Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 124 Jiuyuan Temple

Xuantian's wind gathered and did not disperse. The martial soul above Fan Tian's head turned into a purple-gold giant, which still could not stop their fate of being sucked into the cracks. The wounds continued to add to his body. Blood-stained armor, and the golden armor bloomed again at this critical moment, as if he wanted to move them, but the powerful Xuanhuang spirit Disturb all the void rules so that they have no effect at all.


The two finally couldn't resist. They were sucked into the crack and exiled in the empty space. Fan Tian still did not lose consciousness at this moment. His purple and golden eyes have never given up hope. There is no energy and no air in the void. They can't last long. The boundless darkness, only a touch of mysterious yellow air floats. Delay.

"Is this...?" The purple-gold eyes are like two bright lights in the dark, attracted by the light in front of them. Xuanhuang Qi does not exist in the void. Their source is actually a gorgeous palace, like a fairy palace floating in this void. The continuous Xuanhuang Qi comes from the gate of the palace and falls on the earth below through the void.

"This looks like a palace." Under the protection of Fan Tian, Xi Ting was almost intact, with big eyes with tears in her eyes, looking ahead in surprise.

"No matter where it is, let's get closer. Maybe there is still a lot of life there." Fan Tianqiang endured the pain from his body and floated to the palace with the help of these returning Xuanhuang qi. As the two kept approaching, this empty and dark space gradually brightened up by the golden palace.

"Quickly, let's get into it before the gate is closed." Xiting also helped, and the blue light rippled in the void. The two fell to the square of the hall with the spirit of Xuanhuang. The golden characters reflected into their eyes, and they stared at the same time.

"Jiuyuan! Is this the legendary Jiuyuan Temple? Fan Tian and Xi Ting couldn't believe that they were inadvertently pulled here by Xuan Tian's wind.

"Let's leave this alone. It seems that these mysterious yellow spirits are about to be completely withdrawn, and the door will be closed. Let's enter it first." Fan Tian frowned, because he had already felt that there were not too many power fluctuations in the square. If they stayed here, they would also die of exhaustion.


With the help of Xiting, the two figures quickly flashed into the hall, and those powerful Xuanhuang Qi slowly entered the three-legged tripod in the hall in their eyes and regained calm again. At the same time, a strong source emanated from it and filled the whole hall.

"It turns out that these mysterious yellow qi are to absorb the power of heaven and earth in the source continent to maintain the operation of the palace. What a great stroke." Fan Tian was stunned by the scenery in front of him and almost forgot the pain on his body for a moment. The huge palace keeps blooming with dazzling light. Six huge columns stand in the middle, and a totem is vivid, but it is not a common real dragon phoenix, but a four-legged, dragon-headed unicorn. Yes, the totem here is actually the same unicorn as the Linfan family.

After a short surprise, Xiting took the lead in waking up, because she heard the sound of blood falling from Fan Tian to the ground.

"Don't look at it. Look at your blood and sweat." Xiting's big eyes were full of tears, and she kept covering the blue power in her body to Fan Tian's body.

"Ha ha, it's okay!" Fan Tian grinned and smiled at the thought of being ugly. He slowly sat down and operated the source power in his body. Everything could only be done after he healed his wounds. With the help of those elixirs that had not been completely absorbed in his body, the bronze body kept blooming purple-gold light, and the wound recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, like this kind of outside For senior soul masters, the injury recovers very quickly.

In a short time, the injury on his body surface recovered, but the flowing blood took a period of time to recover. For the senior soul master, every drop of blood in the body is very important, which is condensed through the essence of the source and blood.

"Xiting, you should also recover." Fan Tianpan sat on the hall and motioned Xiting to recover together. After all, both of them had just consumed a lot, almost to the point of drying up. With the help of the strong source force in the hall, the two recovered quickly. After this ordeal, the source force poured by Xiting, an elder, was once again condensed and integrated with themselves.

However, the martial soul in the Fantian sky has become motionless at this moment. The purple-gold giant egg is suspended on the air sea cave, and even Fan Tian's own consciousness cannot enter the golden egg.

"What the hell is going on?" Fan Tian's face was full of doubts and tried to recall the scene just now. Under the spirit of Xuanhuang and his strong martial arts will, something seemed to be broken in the body of the martial soul, releasing the ancient breath and the faint Wang Wei. Just as he was thinking, Xiting, who was practicing beside him, also woke up and looked at Fan Tian's thoughtful face, and couldn't help lying down.

