President, be careful of love

Chapter 23 Visit Grandpa

When I woke up the next day, the sun outside the window was extremely bright, and Jingyi's fever had completely subsided. She took some medicine and was discharged from the hospital. After sleeping peacefully last night, my whole body suddenly felt full of strength. When he was discharged from the hospital, Jingyi took his hand, like a passionate couple, clenched his fingers, and shook back and forth vigorously as he walked. When she had just got sick, he certainly didn't dare to be fierce to her, so she also became bold.

She figured it out this time. No matter what the future is, since she likes him and wants to marry him, she should at least try to make him fall in love with her. If they have tried hard, they are still predestined to let go...

At that time, it didn't matter whether she was sad or painful, at least she was worthy of her heart...

When Lei Shaochen saw her holding her hand tightly, there was a warm current in her heart. Her hands were soft, like a child, and she was reluctant to let go. It would be good if she could hold it for a lifetime. Lei Shaochen was suddenly stunned by his own thoughts. Is it possible that he was moved by her? It's impossible. They haven't been together for a long time. How could they fall in love with her? I have always had Xin Menger in my heart. It must be because I have been too tired from work recently that I had this illusion.

According to the previous agreement with the old man, today is Saturday, he should go home to accompany the old man. Recently, his parents have been busy with the expansion of the American branch, and domestic affairs are completely left to himself, so his daily work is busier than before. Now the old man must be bored at home alone. If he doesn't go back to see him, he will probably get sick.

"I'm going back to see Grandpa later. Do you want to come with me?" Lei Shaochen originally wanted to go back alone, but he thought that the old man would be happier to see her, so he could ask for her opinion.

Thinking that she could spend more time with him, she happily agreed.

Back to Lei's house, Lei Shaotang and the housekeeper took care of his favorite flowers and plants in the yard. Not to mention how happy it is to see the two of them walking hand in hand. Jingyi's heart is also as sweet as honey at this moment. As soon as she got out of the car, it was he who took the initiative to take her hand. Although his purpose may be to show it to Grandpa, he couldn't help but be happy.

"Grandpa, we came to see you. After saying that, we ran over to hug him." This kind of intimate move made Lei Shaotang very happy. This girl didn't expect it to change so fast. Grandpa was called, and her mouth was so sweet, which was really a happy fruit.

"Oh, oh, Jing'er is so good. She actually came to see me, an old man. Come and sit in with grandpa. The sun outside is too big and it's easy to get tan." After saying that, he took Jingyi into the house. The two chatted cordially and completely put Lei Shaochen aside. Seeing that they were ignored, their faces turned black, but it was not easy to attack, so they had to follow them silently.

Looking at her happy interaction with her grandfather, my heart was full of acid. When did she feel so happy in front of her and hold her grandfather's arm tightly, she looked so close, but when she was with her, she always showed a rabbit-like panicked expression. Although she looked cute, she just looked strange and estranged.

"Jingyi, you are getting married soon. Are you nervous? Have you decided on all the dresses? Do you want grandpa to ask the designer to design a few unique dresses for you? On that day, our Jingyi must compare everyone beautifully!"

"Grandpa, don't worry about the dress. We have gone to the dress store and selected a few sets. Because of the time, it will be too late to order now, so we choose the ready-made one. They are all so beautiful." After saying that, he couldn't help showing a little shyness on his face.

Looking at her shy appearance, Lei Shaotang believed it. In fact, they have never picked a dress. Last time I mentioned it to him to see the wedding dress, he ignored her as if he hadn't heard it. Maybe he will go to the wedding dress shop to see and choose a set in a few days...

Lei Shaochen followed and heard his grandfather ask them about the dress. Originally, he wanted to interrupt that he had contacted the world-renowned designer. He had several wedding dresses and dresses that had never been announced. He had already told him to change it according to her size and could be delivered in a few days. I didn't expect this. The woman actually said that to her grandfather first. Thinking about her starting point was to keep Grandpa from worrying, so she didn't expose her.

"That's good. Our Jingyi has good temperament no matter what she wears. By the way, Jinger, I asked Lei Shaochen to pick you up before. Have you moved there? Originally, I wanted you two to get married and move home, but Lei Shaochen worked a little far here, so he promised to let him continue to live in his small apartment.

