Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 116 The Wail

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Yuefeng's bad face actually showed solemnness when talking about this matter.

"Yes, before coming, my father once told me that the skeleton of howling was an ancient battlefield. No one knows when it was formed. It is said that there was a battle of genocide. There was once a very powerful race, called witches. They were born with the power of great witches and the power of maggots. The whole race is It was a very powerful existence, but for some reason, it was later collectively destroyed. That battle was earth-shaking, ghosts cried and wolves howled, and Wuli suppressed the heroes, but there was still no power to return to heaven. Everyone seemed to see the tragedy of the war and the sadness and pain of the witches.

"But in the end, all the witches were destroyed, leaving huge resentment. In this ancient battlefield, they will never disperse. With the passage of time, under this huge resentment, an evil creature was actually derived. At first, they had no wisdom and only knew how to kill, but they did not know how long they had been. Some evil creatures actually opened their wisdom and spirit, called themselves witch bones, and invaded the source continent. At that moment, they were full of life and mourning. Finally, many strong people in the source continent took action again and sealed the whole back mountain. Since then, this place has become a forbidden place.

"Yes, that's why we come from all directions and support the Beast Gate, because once the seal is opened, the consequences will be unimaginable." Lin Fan seemed to have suppressed his emotions, but his eyes looking at Fan Tian were still full of bad things.

"The most urgent thing is to deal with those fierce beasts. Let's talk about the feud between us later!" Although this guy is arrogant, he knows which is more important, but at the thought of this trouble out of nothing, Fan Tian scratched his head a little. Of course, now is not the time to think about these things.

"Since you know the danger, why do these fierce beasts still open the seal?" Fan Tian was a little puzzled, but the moon wind beside him answered this question for the gray elder.

"If there is no profit, it can't be early. Of course, there is something they need!"

What can make the other party do not hesitate to stir up the public and put the whole source continent in danger.

"Something that can become an emperor." In the surprised eyes of Fan Tian and Xi Ting, the elder actually said such amazing news.

"What becomes the emperor will not be..." Xiting covered her little mouth and couldn't help gassing.

"Yes, there is only one thing in the world that can make people emperor, that is, the heart of the emperor after his death." Several ancient clans will not be the oldest. Fan Tian has never heard what they said. Today, it is a complete eye-opener.

"I just saw it in ancient books, but I didn't expect such a thing to exist in the world." Xiting patted her chest and spit out her tongue. So far, she still can't believe it.

"There may not be anywhere else, but the wailing skeleton is really hard to say. It is said that the witch side destroyed four emperors in that war, and the besieged party sacrificed a lot under the powerful witch power, and even some families have been depressed since then." The more Fan Tian heard about it, the more he felt that this place was scary. Unexpectedly, even more than a dozen emperors that are difficult to see on the mainland today will fall. What a scary number.

And at the thought of the emperor, Fan Tian couldn't help recalling the quasi-emperor who came to the source continent with him. Now he has become a real emperor, but he doesn't know where he was brought to the pale bone claws. It seems that all this is inextricably related to the Arctic land. Fan Tian decided to go there to have a look when he became stronger.


In the rapid flight of several senior soul masters, the surrounding dense forest continued to retreat, and Fan Tian came to the depths of the back mountain that had been far away from him for the first time. A cave that seemed to be ruined by the wind and moon appeared in front of everyone. The dilapidated stone pillars seemed to have decayed, and the mouth of the cave was actually filled with a pungent smell, which made people feel a little dizzy.

"What does this taste like?" Xiting couldn't stand it and took out a piece of red diamond to cover her mouth and nose.

"This is the smell of witchcraft, which oozes through the hole." The old man didn't smell it and stepped straight into the cave.

"Is this ancient battlefield underground?" Fan Tian smelled the pungent smell and was not very comfortable.

"Originally, it was on the ground, but later it was moved to a mountain by the ancient strongmen using their great ability and pressed it to the ground, otherwise it could not directly seal off the turbid gas." The moment they entered the cave, everyone felt a dark, and the unpleasant smell in the air became stronger. If they looked carefully, they would find that unconsciously, they began to corrode their skin.

"Be careful, these pungent smells can also corrode the skin." The elder did not forget to remind everyone that Xiting heard that it could corrode her skin. She jumped up first, instantly released a blue mask to wrap her up, and kept muttering in her little mouth.

"What a broken place? If I had known it, I wouldn't have come!" However, no one paid attention to him, because everyone had already felt the fluctuations in the air ahead.

