Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 134 Tianyun Mountain Hu Extinction

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The moment the man in black appeared, the source seemed to be making way for him. Xiting's original gaze at Fan Tian also shifted her direction because of the visitor.

"It's entirely up to you to decide whether Tianyun Mountain is my enemy or not. We don't seem to have any grudge against you. Why do we quietly follow you?" Fan Tian was calm and terrible at this moment, and there was no emotion in his words. This was only when he faced a strong enemy would he show cold heart and killing power.

"You're right. Originally, we Tianyunshan did not have a grudge against you, but you just killed my brother, and this hatred has been knotted." The man did not answer the question, but looked at the short dagger in his hand. Although it was only three inches long, Fan Tian could clearly feel the murderous atmosphere contained in it.

"You mean that one party must die today, right?" While talking, the source force in Fan's celestial body has begun to surge, and the ink unicorn in the Qihai cave is constantly emitting light and is ready to attack at any time.

"That's not necessarily true. If you want to hand over the treasures you got in the Jiuyuan Temple, I can take it as if I haven't seen you."

Treasures? What treasure did we get? Fan Tian has seen that this person was indeed sent by the king of Tianyun Mountain. He didn't expect them to move so soon.

"We are all sensible people, and you don't have to pretend to be stupid, a man and a woman, a senior soul master, who else will this combination be besides you?" Although the two of them were wearing black robes at that time, it was not difficult to find out their gender through the competition. Obviously, the king of Tianyun Mountain told all this information to his men and made them pay attention to all such combinations.

"If we give you our treasure, won't you inform your king? I think your king's order should be to be captured alive once it is found. Fan Tian didn't believe that the other party only wanted to make up for the Tian Zhanjia. The secrets of the two of them appeared on the second floor. These kings must have wanted to know very much, and this matter may not have been told to the others through inference.

"Of course, I won't be so stupid to hand over the armor. Such a high-level soul weapon will be of great help to me." The words of the man in black made Fan Tian understand that this guy did not seem to have transmitted the information about their discovery, which made him take a long breath. If he let the king of the other party know that the distance of hundreds of kilometers, he must be able to catch up in a moment.

"If you can defeat me, maybe you can really get what you call king-level armor, but don't you think this is a good place to fight?" It is too close to the place where the Jiuyuan Temple appeared, and Fan Tian had to consider that the atmosphere of the war might attract more strong people.

"Of course, but with the Mitian array of our Tianyun Mountain, we can completely ignore these." While talking, the man in black suddenly smiled strangely. Six rays of light suddenly shot out of each other's hand and wrapped the two people in it. Seeing this, Xiting was about to rush over, but it was already slow. The moment the six rays touched the earth, they released a wave of nothingness, covering the two together, and the two The figure gradually disappeared from Xiting's surprised eyes, and at the same time, a voice came to his ear.

"Don't try to destroy the sky array, or your man and I will be lost in the subspace at the same time and disappear completely." Obviously, Xiting still didn't believe it, but then Fan Tian's voice made her stop.

"This is a formation to open up a different space. I have been transmitted here by him. You have to protect the six arrays. Otherwise, this is the one who defeated him and can't go out successfully." As Fan Tian's voice gradually disappeared, two figures gradually emerged at the other end of the Mitian array.

"You calculated very well. You know that you can't face the two of us at the same time. You actually opened a different dimension space and wrapped me in, so that the other person had to stay outside, which not only reduced one opponent, but also made her provide you with another kind of protection." Fan Tian narrowed his eyes, and the other party was obviously not the third-rate goods that could deal with casually.

"Ha, you are also a smart person. How can I, a senior two-stage soul master, deal with two senior soul masters at the same time, one of which is an advanced three-stage." The man smiled in disbelief.

"Since you pulled me here, it means that only one person can go out in the end. Do you think this person will be you?" Fan Tian felt the same murderous spirit from the man, so he was not as eager to do it as others.

"Ha ha, I can see that we are all people with stories, but since we collided on the road to martial arts, we can only go out alive. My name is Hu Di. I hope you can mention my name in front of the Hall of the Underworld."

"Fen Tian, I hope you don't let me down." Fan Tian always had a special feeling about this man in black, as if he had also crawled out of the pile of dead.


Different-dimensional space is a piece of nothingness. There is no source power here, so two people can only use the accumulation in their own bodies, and there is no way to absorb supplements from the outside world, so this is also a war of saving. Fan Tian did not take the lead, because the other party's figure disappeared into the air again, and even Zijin's eyes could not find his trajectory.

