Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 123 Xuantian's wind

The Xuantian gangster wind that originally covered the sky and the sun suddenly disappeared from heaven and earth when they were ready to act, as if nothing had happened in this world. It was surprisingly calm. The quiet people even had some scalps numb. Looking at the sky that returned to the bright sky again, several people did not know what to do for a moment.

"What should I do? Why is the weather so weird in this place? Xiting looked at the clear sky and didn't know whether to leave or stay. Fan Tian and others were also lost in meditation. Who knew whether the weather would blow again.

"We can't stop here, can we?" Xiting's words made everyone frown. It's really not a way to stay here all the time.

"It seems that we can only take one step at a time. Xiting is right. We can't always stop here." Fan Tian's purple eyes looked into the distance and did not find any abnormal movements, which made him a little relieved, and Lin Fan seemed to get the same result.

"If you have no objection, we'd better leave this damn place as soon as possible. Maybe the wind will blow again later." Yuefeng also felt that there was no better way to leave here as soon as possible. However, not long after several people moved to the plain, the king of the dragonfly, who should have disappeared, actually appeared again and looked at the direction of Fan Tian and several people's disappearance, revealing a trace of coldness. Unexpectedly, all this was really calculated by this guy.

As several people continue to move towards this destination, the endless plain seems to be a little monotonous, and a few scattered trees can be seen after a long time, which is very different from the scene of the Central Plains full of mountains and forests. The four senior soul masters flew fast in the air, but as they gradually went deep into the plain, a uncomfortable feeling became more and more obvious.

"Why do I always feel that the fluctuations in the surrounding air are a little strange?" The fluctuation of the moonwind on space is the most **, and several other people have noticed the same.

"I also have this feeling, as if we are marching on a dormant fierce beast, and this fierce beast has a feeling of being ready to move." Fan Tian tasted the surrounding space and couldn't help narrowing his eyes.

"It won't be Xuantian, will it appear again?" Xiting said something interestingly, but she seemed to be right this time. As soon as she finished speaking, the source power around her suddenly began to surge.

"Damn it, you crow's mouth!" The moon wind can now be sure that this is the precursor of Xuantian wind.

"You are the crow's mouth. If I want to be such a god, I will kill you now." Xiting stared at Yuefeng fiercely, and the two guys seemed to be a pair of enemies.

"Let's get out of here quickly. After a while, the wind will appear, and it will be difficult to escape." Fan Tian's eyebrows are locked

"Which direction?" Linfan's colorful light keeps shining, but he can't find a safe direction.

"It's late in either direction. We are in the center of the storm, and no direction is safe." While the moon wind was talking, the violent breath above the Xuantian had begun to spread, and the nine heavenly gas fell from the sky, covering the whole earth in it.

"Prepare for defense!" This time, no one said anything more. Now it is obvious that they have been calculated, and they are still calculated by a magpie peak. In the face of this horrible mysterious wind, they have no time to think about anything else, because this is the existence that even the king can be stripped.


A stream of Xuanhuang gas fell from the sky. It was it that stirred the earth. Thick smoke rolled, and the color of Xuanhuang was permeated. The wind made everyone unable to stand firm. The Xuanhuang gas was like steel knives, constantly tearing everyone's bodies. Fan Tian's beasts body armor has sacrificed Xuanwu turtle armor to protect the body, and the green dragon and phoenix surrounded the body. If it hadn't been for this, I'm afraid I would have been cut off by this terrible Xuantian wind.

The moon wind did not escape into the void this time, because the current void is disturbed by the Xuantian wind. If he is not careful, he may be exiled forever. He dares not take this risk. Instead, he took out a Danzhu and held it in his hand, and the faint green light kept floating out of the Danzhu and surrounded him, making his whole body motionless like a mountain.

Lin Fan took out the holy horn again and suppressed his body, but Xiting hurriedly escaped without any family magic weapons. With the support of her own beast soul, she kept swaying in the wind.

"I said, little witch, don't you even have a decent treasure in Luanfeng Sanctuary?" Yuefeng glanced at Xiting and thought that this guy was hiding, and he was still joking about her.

"You take care of your aunt and be careful not to let the wind blow away." Xiting was so angry that she looked at this sarcastic guy and wanted to curse him.

However, Fan Tian, who had been born and died with Xiting for so long, noticed the other party's situation. If Xiting really had any treasure, she would not have endure it and almost fell down when she fought with the Half-Step King. Obviously, Xiting's attack power is not weak, but her defense can't play any role here, because once she uses a shield, she is more likely to be hung in the air by the wind.

