Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 119 The Leader of the Previous Generation

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The nine-headed ancestor snake, eight evils and one good, good master kami, evil master power, but few people can not be affected by evil, and Xieyi was invaded by the eight evils in his youth. He could not beheaded by an old man, hoping that he could abandon evil and return to good and open the only good door in the nine regions, but the old man did not expect that evil In the end, Yi did not escape from the evil shackles and embarked on the evil road of the nine-headed ancestor snake.

With the disappearance of silver hands, a thin and yellow old man in plain clothes appeared in front of everyone. Such a wind and moon candle, the old man in his old age easily melted the three-stage attack of the king, and wrapped the beast Tianqing, the head beast of the falling on the ground with the silver light in his body, and drove him away. Except for poison gas.

"Is that you? You're not dead yet?" The moment the thin old man appeared, Xie Yi stopped the movement in his hand, and there was a trace of fear in his shocked eyes.

"Yes, it's me. I didn't expect you to remember my figure!" The old man's voice was full of vicissitudes and powerless, as if he would enter the loess at the next moment.

"How can I forget you and cut my hatred? Even if I die, I can't forget it!" Xieyi's eyes were full of hatred, especially the head that grew out later, and he wanted to skin the old man.

"Well, I didn't expect you to finally take this evil road." The thin old man shook his head helplessly, and the silver palm appeared again and stretched out to the other party. A king, who had no resistance, turned into dust in the palm of the other party's palm, and a mass of black energy became part of this space.

In the face of such a situation, both the elders of the Beast Gate and the fierce beasts under Xie Yi were shocked and speechless for a long time. Fan Tian, who was injured by the fierce battle, widened his eyes and completely forgot that his body was still bleeding. Just when everyone was shocked, among the elders of Wan Beast Gate, there was finally an elder who looked the same as the old man stood up, his eyes full of excitement, and his trembling body could not restrain his excitement.

"The head of the beast, it's you, and you're still alive!" The words of the old man were shocked and did not react for a moment, because no one here knew the thin old man except him.

"Ha, it turned out to be Xiaoyuan, but I didn't expect that someone in this group knew me." The thin old man smiled faintly, and he couldn't feel any destructive smell between his hands and feet.

"The leader, it's really you. Everyone thought you were immortalized thousands of years ago, but they didn't expect you to be still alive." Just when everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them, the seriously injured beast Tianqing finally woke up. At the moment he saw the old man, his body suddenly froze.

"Master? Is it really you?" The stunned appearance of the beast finally made everyone understand that the old man who suddenly appeared was actually the head of the previous generation of the Beast Gate, the beast candle. The elders of the Beast Gate cried with joy when they saw the leaders of the previous generation, but the fierce beasts were not happy. A person who could kill their king casually was not what they could resist. In the face of such an old man, it was not difficult to imagine their consequences.

However, the thin old man did not kill him, but looked at the many fierce beasts kindly, showing his face full of bitterness.

"Let's go. As long as I don't hurt the disciples of the Beast Gate in the future, I won't embarrass you." The elders were puzzled by the behavior of the previous leader, but they did not dare to question it, while the fierce beasts were relieved and fled one after another. Seeing the fierce beasts leaving one after another, the thin old man couldn't help sighing.

"I grew up at a glance. Don't kill each other in the future!" Everyone did not expect that the old man could say such words. You know, fierce beasts and human beings are born to be sworn enemies, but the old man did not pay attention to their emotions and took the lead in leaving here.

After everyone left the cave one after another, the thin old man waved his hand, and the whole dilapidated cave disappeared in front of everyone. And those low-level fierce beasts that besieged the gate of all beasts seemed to have received some orders and retreated to the dense forest of the back mountains like a tide, and a catastrophe was easily resolved by the old man.

However, in the mysterious howling space, the black haze in the air suddenly surged, and a grimace appeared on the void with a resentful face.

"Damn old man, who is about to succeed, an emperor-be appeared and destroyed all the plans." The resentful black face kept hovering in the air, always showing a grim light, ferocious and furious. However, just as he was about to leave here and continue to look for other ways, a pool of blood at the mouth of the cave caught his attention...

Central Hall of the Beast Gate

"Master, have you broken through to the imperial level?" Beast Tianqing's face was full of excitement, and the elders below showed their expectant eyes. You should know what it means to send an imperial soul master at a door, which means that he will not fall for at least a few thousand years.