"Bian Zhanjia!" Fan Tian did not hesitate to put on this king-level soul weapon that had just been taken. Although he could not exert the real strength of the armor, its hard defense was unmatched by anything.

"You really have the mending armor." Hu Mi's figure was like a ghost and suddenly appeared behind Fan Tian. The three-inch short dagger in his hand silently wiped on Fan Tian's neck, and there was a burst of golden sparks. If it hadn't been for the armor, he would have been in a different place now.

"It turns out that the dagger in your hand is a quasi-king-level soul weapon. No wonder there is always a dangerous breath." Fan Tian finally understood why the other party gave him a dangerous breath from time to time, which turned out to be the reason for this weapon.

"Sure enough, I know the goods, but your king-level armor is about to become an advanced tonic for my dagger." Another secret text, the figure that the other party could not capture appeared again, but this time it killed Fan Tian's heart. The other party did not seem to care about the defense of the battle armor and stabbed it in.

"You are a little too confident in your weapon." Looking at the dagger that had been stabbed in half, Fan Tiansheng broke out in a cold sweat. This thing can even penetrate the king's armor. I really don't know what material it is made of.

"Yes? Then let you see its real strength. In the faint voice of the other party, a black light suddenly appeared. A snake shadow around the black light floated, and the dense ink runes floated around it. At this moment, it seemed to be a poisonous snake, staring at the prey motionless.

In the face of such an attack, the Fist of Destruction can't stop the other party at all. Only a sharper Huatian Spur can defeat it. At this moment, a secret text also appears in his hand, but the center of the secret text is no longer a magic stick, but in the Jiuyuan Temple, the tree demon is used by Attack his cone.


The temperature of the whole space dropped in an instant, and two fine light came out at the same time. One black and one purple collided in the void. The black dagger is like a poisonous snake rushing out of hell. There are fing eyes in the middle of the eyes. The purple gold cone is like the spear of heaven, which wants to pierce all evil. The black chain secret text and purple gold light are like two Ding Xuan's cones, cutting through the sky and running through each other's body.

At this moment, the two people's strong fighting power beyond the class appeared, and the two powerful sources overflowed from each other's bodies one after another and added to the hidden weapons in the air. One black and one purple were like two dragons, constantly singing low, and complex chain of laws flew out of their bodies and flew out of the void. A silent collision.

"You are very good, but this tonic armor must belong to me." Hu destroyed his body straight, and the dagger in the air released a black light this time. Unexpectedly, a dark dragon flew out of it. At this moment, Fan Tian seemed to feel the king-level breath.

"I didn't expect that there was a king-level spirit in your dagger." Fan Tian's eyes are solemn. He does not have the help of king-level weapons. Although the armor is the king-level soul weapon in the middle, the spirit in it is limited by the tree demon and has never grown up. Otherwise, he will not be able to seize this weapon so easily, but the other party's dagger is different, although it does not have the reality of the king-level soul weapon. Power, but it has a king-level spirit.

This is equivalent to a powerful sect without a leader, but the other party has a strong leader, but it does not lead to a more powerful sect. Compared with the two, the latter is obviously more powerful than the former. Fan Tian suffered unspeakably, but he had something that even the king was afraid of, but this thing needed to be close to exert its real power.

Hua Tianstab was defeated for the first time. Under the attack of the opponent's king-level spirit, it once again turned into an ordinary cone and fell to the ground. However, the dragon on the opposite side did not stop and continued to rush to Fan Tian fiercely, with a vicious and unruly breath, and directly rushed to the center of his eyebrows. However, Fan Tian did not dodge in the face of the fierce dragon, but gently raised his left hand, and a simple and unpretentious thunder beads appeared again.

"Your spirit is killed by your arrogance." Fan Tian smiled coldly, and the whole figure suddenly opened the distance with the void seal, but the black dragonfly spirit slowly disappeared in the other party's liver and gallbladder eyes. Purple arcs kept winding around the black dragonfly, and the other party kept struggling, and finally died painfully in the annihilation of thunder beads.

"You actually killed my spirit. I'm going to tear you up!" For the first time since the battle of black Hu extermination, it has changed color, and there seems to be a trace of hatred in his angry eyes. Maybe Black Jiao is not just a spirit for him, but all this is no longer important, because Fan Tian has come to him.