"Xiting, you hold on." While talking, Fan Tian had already moved closer to Xiting. Xuanwu tortoise shell showed heavy strength here, and the steady pace ensured that he would not be blown into the void. With the passage of time, Xuantian's wind has become more and more fierce. Fan Tian and Xiting are the worst here. One has no magic weapon, and the other has only advanced sections.

So the two of them are undoubtedly the most dangerous. The spirit of Xuanhuang keeps spilling from the broken void, and the whole plain is shrouded in flying sand and stones. Fan Tian and Xiting have begun to sway. Although they stand together, it is still difficult to resist the fierceness of the wind. Moon Wind and Lin Fan are not comfortable, but they are better than him. They are much stronger.

"Fen, your shoulder is bleeding." Under the fierce wind, Fan Tian's beast armor finally showed fatigue, and his body was cut by Xuanhuang's qi, and blood kept flowing out.

"It's okay. You hold my hand and don't be blown into the sky. Otherwise, even if the God King comes, you can't save us." Fan Tian's feet were planted in the land, and his face became a little distorted because of the pain.

"You will bleed to death like this. Let me treat you." Xiting's voice showed a crying voice, and her right hand was about to be raised. It was too late for Fan Tian to stop it again. Xuantian seemed to have life. At this moment, he suddenly fell and rolled Xi Ting out.

"Xi Ting!" Seeing her fly into the air, the corners of several people's mouths twitched at the same time, but because of the restrictions of the wind, it was difficult to take action. Only Fan Tian's hand was still holding each other.

"Hatch it, don't let go!" Fan Tian's eyebrows had been wrinkled, and his outstretched arms were constantly scratched by the wind, and blood stained the world red. Xi Ting was about to cry, so she let go of her arm, but this behavior was seen by Fan Tian. First of her, her feet left the earth, and the bronze figure rushed to the air and took her He held it fiercely in his arms, and at this moment, the body armor of all beasts became brighter.

"Why did you do this?" Xiting looked at Fan Tian with tears in her eyes.

"Ha ha, you saved me at the beginning, so I naturally can't let you go with the wind alone this time." A faint smile appeared at the corners of Fan Tian's mouth, and their bodies flew to the cracks above the nine heavens at the same time.

"You are so stupid."

"I'm a little stupid, but don't talk nonsense. Hurry up and help me treat it. I don't want to give up my life like this." Fan Tian grinned at the corners of his mouth, and a six-grade elixir flew into the entrance. At the same time, with the help of Xi Ting's strength, he continued to recover the injury on the surface of his body. Xiting kept healing Fan Tian in her arms, but Fan Tian went up against the sky with the body armor of ten thousand beasts.

The seal at the foot of the "Void Seal" has reached its peak. Under the fierce power of Fan Tian, he constantly changes his position and avoids the mysterious yellow gas that landed on the nine heavens. At the same time, he controls his body to keep flying to the ground, but the power of Xuantian's wind is too powerful. No matter how hard Fan Tian tries, his body is always Flying to the nine heavens.

"It's over, they flew to the crack." The moon breeze on the ground was cracked. He didn't expect that this little witch really didn't have a self-defense weapon. At this moment, she has regretted it, but it's too late, because their two are not in a good situation. You know, this is the wind that king-level soul masters have to peel off. They can withstand it with their soul weapons. It's amazing.

Looking at the figure of the two flying higher and higher, everyone did not expect that they lost their lives before the journey of Jiuyuan began, because the person who was blown into the void crack by the Xuantian wind had not heard of who came back alive.

With the increasing height, Fan Tian has felt the cracks above the nine heavens, constantly disappearing and reborn. It seems to have returned. At the moment of the endless East China Sea, the body was constantly cut and torn. Despite the continuous treatment of elixir and Xiting, it is still on the verge of collapse.

"Fantian, you have to hold on." Xi Ting's big eyes ticked with tears. She wanted to rush out to protect Fan Tian several times, but she was pressed back by him.

"Don't worry, I'm going to die. I can't hang up. I've experienced a more fierce storm than this." As long as his body is not praised, Fan Tian's will will never wither, because his huge martial arts will can never be extinguished, and his eternal heart has been tempered for a long time. Looking at the approaching void cracks, an immortal torrent suddenly broke out in Fan Tian's body.

At this moment, the martial soul stood above its head. Under the tear of the Xuanhuang wind, it metamorphosis happened again. The magnificent martial arts will kept wandering around the beast soul, and the power of the king who destroyed the world rushed straight to the crack. A purple-gold mask slowly appeared around it and wrapped it in it. At this moment, his beast soul actually It has changed, an unknown change.