"Not yet, this world no longer allows the emperor to exist, so I'm just a quasi-imperial now." The thin old man's voice was faint, sitting in the hall city, as if he were an old man in his twilight years.

"Why is the emperor not allowed to appear?" Everyone's face was full of doubts, and Fan Tian couldn't wait to know the answer, because he saw with his own eyes that the prospective emperor was caught by a bone claw in order to break through to the imperial level, but the old man's answer made him disappointed.

"I don't know the specific reason for this. There are too few records in this regard!" The thin old man shook his head helplessly.

"However, in a short time, the world may change, and there will be a chance to become an emperor." The old man's words once again ignited everyone's hope. Hearing that his master had the opportunity to become an emperor, the beast Tianqing was even more festive.

And the appearance of the old man reminded him of another thing, that is, the upcoming Jiuyuan. If the master goes together, the strength of the Beast Gate will no longer be weak this time. Only the ancient family can take it out.

"I don't know what do you think of this birth of Jiuyuan?" Beast Tianqing has great respect for his master.

"This birth of Jiuyuan is different, and the older generation will not take action, because on the day of its birth, it is the opportunity to break through the emperor, so some ancient families and the strongmen of the sect will choose to seize this opportunity to break through and will not participate in the birth of Jiuyuan." The old man paused and continued

"This is also the disaster of the Beast Gate. Why is there no strong man taking action? Because they are preparing to break through the emperor and can't be distracted, and the remaining kings are the main force of this Jiuyuan competition. They have gone to the place where they were born and are waiting for the birth."

"So this time I am in charge of Wanshumen. You and Gu Ying can go there. Other senior disciples and elders can also meet opportunities. Maybe there will be something unexpected in the birth of Jiuyuan this time." The old man's words made everyone's minds lively, because there was a strong quasi-imperial, and they didn't have to worry about any strong enemy attack, so the elders in the door showed joy.

And Xiting, who had just fled rampantly, heard the news, flashed stars in her first eye, and her eyes at Fan Tian were full of meaning.

"Are we going to participate this time?" Xiting showed her little tiger teeth, and her big eyes flashed. She saw Fan Tian in a cold sweat.

"There is no problem to go, but the problem is how to solve this guy." Following the direction of Fan Tian's fingers, Lin Fan, dressed in colorful clothes, has come over, and the proud color on his face has turned into purple. Seeing the intimate appearance of Fan Tian and Xi Ting, his eyes are constantly angry.

"Now that the fierce beast has left, the disaster of the beast gate has passed, and there are no other worries, so I now formally challenge you to leave Xiting forever." Lin Fan's white jade-like fingers pointed to Fan Tian, which attracted the attention of everyone in the whole hall. Elder Cang Ye looked at it even more helplessly. This matter began to be noisy since he appeared, and now it seems that it is not over. In the face of this son of the family, Fan Tian also looked helpless.

"Xi Ting has said that he doesn't like you. Do you think the battle between us is still meaningful?"

"I don't care if it makes sense or not. I just need to know that the loser will leave Xiting forever. Do you dare to fight?" Lin Fan's eyes were stunned, which made Fan Tian not know why. He and Xi Ting were just friends. This gambling battle could not be accepted. Just when the two were deadlocked and Fan Tian was in a dilemma, the old man in the palace suddenly smiled and walked down.

"If I'm not mistaken, this woman should be from the Luanfeng Holy Land. He is from the White Tiger Kingdom, and your brothers are from the Kirin Holy Land. There is no need for the two brothers to fight about this matter. You just need to listen to this little girl's opinion and who she will choose." However, when he said that Fan Tian was a person from the Kirin Holy Land, Lin Fan had already wrinkled his door. Due to the strength of the other party, he did not interrupt the other party's words, but the other party's voice fell and did not wait for Fan Tian to explain and ridiculed the convenience.

"How can he be from the Kirin Sanctuary? I'm not a brother with him!" Lin Fan looked arrogant and did not look up to Fan Tian at all. Instead, the old man raised his eyebrows when he was told.

"Are you not from the Kirin Holy Land?" The thin old man looked at Fan Tian and didn't seem to believe it.

"I'm really not. I don't know how the master thought I was from the Kirin Holy Land?" Fan Tian smiled bitterly. Where did this start? However, at this moment, the old man's eyes suddenly flashed, like a bright universe, as if he had seen through Fan Tian's whole body, and the surprise in his eyes flashed by.