Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 120 Thousand-mile Swamp

The surprise in the eyes of the thin old man flashed, and his eyes looking at Fan Tian returned to calm again. When everyone was surprised, he said with great interest.

"I just think you two look!" However, this seemingly unintentional sentence stimulated Lin Fan, as if the cat had been stepped on its tail and jumped up.

"How can it be? Look, he looks more like a black ink crystal, and you can't see anyone at night. How can I look like him!" Although Lin Fan's words were a little extreme, Fan Tian stood with him, which was indeed like a piece of black ink. Originally, the bronze skin looked very healthy, but compared with the other party, it did look surprisingly dark.

"You don't have to be white, and you don't have to be so arrogant!" Fan Tian was at a wrong time. He provoked someone and was buried one after another.

"Well, don't quarrel. Fan Tian is just my friend. You don't have to challenge him at all, and now I tell you clearly that I don't like you!" Xiting finally stood up, which made Fan Tian breathe a long sigh of relief.

"What? Didn't you say that you had made a private life with him?" Lin Fan was still a little disbelieving. He widened his eyes and looked at Xi Ting.

"You are sick. They all say they don't like you. Don't care about me!" The little witch did not have the patience of Fan Tian. She had jumped up and pointed to the other party's nose, with a nasty face. Lin Fan, an arrogant guy, was stunned by the little witch's behavior and didn't know what to say for a moment.

In contrast, the little witch seemed to be out of breath and pulled Fan Tian to go out.

"Irehno of this guy, let's go to Jiuyuan." However, Fan Tian did not move his steps, because the thin old man in front of him had nothing to do with Xi Ting, but he was his own master. Without the other party, he would not make his own decisions. Fan Tian would never do this kind of disrespect for his elders. The old man also seemed to see his thoughts and nodded to him with satisfaction. Head.

"Go ahead. Maybe there will be some big opportunity. This is the relevant information and place of birth of Jiuyuan. I will directly imprint it in your consciousness." While talking, a divine light flew from the old man's hand to Fan Tian's consciousness, and a large amount of information poured into his mind in an instant. After a short browsing, he couldn't help taking a long breath of cold air.

Jiuyuan is located in a different dimension space. It is said that the place where the nine gods lived before their lives will appear in different places every thousand years. This time, the place is the Jinye Plain, but on the way to the Jinye Plain, there is a thousand-mile swamp that must pass through.

After the consent of the leader, Fan Tian and several people flew to the Jinye Plain one step ahead of the army. Of course, the lion eagle could not pass through the miasma and changing swamp, so they must first reach this small town adjacent to the swamp and take a nap for a while.

"Is this really a small town?" Xiting covered her mouth and looked at the bustling crowd. The 100-meter-high wall was simply more luxurious than the ordinary royal city.

"There is no need to ask, of course, it's not a small town, it's just that its name is Geyu Town." Yuefeng curled his lips, and he also followed him. He was bored. There was no one to gather around. Obviously, he was not very interested in naming this person.

The team that came this time was quite strong. Yuefeng, Xiting, Lin Fan, and Lu Feng's Xianyi also joined them. Although this guy looked very easy-going, Fan Tian always felt that he was the most unfathomable among the crowd. In this way, the group entered the town of Gewei in a magnificent manner.

This town, which was originally thought to be very remote, is surprisingly prosperous. There are countless armor, elixir and weapons shops, and there are many martial artists selling their own things in the free selling area, but it is indeed a good place for Fan Tian, who is so poor that there is only the source core.

"Boss, how much is this poison-averse elixir?" This time, it is difficult to go to the swamp without this thing. The miasma there is mysterious and strange, and it can't be prevented. Anti-virus elixir is a must. Of course, it will also be sold in pharmacies, but it will certainly not be cheap here.

"One intermediate source nucleus and three poison-avoidance elixir, how much do you want?" This warrior is very enthusiastic

"These are three source cores. Let's change nine." Fan Tian slaughtered a lot of fierce beasts in the back mountain. Although there are few advanced beasts, there are at least a dozen intermediate ones.

