Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 135 Wind Family

Hu Shi, a man in black, did not expect that Fan Tian would have such a means to kill the artifact that had been accompanying him like this. This artifact was like a teacher, teaching him to practice, being born and dying with him, saving his life many times, and extending countless helping hands on his difficult journey.

"I'm going to cramp and skin, so that your soul will suffer forever!" Hu Mu's eyes were red, full of bloodthirsty light, holding a three-inch dagger in his hand and flashed out like a ghost. Fan Tian ignored everything and was not affected by the other party's emotions at all. In the face of the other party who had lost his mind, the fist of destruction did not hesitate to smash out. The other party forgot his advantage because of anger, and actually danced the dagger in his hand and hit the fist of destruction in the sky.

"You have no choice but to die!" Looking at this murderous man who has lost his mind, Fan Tian feels somewhat regretful. After all, being able to fight with a person who has the same experience is a portrayal of himself, but the other party has lost his mind, which has completely lost its meaning.

The king of destruction in the sky stepped down his left foot mercilessly, with the secret of destruction, and directly wanted to destroy the man in black below. At this moment, Hu Mi were very unstable and crazy. The dagger in his hand was like a poisonous snake, still sharp, with a black breath, trying to pierce the giant foot of the king of destruction.

Facing the other party's poisonous dagger, Fan Tian punched the fifth. The Tongtian Magic Sword appeared in the hands of the King of Destruction, with countless secrets and cracks. The breath of destruction can tear the space, cut down from the air and collided with the prime minister with a three-inch-long dagger. This seemingly funny attack did not The other party cut down.

The "destruction snake" is not thick, only a few meters long black scale snake appeared under the sword of the world. Unexpectedly, with the sharpness of half a king-level soul weapon in Hu's hand, it pierced many voids on the sword of the world, trying to break the chain of the destruction law of the sword of the sword of the world.

"The thorn of heaven!" At this moment, the cone appeared in Fan Tian's hand again, silently emitting purple-gold light, and hit it out sharp and unruly. It flashed like a star in the void, passing through the other party's chest.


Hua Tian thorn did not stab the other party's chest and was blocked by the suddenly withdrawn dagger. In the other party's crazy and bloodthirsty eyes, Fan Tian curled his lips disappointedly, because at this time, the sword of the world in the sky lost the resistance of the poisonous snake and had been cut down and was about to block the other party.

"Do you think you can kill me like this?" Hu's bloodthirsty eyes showed a sneer, as if the crazy mood had gone. At this moment, the black figure suddenly disappeared. He once again showed his advantage. However, Fan Tian on the opposite him did not seem to see it. The ink unicorn in his body opened his eyes and a roar that shocked the whole space from his air cave. Gushed out.

"Your emotions make you lose the best time to defeat me. As a person who also crawls out of the dead, you should not make such a low-level mistake." Mo Qilin's roar echoed in the space, and the disappeared figure suddenly widened, because his body became stiff at this moment and could hardly move. Hu Mi could only look at a purple gold scale claw hand, with dense rules, slowly passing through his body.

"You, how did you find my total trace?" The other party's eyes are full of puzzlement and unwillingness.

"Actually, at the moment of your mood swing, my eyes caught your mark." Hearing Fan Tian's words, Hu Mi suddenly realized that there was a trace of relief in his unwilling eyes.

"My closest person has died. If my emotions can't fluctuate, then what's the use of being a person? This is better. I can accompany him to avoid the dark snake being lonely." Looking at the blood flowers that gradually withered, Fan Tian knew that this was a man with a story. Maybe he had been tired of fighting, but he could not get a stable life in the source continent. Looking at this alien dimensional void, Fan Tian sighed and disappeared here. Maybe this is his best cemetery.

Outside, the anxious Xiting finally took a long breath when she saw Fan Tian's safe figure.

"Are you all right? What about that guy?" Xiting rushed over with concern.

"It's okay. Put away the array on the ground. It may be useful in the future." Fan Tian did not answer Xiting's question, because the other party reminded him of the young emperor who was still in the mustard seed.

"We were also crazy at the beginning, but the price of madness is equally painful. Young Emperor, I don't know if you can still come back to our team." Xiting found that Fan Tian was wrong and did not continue to disturb him. The two continued to travel so quickly. Two days later, they must have completely got rid of each other's follow-up, because they had come to a town thousands of miles away.

