Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 125 Kirin's Blood

Under the gaze of the golden unicorn and Xiting, there were stormy changes in Fan Tian's body. The cracks on the eggshell increased more and more. Finally, it finally broke. A beast rushed out of the body and suspended above Fan Tian's head, corresponding to the golden unicorn on the opposite side. The whole beast soul constantly exuded a dark and destructive atmosphere. Dragon Head, beast body, scale armor, domineering.

"It's really the blood of my Kirin family." After seeing the martial soul above Fan Tian's head, the golden unicorn showed a smile in his eyes, as if it were an elder looking at a child, but when it wanted to get close to Fan Tian, another breath that was not weak as the purple gold unicorn rushed out of the body, but it was not transformed, but just a black chaos, like a white donkey. After the gap, it disappeared into the air in an instant, entered Kirin's body and disappeared.

"Is this...?" The golden unicorn stopped and was attracted by the flashing breath. However, at this time, Fan Tian, who broke through the shackles, stood up, and his face did not smile at all because of the evolution of the martial soul, but fell into meditation.

"What's wrong with you?" When Xi Ting saw Fan Tian silent, she couldn't help wondering that the evolution of the martial soul should be a happy thing, but why did she show her sad face?

"Nothing, I just know why the master said that Lin Fan and I were brothers that day." Fan Tian grinned at the corners of his mouth with a wry smile.

"Why? You are not really brothers, are you?" Xiting stared with big eyes and looked at the martial soul above his head, and her heart also had doubts.

"Didn't you see it? This thing above my head has proved that I have the blood of a unicorn in my body."

"But Kirin's bloodline, the shape of childhood, is not what you looked like before." However, before Fan Tian could answer, the golden unicorn opposite opened his mouth first.

"He does have unicorn blood in his body, which I'm sure, otherwise he won't wake me up in his sleep." While talking, the golden unicorn looked at the dry blood on the ground. It was Fan Tian's injury. It turned out that it was the blood of the unicorn in these blood that woke up the golden unicorn.

"Then why his previous martial soul was not a unicorn, but a dog-like and non-dog thing." As Xiting said, a black dog martial soul, which was originally very handsome, seemed so worthless.

"That's because another bloodline in his body limits the manifestation of the Kirin king's vein and keeps his beast soul in the initial state between heaven and earth, that is, the form at birth." The words of the golden unicorn made Fan Tian suddenly enlightened.

"When all the souls of walking beasts were born, they only had one state, no scales, no horns, and no hair. Even the cubs of white tigers and unicorns are the same as ordinary dogs, and the shape of these cubs is the closest to that of dogs, so when the two bloodlines in his body restrict each other, they can't be broken. When it appears to the extreme, it can only maintain its original state, and its appearance is no different from that of a dog.

"Do you mean that my Kirin king vein finally defeated another bloodline and appeared?" Fan Tian clearly felt that there was still a bloodline in his body. Although it was dormant, it was still felt by him at the moment it rushed out.

"It's not that the Kirin king vein defeated another bloodline. Although it just flashed by, I still caught the breath, which is not weaker than the Kirin king vein at all. The reason why the Kirin king vein has the upper hand is entirely caused by the environment here."

"The environment here?"

"Yes, you may not know the real origin of the Jiuyuan Temple. In fact, its owner is an emperor of the Kirin clan!" The golden unicorn shocked the hall, and the two of them finally understood why all the totems here were all Kirin. It turned out that this was the nest of Kirin's ancestors.

"With the help of the breath here, I broke the balance and revealed the Kirin royal vein!" Fan Tian suddenly realized that since he has Kirin's bloodline, it means that one of his parents must be from the Kirin family, and this person is more likely to be his mother. Although Fan Tian was still young at that time, he could vaguely feel that the breath emanating from his mother was closer to the golden unicorn.

"Kirin family!" Fan Tian thought about it and didn't expect that his mother came from the ancient Kirin family. Thinking of his mother, his face became more and more ugly.

"What's wrong with you? What's wrong with your body?" Xiting couldn't help but be a little worried when she saw Fan Tian's increasingly ugly expression.

"It's okay, just think of something unpleasant." Fan Tian did not tell Xiting about this matter, but he has decided that as long as he leaves here, the first thing to do is to go to the Kirin Holy Land. However, when he fell into his mother's affairs, the golden unicorn in the hall spoke again.