"These are nine, prince, put them away." Fan Tian collected the elixir and put it in his own gourd mustard, and several other people also bought a lot. After all, compared with financial resources, he must be the worst among the people.

After a search, everyone bought a lot of things that they were interested in. Fan Tian was only poor from the beginning of entering the city, leaving only the source core and became a poor source core.

"Well, everyone is exhausted after several consecutive days of flight. Why don't we rest in this inn for two days and set off in two days later?" As the second brother, Xianyi has a leading style of behavior.

"I have no problem. I just take advantage of these two days to play more." Xiting is undoubtedly the most popular one to play.

"Okay, there's nothing wrong with me." Lin Fan always had a straight face, but he didn't know why he was polite to Xianyi.

"I don't care, I'm just a part of the fun." When the moon wind is not fighting, it always looks lazy.

"In this case, we will disband and go to the thousands of miles of swamp together here in two days." Xianyi smiled faintly and took the lead in returning to her guest room. Everyone also left one after another, but Xiting pulled Fan Tian and asked him to go shopping with him.

Three days later, everyone came to this so-called thousand-mile swamp.

The green poisonous fog covers the sky and goes straight to the sky. No one knows how it is formed here. These miasma actually permeates thousands of miles, as if the sky is, the higher the miasma is. Moreover, many strange snakes, insects, rats and ants living in the whole swamp are inherently poisonous, which is unpreventable.

"This place is so gloomy." Several people stood in front of this swamp spanning thousands of miles and felt their scalp numb.

"Well, everyone knows that this is not a good place, but what can be done? If you want to walk at least thousands of kilometers around this swamp, you will probably miss the birth of Jiuyuan." Yuefeng walked lazily beside Ze, looking like he didn't care. This guy has always been fearless and confused.

"Who let us leave late, otherwise we can imitate others, but it's useless to say anything now. Let's go. With our lineup, there should be no problem to be careful." Several people sighed and were unwilling to enter this place, but in the end they had no choice but to go in.

One by one, the poison-proof elixir entered the mouths of several people, and a faint fragrance emitted around the body. At the same time, everyone operated the source force in the body and resisted the swallowing of the surrounding miasma. As she continued to enter, the color in the sky became darker and darker, and there was a layer of dark veil everywhere. The smell of rottenness in the air became stronger and stronger, making Xiting wrinkle her little nose.

"Oh, why are you so unlucky? The places I've been to recently are full of terrible smells and dirty air." In the face of Xiting's complaints, everyone feels the same way, but as a man, he is still more resistant. In this vast swamp, Fan Tian and others hardly felt any breath of life, but there were many dangers in this place where there was no breath of life.


In the silent air, there was a sudden sound. In this dark poison, several people could not be far-sighted, especially Xiting, who was almost blind. However, Lin Fan and Yuefeng's eyesight was so good, but they still couldn't catch up with Fan Tian's purple eyes. As the buzzing sound kept approaching, several eyesights were not The wrong person took the lead in froze.

"What's the matter, you?" Xi Ting is a little puzzled.

"Nothing, I just saw a bunch of bees and was enjoying it." Yuefeng was a little stunned, and then showed a joke again.

"Oh? What kind of bees are here? Let me see where it is. Why is there a buzz? Xiting, who didn't know why, was still full of excitement and showed an eager expression.

"Don't listen to the moon wind. You'd better prepare to fight. This thing doesn't seem to be easy to mess with." Fan Tian took out the magic stick, and his scalp began to numb.

"Isn't it just a bunch of bees? What's wrong with? It's up to me." Xiting was fearless, and her slender body actually stood at the front of the team.

"Look, let me tell you, Xiting is still brave." Yuefeng looked at the approaching bees and unconsciously stood behind Xiting.

"Yuefeng, you are not afraid that Xiting will peel your skin for a while." Fan Tian took this guy, but there was really no one at all. However, while everyone was talking, the bees had already appeared in front of them. Xiting, standing in front of them, screamed without hesitation, jumped to the end of the whole team, and stared at the moon wind with murderous eyes.