"Go!" Feeling the diffuse horror, the old man took the lead in changing color and rushed out. Everyone didn't know what had happened, which made the other party so nervous that they couldn't help following up. At the moment they walked out of the cave, they were stunned by the scenery in front of them.

The sky is red, the earth is rolling magma, and the air is filled with gauze-like black smoke. The pungent smell can still be smelled even if it stimulates the source. The two sides kept taking action in the void, and the beasts stood in the sky, wearing green robes and purple and gold crowns, and the king's breath kept surging around them. The man in black robe opposite him didn't know whether it was a man or a woman, and there was only a chilly coldness.

"Yiyi, do you continue to insist on opening the seal?" Tianqing, the head of the Beast Gate, had a low voice, and a domineering power leaked between his eyebrows.

"Beast Skyqing, you and I have been staying at the king level for a long time. Don't you want to get what's inside? Become an emperor?" Xieyi's whole body was covered by the black robe and could not see his face, but the sound made people shudder and couldn't help shivering.

"Although I also want to be an emperor, we all know that the things in it can't be touched. Do you have to bring a devastating disaster to the source continent?"

"You are always so afraid of your hands and feet. No wonder you are still at the king level. Once we get what's inside and become the emperor's level, will we still be afraid of those lonely ghosts inside?" Xie Yi's body kept shining green, and even his men beside him did not dare to get too close.

"This place has been sealed for tens of thousands of years. Who knows what will happen inside? This seal was jointly exerted by more than a dozen emperors. How can you be sure that you will be able to compete with the creatures inside after becoming an emperor?" Beast Tianqing is hard-mouthed. The strength of the two of them is comparable. If they really fight, it is difficult to say who will win or lose, and the other party insists on bombarding the seal, and Beast Tianqing can't defend at all.

Just like the array of the beast gate outside, he was suddenly attacked. He had no time to defend in the future, and the array lost its effect, which made the other party find the entrance to the wailing bones. In fact, the seal array of the back mountain and the formation here are a set of mother-child arrays. Only by destroying the large array outside the back mountain can they be found and open the hole of this howling skeleton to enter the real sealed place, the ancient battlefield.

In the face of the persuasion of Beast Tianqing for a month in a row, Xie Yi had long been unbearable. If he hadn't defeated the other party, he would have been too lazy to waste his words here. The tense confrontation in the air was turbulent at the moment when several people appeared in Fantian. The original balance gradually tilted because of the appearance of several people.

"Cang Ye, why did you come back?" The voice of the beast Tianqing rumbled, and the pupils in his eyes have become the pupils of the beast. Obviously, this is a manifestation of the fusion of the martial soul. Legend has the martial soul of the head of the white tiger. Of course, it has nothing to do with the white tiger king's land. His white tiger blood is completely evolved by itself.

The Cang Ye that the beast Tianqing is looking at is the name of the elder in gray. He and Cangyan are brothers of the same generation, but he has gone further than Cangyan and has reached the half-step king level. Although there may be no hope of king level in this life, he is also a few people with the highest status in the Beast Gate.

"To report to the head, the hidden danger has been solved. These are disciples of resources sent by other ancient clans." Cangye nodded slightly. His answer made a long group of beasts feel relieved, but it made a trace of fear in the eyes of the fierce beasts led by Xieyi, because the hidden danger mentioned by the other party is known to be the fire that has just left. He did not expect to be killed by the other party in such a short time. How can this make the fierce beasts not be nervous? You know, the strength of the fire dragonfly in their group is recognized as the top.

"You killed the fire!" When there was some turmoil in the beast gate, the man in black in the front spoke, and his voice was still as cold as the ice prison. However, it was Tianqing, the leader who answered him.

"How can you be evil? Your men go out to kill my disciples. Can't my disciples kill him?" As the head of a family, Beast Skycraft showed inviolable hegemony and majesty at this moment.

"I really don't care about one of my subordinates, but the people who killed my men seem to come to the ancient clan!" Before the cold voice fell to the ground, Xieyi suddenly danced in his black robe, and a hidden murderous atmosphere burst out of the other party's body.

"What, Xieyi, are you going to try your best?" Beast Sky frowned. After more than a month of consumption, this was the first time that the other party had raised its combat power to such a level.

"The ancients have intervened. Do you think there is still time for me to do it again?" At the moment of Xie Yi's action, the whole space set off a cold wind.