"Well, it's moved." Jingyi answered Lei Shaotang gently.

It's just that she didn't say that although they lived together, they slept in separate rooms.

Hearing that they had already lived together, Lei Shaotang was happy and his eyes were almost narrowed into a crack, looking more and more kind.

As if thinking of something, Lei Shaotang suddenly patted his head and said, "Jingyi, do you have anything you like to eat? I will ask the kitchen to prepare immediately, eat more at noon, and give me a fat grandson in the future.

Hearing Lei Shaotang's words, Jingyi was stunned first, and then blushed.

Lei Shaochen walked behind. From his perspective, her white ears and smooth neck became pink, which was very attractive. Seeing this, he turned his head and controlled himself not to look at it again. Otherwise, this tense feeling would only make him more uncomfortable. Now he can't occupy her as Grandpa. I have it.

"Grandpa, it's not that fast, and it's not necessarily a grandson, it may be a granddaughter!" Jingyi was eager to explain, but she didn't expect to fall into Lei Shaotang's trap. Didn't she obviously reveal that she had something to do with him? Thinking of this, Jingyi couldn't help but be annoyed and her face became more and more red.

Lei Shaotang saw it in his eyes and was happy in his heart. Ha ha, it doesn't matter if you give birth to a boy or a girl, but the genes of the Lei family don't seem to be easy to give birth to girls. Several generations are boys... After a pause, he continued, how nice it would be if your husband had a daughter and had a son and made up a good word!" After saying that, Lei Shaotang looked into the distance, as if he was thinking or recalling something. Jingyi did not notice the strangeness in Lei Shaotang's eyes, but was secretly surprised by what he mentioned later. The contract said that he only needed to have a child for the Lei family, but he did not say that he would have two. Did Grandpa deliberately tell her?

But soon Lei Shaotang pulled her into the room and sat down, busy asking her what she wanted to eat. Jingyi told him one by one that the questions that just flashed in her mind were left behind by her.

glanced at Lei Shaochen sitting beside him and saw that his face seemed to be a little bad. Jingyi hurriedly said to Grandpa, "Grandpa, you just ask me what I eat, and you don't ask Shaochen. He should be jealous."

"Don't worry about him. He is not picky about food, not to mention that he is not going to have a baby now. Why do he eat so much?" Grandpa said a little angrily.

Hearing this, Lei Shaochen's anger couldn't help adding a little more. Although it was not him who was pregnant in October, at least it took his efforts to "sowing" that the child would be formed. Otherwise, where did she come from?

He hummed heavily to express his dissatisfaction and then went upstairs, leaving Lei Shaotang and Jingyi looking at each other and smiling. After chatting with Grandpa for a while, Jingyi felt sleepy. She just had a fever and was a little weak, so she made an excuse to go to see Lei Shaochen and went upstairs. Turn left and right, but she didn't know which was Lei Shaochen's room. She only remembered that the last time Lei Shaochen pulled her up to the third floor, but there were six rooms on the third floor. She didn't have much impression of which one. She picked one at will, turned the handle hard, and opened the door without thinking of it. The probe glanced inside, and suddenly a strange feeling appeared in his heart. This is a girl's room. The overall layout is pink. The room has a large bed, a white dressing table next to it, and a long row of white wall cabinets. Driven by curiosity, Jingyi walked in gently, as if worried about what would startle. I saw a photo frame on the dresser. Inside the photo frame was a 20-year-old girl with exquisite facial features and long black hair, which naturally fell vertically. The girl in the frame was smiling quietly at the camera... Although I have been looking at this photo for some years, the beauty of the girl's face is still so dazzling, especially the big eyes that seem to speak, which makes people look amazing. Opening the wardrobe, it is full of all kinds of clothes, all of which are dressed by girls around 20 years old. The design of the clothes is very unique and the style is also very beautiful, but compared with the current fashion, it is more like the popular style of ten years ago. Because I want to launch a series of clothing, now the clothing industry is in a retro style. A few years ago, the style began to be sought after, and it took a while to study the trend of clothing in the past 20 years.