"Child, as an elder, I want to tell you, don't think that the Kirin's bloodline has manifested, and everything will be fine. Another kind of bloodline in your body has just clearly shown a kind of indomitable. If it hadn't been suppressed by the breath here, there might have been a danger just now, although the Jiuyuan Temple helped you get through a crisis this time. But when you break through to the king level, that bloodline will appear again and compete with Kirin. At that time, your cultivation is likely to be destroyed. Fan Tian knew that the golden unicorn was not alarmist. He had just experienced the unwillingness of the blood in the chaotic qi.

"Is there no other way?" Xiting is actually more anxious than Fan Tian.

"There is no way to inherit two bloodlines at the same time, which is a rare thing in the first place, and it is also the bloodlines of two kings of the same level. This is in the ancient clan. It has not appeared in the long-term marriage. There is only one possibility of a phenomenon like you. Your other bloodline is not strong at first, but I don't know what The reason suddenly became an existence that could compete with the Kirin King's vein. The golden unicorn shook its head helplessly

"The only way to solve this problem is to merge the two bloodlines, but it is simply more difficult to merge the two king's bloodlines than to ascend to the sky." Kirin's words made Xiting sink in her heart, but Fan Tian's eyes emitted a glimmer of light.

"What will happen after successful integration?" At this moment, a trace of domineering flashed in Fan Tian's eyes. The golden unicorn can't help but stay.

"After fusion, it will exceed the existence of the king-level bloodline and become the imperial bloodline, but this bloodline will only appear on the emperor-level strong, and when it spreads to future generations, it will still be the king-level bloodline." Since there is a method of integration, Fan Tian's worries have gone. For him, as long as there is hope and a way, even if there is less than 1% chance, it is not difficult, because he has encountered too many such things and has passed through them one after another under his constant thoughts. He believes that there is also be no problem this time.

"Excuse me, something must be wrong with the sudden appearance of the senior." Fan Tian's words suddenly turned around, and other things can be thought about after going out. The most urgent thing now is that you can't return to Baoshan empty-handed.

"Well, there was something wrong, but your bloodline is impure, and now it has nothing to do with you." Kirin was suddenly suffocated by Fan Tian, but his words also suffocated Fan Tian.

"Senior, why is this? At least I have half of my blood now." Fan Tian doesn't want to give up easily. There must be something good in this old Kirin.

"It's not that I don't give it to you, but that your blood is impure, but if it's given to you, you can't practice." Old Kirin curled his lips and looked helpless.

"Do you think I can do it?" Xiting interrupted very ignorantly.

"You? Find the old lady Luanfeng and join in the fun here. Unless you and this boy give birth to a baby unicorn, it is still possible. While talking, the old Kirin looked at Fan Tian and shook his head again.

"But the probability is not high. This guy's bloodline is too messy. With your king-level bloodline, he may give birth to a more annoying freak." Old Kirin's mouth was unobstructed, and Fan Tian was stunned, but Xi Ting's face was already red.

"What did you old Kirin say!" For the first time, the little witch couldn't wipe it away. She stared at Kirin with hatred and inadvertently turned to Fan Tian. Fan Tian's expression was so angry that the little witch stepped on it fiercely before she realized it.

"Senior, we are just friends. Don't get me wrong!" Fan Tian hurried to explain, but the old Kirin only smiled and said nothing. Anyone can see that Xiting likes Fan Tian, but Fan Tian is still dull and knows nothing.

"Well, little friend, although I can't teach you the skills here, there are many benefits in the Jiuyuan Temple. You might as well go to the small world on the fourth floor, where there are treasures suitable for you." While talking, the old Kirin walked back to his original position and was about to fall asleep again.

"Senior, the king here can break into the second floor. How can we get to the fourth floor?" Fan Tian hurried forward for fear that the old Kirin would fall asleep again.

"Ha ha, meeting is fate, not to mention that you still have the blood of our Kirin family. Although I am just a wisp of divine knowledge that can't transmit you to the last three floors, the first six layers are still OK, but there is nothing suitable for you on the fifth and sixth floors, and the fourth floor is the most suitable for your current practice." While Lao Qilin was talking, Fan Tian and Xi Ting felt a suction at the same time and pulled them up.

"Thank you, Elder!" Fan Tian's eyes were full of gratitude and joy, and their figures disappeared into the hall.

"A kind of domineering bloodline actually has a tendency to suppress Kirin. What kind of bloodline is it? Oh, I don't want to. This teenager's road has to go by himself..." The statue of the golden unicorn has regained calm again.

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