?" The fire savage looked at the white claws that passed through his chest in disbelief, and his eyes began to be lax in unwillingness. A half-step king level, which was about to explode, was interrupted by the sudden appearance of the figure, and even the few people opposite did not see the situation clearly. It was not until the figure of the fire fell that a white figure gradually appeared in front of everyone.

"Are you...?" Looking at the white leather armor and capable man in front of him, everyone showed doubts, but they could be sure that the other party was not malicious. On the contrary, they helped them contain a disaster. The man in white suddenly appeared, threw away the fire in his hand and smiled elegantly at everyone, but gave people a bad feeling.

"I'm here, White Tiger King Land, Nishino Yuefeng, it's a pleasure to meet you." Hearing the origin of the other party, everyone couldn't help but have a big headache. These ancient families that have not been born for thousands of years actually appeared here one after another. Are they ready to come back again? Everyone was puzzled, and Xiting was also puzzled, because she ran out of the home. She didn't believe it, and the others were the same. Obviously, this rule of the ancient hermit had been broken.

"People of the White Tiger King, why didn't you stay at home and run away?" Xiting looked at this guy's bad face and felt uncomfortable.

"Then didn't you stay at home in Luanfeng Holy Land!" Xiye Yuefeng walked in the air, looking at Xiting's eyes, full of laziness, as if she hadn't woken up.

"Well, I'm too bored at home to breathe!" Xiting will not admit whether she ran out or not.

"Then I also think it's too boring to go out and let it go out, okay?" He is from the same ancient clan, but Xiye Yuefeng and Lin Fan have completely two completely different personalities. One is lonely and arrogant, and the other is full of roughness. However, in comparison, Fan Tian still likes this guy of the White Tiger Kingdom. At least it seems that he is not pretentious and very real. Xiting was speechless by the other party for a moment, and the little witch finally met her opponent. At this time, some disciples who heard the sound also rushed to the scene, including Fan Tian's life-and-death friends, Fuquan and Xiaoyue.

"Fen Tian, Fan Tian didn't expect that your strength was more refined than the last time you left." Seeing the two friends, Fan Tian naturally wanted to get together, but just as he was about to fall to the ground, a colorful light stopped him.

"Lin Fan, what do you mean?" Fan Tian was a little puzzled and his face was slightly dark. Even the young master of the Kirin Holy Land could not do whatever he wanted, but the next deep voice of the other party made him smile bitterly.

"Are you Fan Tian? The man who made a private life with Xiting?" Fan Tian was stagnant when he heard the words. He didn't need to ask why the other party stopped him. His shield was inexplicable. However, under Xi Ting's murderous and pitiful eyes, he could not explain it. Finally, he could only look at the other party.

"I'm Fan Tian. What's the matter?" It was also the first time in his life that he blocked the arrow, so he had no experience and didn't know how to deal with it. He had to brace his head and cover the water.

"What's the matter? Did you rob my woman? Unexpectedly, he asked me something. I'm officially challenging you now, and the loser will immediately get out of Xiting. If it hadn't been for fighting together in the same trench, with Linfan's arrogance, he wouldn't have talked nonsense with Fan Tian at all.

"When did Xiting become your woman? Didn't you propose marriage?" Fan Tian really can't do anything about this guy's rudeness, as if he is the biggest in heaven and earth. As long as he wants, it belongs to him.

"As long as the woman I like, whether I propose marriage or not, she is my woman." Lin Fan took a bite of his woman, and Fan Tian couldn't help frowning. This guy's character was simply spoiled.

"You keep saying that he is your woman, but have you seen her?" Xiting, who is beside me, also feels that this family is becoming more and more outrageous.

"I haven't seen it, I will see it in the future!" At this time, I couldn't even see the sleepy moon breeze.

"I said, a person from a unicorn family, why doesn't stare at one as if he can't find a woman? You don't even know whether others can like you, so you just say that you are your own person, and you are not afraid to dig a hole to bury yourself." Yuefeng is full of breath and speaks less. The witch is still sharp.

"I'm kidding, the young master of my unicorn family will still look down on others!" Everyone was completely helpless about this guy, and I don't know who made it so arrogant. Xiting rubbed her temples and slowly walked to the other party.

"Before, I was not sure, but now I can tell you for sure that I don't like you!" Xiting's sudden move made Lin Fan unable to touch his mind for a moment, and his big eyes were full of displeament.

"Do you like me or not? Does it have anything to do with me?" In his disdainful eyes, Fan Tian shook his head completely helplessly.

"She is the person you want to propose marriage to, Luan Xiting from Luanfeng Sanctuary!" In the surprised and disbelieving eyes of the other party, several people left one after another, fell to the ground, and gathered with the fat man and Xiaoyue.

"Xiting, who is that person?" Xiaoyue pointed to the air, and Lin Fan looked like a jade tree in the wind.

"A nasty guy." Xi Ting curled her lips, but at this time, the gray elder grabbed Fan Tian, and her face did not become relaxed by defeating the fireman.

"E Elder, what happened?" Fan Tian suddenly felt something wrong.

"Aren't you asking me just now, why can't you feel the breath of other elders? Because they were fighting with the other strong man in another battlefield, and it was because this fireman suddenly left the battlefield that I followed him out." The elder's explanation made Fan Tian realize the importance of the matter in an instant.

"You mean that other elders are still fighting with fierce beasts?" Fan Tian's relaxed mood tightened again.

"Yes, they have been fighting for more than a month in a row. This is why the fierce beasts you see are all low-level, because their strong men are restrained by us in another battlefield, wailing corpses."

"The skeleton of howling? What's that place?"

"Time is tight now, and your strength is enough to help us participate in the battle. We said as we walked on the road." While talking, the gray-clothed elder looked at the others present.

"You ancient people must have told you everything before you came. Now the Beast Gate urgently needs the help of everyone. If you want, the soul masters above the level can go to another battlefield with me." The gray-dressed elder has stepped out while talking, and it is not difficult to see that he is very anxious.

"The old man told me that there are interesting things here. It seems that you said that the place should be what he pointed out." Yuefeng was lazy, but he was the first to follow the elder. Lin Fan had not yet reacted from what had just happened, and his body also took a step. Xiting didn't know why, but when she watched Fan Tian follow him, she naturally wanted to join in the fun.

Four senior soul masters flew to the depths of the dense forest in the enviable eyes of everyone.

"The place we went this time is called the skeleton of howling. Presumably, the two ancient people have heard that in fact, the array behind the Beast Gate is not set by ourselves, but has always existed in ancient times. The real purpose of this array is not to protect the Beast Gate, but to seal the whole back mountain." The other two nodded one after another. Obviously, they had learned all this before leaving the family. Only Fan Tian and Xi Ting showed puzzlement and doubt in their eyes.

"Actually, the ancestor of Wanshumen chose the site of the mountain gate here at the beginning. The first reason is that this is the site of Wanshu sect, and more importantly, she wants to protect the forbidden place of Houshan. The location of the mountain gate is exactly the eye of the whole back mountain seal array. Hearing the old man's story, Fan Tian was even more shocked. Wan Beast Gate was the only portal to the back mountain. Everyone knew about this, but they ignored why the whole back mountain was so big void, but no fierce beast could fly out. It was not until this moment that he completely understood that the whole back mountain was shrouded in one, God In the secret seal array.

"E elder, this sealed array can't be just to suppress these fierce beasts." Fan Tian doesn't believe that such a large array is to suppress some fierce beasts.

"Of course not. I have just told you about the wailing skeleton. In fact, the whole back mountain is really sealed here." The moon wind replaced the elders and pondered the records of the ancient clan.