Tianxu City, a medium-sized city with an awakening altar, is not as prosperous as Binhai, but also lively, and Fan Tian and Xiting are walking on the street at this moment, with some leisure.

"What are we going to eat today?" Xiting wears a light blue dress, and everywhere is a beautiful scenery.

"Whatever, what to eat? This time we will travel to the Kirin Holy Land. After so many years, it's not bad these days." Fan Tian had already figured out in his heart that since her mother was from the Holy Land of Kirin, she must not be in danger. As for why the other party would take her mother away, there was no need to think about it, and she knew that it must be his father's reason.

"It needs to be transmitted at least three times from the Kirin Holy Land, but if you and Lin Fan really become brothers, his expression will be wonderful." Xiting couldn't help laughing when she thought of this.

"How dare you say that you used me as a shield. I haven't settled with you about this matter yet." Fan Tian rarely relaxes his mood.

"Cut, being a girl's shield is your blessing. Ordinary people can't be it." Xiting pouted her little mouth and gave Fan Tian a white look.

"Come on, I don't eat this set. Today's meal will be treated as compensation." While talking, the two came to a seemingly gorgeous hotel.

"What can I do for you two?" Xiao Er's face is full of smile

"The best, characteristic, all." Xiting, who was opposite, rushed to throw the recipe back before Fan Tian could answer.

"How do I think you look like a foodie!" Fan Tian looked at Xi Ting and deliberately frowned, showing a tasteless expression.

"You still drink goods. You eat those things every day in the Luanfeng Holy Land. Naturally, you will make enough money when you come out." Xiting didn't care and resolutely took the principle of eating well. However, while the two of them were chatting and waiting for food, they suddenly started to do something on the street outside.

"Why don't you say that the source mainland is not peaceful? You can see fights everywhere!" Fan Tian was a little helpless.

"It's so good. Eat, watch the play, and don't delay anything!" Xiting was very happy, but what happened next made him unhappy. A man was knocked down from the air and landed directly on the street of Tianxu City. The green bricks on the ground were cracked. If this guy hadn't worn armor, he would have lost half his life.

"We want this city. Get out of here." Through the sound, Fan Tian's original eyes watching the play showed shock. In the sky, a man with wings on his back and covered with scales was majestic and arrogant, looking down at everything, as if he was extremely noble. Fan Tian even felt a breath more arrogant than Lin Fan.

"Is this also from the ancients?" Fan Tian looked at Xi Ting incredulously.

"I haven't heard of it. This is obviously not human!" Xi Ting stared at the crescent moon, and her face overflowed with curiosity and surprise.

"Then what is this? Won't it be a blood demon clan?" Fan Tian looked at the bloody demon continent floating over the source continent at that moment, even if it was still clearly visible during the day.

"No way, according to the mysterious man that day, it will take some time for the blood demon continent to completely return. What we are seeing now is just a projection." Xiting actually stood up. Fan Tian was about to stop her, but it was too late. The little witch had already flown out.

"Hey, what kind of race are you? Why have I never heard of it?" Xiting is simply a person who is not afraid of heaven and earth and causes trouble everywhere. At first glance, the other party is not a kind person. Isn't it looking for a fight?

"Who are you?" The man with wings on his back was full of vigilance against the woman who suddenly appeared. As soon as he raised his eyebrows, he was about to do it.

"Wait, don't get me wrong. We just haven't seen people like you. We are curious for a moment and not mind your own business." Fan Tian had no choice but to rush out of the away battle and stood between the two.

"Oh, how can you small human beings know that our royal family has been hidden for tens of thousands of years, and now we have just been born to lead the world and fight against the return of the bloody demons." The man was so angry that he seemed to achieve a feat and let Fan Tian see the black line. Which seedling is this? He hasn't grown up yet, but the identity of the other party shocked Fan Tian.

"Your people have lived in seclusion for tens of thousands of years and have not been born?" This made Fan Tian think of a place where coffins were everywhere. The people lying in the coffins were a race and spirits tens of thousands of years ago. Did the other party have the same existence? Fan Tian's surprise increased the arrogance of the other party.

"Yes, we are the wind clan who overcame the mainland ten thousand years ago" The affirmative answer of the other party made Fan Tian understand that the return of the blood demon continent seems to have made this source continent begin to surge!