"What's wrong with you? What are you thinking about?" Xiting pulled Fan Tian out of her thinking.

"Think of my martial soul." While talking, Fan Tian released the purple gold giant in his body, which was wrapped in dense runes, but he could not see what was inside.

Ah? How did your martial soul become like this? Xiting covered her little mouth. When Fan Tian's martial soul just changed, her attention was completely on healing his physical injury and did not notice the change on the top of her head.

"Just under the pressure of Xuanhuang's anger, it suddenly became like this." Fan Tian smiled bitterly and didn't know the root cause. However, after Xiting calmed down, she seemed to think of something.

"Your martial soul should be evolving. I remember reading in a book that when a bloodline evolves, it will completely get rid of its original state, turn into chaos, and derive again." Xiting held her chin and tried to recall.

"Oh? Do you mean that my martial soul will evolve into another form? Fan Tian felt like a fantasy, and he had never heard of a tiger turning into a dragon.

"It doesn't mean that your martial soul will become something else, but it is possible that some changes will occur under the influence of the unawakened blood in your body."

"Do you know how to make it evolve quickly? How can I fight with others like this?" The martial soul has turned into a ball. What else can you take to fight with others and smash the ball?

"I don't know about this, but the general evolution of martial souls requires huge energy, and I don't think this will be specialized." Xiting's words reminded Fan Tian that he did feel a sense of hunger and thirst in the giant egg. Thinking of this, a piece of essence from the abyss of loneliness appeared in his hand.

"I refined it first and tried it. Anyway, there is no harm." While talking, Fan Tian sat down again, and a pure source force flowed through his arm into the Qihai cave. These source forces wrapped hugely in it. At this moment, the originally calm Qihai Cave suddenly boiled up.

The giant egg seemed to have met nectar for a long time and swallowed it desperately. With the continuous influx of force, Fan Tian could obviously feel that the breath in the egg was constantly getting stronger. The secret text wrapped around the eggshell also jumped at this moment, constantly assimilated the external source.


Fan Tian seemed to hear the roar of the beast, which kept coming out of the eggshell. A moment later, he seemed to hear the dragon singing again. And just as he continued to refine the essence, the totems inlaid on the pillars in the hall seemed to come to life, and a mysterious atmosphere kept drifting away to the unicorn statue in the middle of the hall.

A source was refined into powder, which is enough for an intermediate soul master to cultivate to the advanced level. Fan Tian had no bottom in his heart, but he did not stop his action. It was another source essence. The secret text on the egg shell finally appeared a crack. In a faint time, Fan Tian had seen a virtual shadow, like a wolf like a tiger, to break through the bondage.

"Is it going to work?" Although Xiting beside her could not feel the transformation in Fan's celestial body, she could know the fluctuation of Fan's table. She had already felt a king's breath gushing out. When the second source in Fan Tian's hand was refined into powder, Xi Ting handed over her own piece.

"Thank you!" Fan Tian is at this critical moment and has no time to split up, but a thank you for the friendship between them is enough, because everything else has been contained in his heart. There are more and more secrets on the eggshell, and a sharp claw has protruded from it, with an endless dark breath, which is about to die.

At this critical moment, the unicorn statue on the hall actually came back to life. The golden light was like a magic lamp. His eyes stared at Fan Tian motionless. An unprecedented strong breath permeated the whole space, making Xiting beside him shocked and blocked Fan Tian and full of vigilance.

"Don't come here!" Xi Tingluan's phoenix beast soul has been above her head, and she will not hesitate to take action if the other party moves a little, because Fan Tian is at a critical moment and must not be disturbed. What she didn't expect was that the golden unicorn opposite actually spoke out.

"Little girl, don't be nervous, I won't hurt him." The golden unicorn sounded like a copper bell, making the whole hall buzz.

"How can you speak? Are you a human or a ghost? Xiting doesn't believe that there will be life in this ancient temple ten thousand years ago.

"I'm naturally dead. This is just a trace of my spiritual imprint. It was this teenager who awakened me in my sleep." In Xiting's surprised eyes, the other party looked at Fan Tian again.