President, be careful of love

Chapter 31 Sadness

When people on the road saw her, they all showed strange eyes. Maybe people are wondering why such a lovely girl walked on the bustling street with a cat in slippers and tears. Was she abandoned by her boyfriend, betrayed by her friends, or had a tragedy at home? Looking at her thin body walking alone on the roadside, several men walked over to talk to each other with unknown thoughts.

Jingyi seemed to see nothing. She still walked in the bustling crowd while crying. She didn't know where to go. Maybe she had any other place to go? Not long after moving here, she didn't know the way and didn't bring any money with her. At this time, her only intuition was to walk forward. Maybe when she was tired, she would suddenly find that it was just a nightmare. After waking up, she was still the strong and brave girl. She was dreaming of waiting for Prince Charming, and there would be a handsome prince. Come and hold her hand and go straight to the other side of happiness.

From childhood, although she did not have the love of her mother, Chen Yitang gave her all her love and never wanted to beat her. Even if she was occasionally naughty and did something wrong, Chen Yitang just patiently taught her and inspired her. At the worst time, she followed the boys in her class to the game hall to play until very late. He It's just forbidden for her to have dinner and let her write a letter of repentance. How have you ever suffered such a grievance?

People often say that girls are happier than boys. They are loved by their fathers before marriage, and their husbands are loved by their husbands after marriage. She has been guarded throughout her life. Even the broken-winged angel is a happy broken-winged angel. But why is your experience so unbearable? Not long after getting along with him, she was scarred. No matter how hard her inner protection is, she can't stand such a fierce blow from him. What's more, she hasn't enjoyed his good to herself, and she has been completely cut by his cruelty. What should she use to deceive herself into continuing to walk with him? Does she really have the courage to continue to face his cold words? Does she still have the power to fight against him and bear his distrust or even contempt for her? Maybe leaving him is the only best ending?

Why does it hurt so much? Why?

It was not until the tears blurred my sight that I raised my hand to dry the tears, but the tears were like broken beads, falling down, and the scene in front of me gradually blurred, and I found that looking at the world through tears, the whole world was crying...

I couldn't see the road ahead clearly, so I squatted on the roadside and cried wildly. At this moment, Tongtong was very obedient to let her hold her, as if she understood her sadness and stretched out her pink tongue to lick her tears...

I don't know how long she cried. The sky was getting dark. At the end of summer, the night was cold. When she went out, she casually wore a short-sleeved T-shirt. At this time, her arms began to get some pimples. Tong Tong in her arms also began to get irritable because of hunger and moved in her arms. Under Tongtong's restlessness, Jingyi woke up from sadness. She is very hungry and has no money. She should think of a way, otherwise it will be dangerous later. Although this is a prosperous city, night is a nocturnal person. Such people like to do something out of the way. Recently, various reports have also appeared frequently. Newspaper.

How can you fight against a weak girl? If I had known that I would have brought my mobile phone when I first came out, I could at least call Xiaoyan. That's good. I have no money and no mobile phone. What should I do? God, help me.

At this moment, she has long forgotten to cry, analyzes densely, and is shrouded in an inexplicable fear. She is extremely nervous. The more nervous she is, the more irritable she is, and the more irritable she is, the less willing to come up with the right solution. Now you can't hang a sign in front of you and ask for a five yuan ride, can you? Although I often see this kind of behavior on the road, I don't have any money. It's not easy to make a brand. Or from another perspective, if you have money to make a brand, how can you be reduced to no money for a ride? How can anyone be stupid enough to take the money that could be used for a ride to make a brand? From this point of view, they are 100% Full-time cheating, using people's compassion to satisfy their selfish desires, how selfish, how corrupting social morality!

At this time, a grunt began to come from her stomach, and Jingyi felt desperate. It's not a good idea to go on like this. Let's check the bus stop first to see if we can walk to Xiaoyan. Maybe I will meet acquaintances on the way. After making up her mind, Chen Jingyi suddenly cheered up. After checking the bus stop sign, she made a general analysis of the route in her mind. If she took the road, it would take at least three hours to get there, but if she crossed the river embankment and changed to a small road, the journey could be shortened by half, but the second line was not so safe. The area is a concentration camp of KTV and clubs, which is extremely lively at night. Occasionally, many gangs or some gangs do illegal things there. If you encounter this situation, you must be more dangerous. But according to the current situation, I can only take a risk, not to mention that I don't have any other better plan now. Maybe it is peaceful today, and I will be like no one.

Select the route, and Jingyi will speed up the pace. Tongtong in his arms grasped her tightly in the face of the strange environment and did not dare to relax at all. Compared with Tongtong, she is the guardian of the Buddha. Yes, she wants to protect Tongtong. She is stronger than Tongtong, so she is not afraid. I keep thinking about not being afraid.

After walking for about half an hour, I finally turned into the embankment road. Night shrouded the earth, but it was brighter than the day. The swaying and colorful neon lights kept flashing and jumping, piercing people's eyes painfully. Jingyi has no time to appreciate the red and green here, her eyes are constantly paying attention to the surrounding situation, her pace is constantly accelerating, and her mood to leave here is stronger than ever.

Although she is sad, it does not mean that she will be bullied by bad people or suffer from accidents. There are still too many things in her life. God, you must bless her to walk through here safely. At that time, she will definitely thank God Jesus and present countless "gold, silver and jewelry" ... Jingyi kept chanting words in her heart. She didn't expect that God was not effective. On the contrary, she was backfired.

"Miss, how do you walk!" Jingyi accidentally bumped into a man who seemed to be a gangster in front of her. Jingyi couldn't help trembling when she saw this person. God really asked for something that didn't work.

Just now, she touched him gently, and it turned out that she would scream at her. It seemed that she was not good-looking and had to deal with it carefully. Thinking of this, she pretended to be calm and apologized: "Sir, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. My brother is waiting for me at the KTV in front. I'm really sorry that I rushed over and bumped into you in a hurry. The so-called good woman doesn't suffer immediate losses, and she bows her head and admits her mistakes, right?

"Do you think a word of apology is enough? What else does the police need to do? Since you also admitted that you hit me, what are you going to do about this? The bumped gangster said inch by inch.

"I have apologized. What else do you want?" Jingyi knew that the other party was deliberately entangled, so she raised her voice in an attempt to attract the attention of the people around her.

"Brothers, this Y hit me with his head and dared to shout out. What do you think we should do?" After saying that, he smiled obscenely at several men of the same age around him. This smile fell into Jingyi's eyes, and her heart was numb and she faintly felt uneasy.

"Little girl, since you hit our eldest brother, we don't force you to pay 100,000 yuan. This is a society ruled by law. How dare we open our mouths? In this way, you can play with us for one night, and this matter will be over." The thin man next to him suggested, and looked at her with lust while saying that, which made her feel extremely disgusting, and the goose bumps all over her body came out.

"Don't go too far. My brother is waiting for me in front of me. If you don't see me yet, he will definitely come out to me. If you bully me like this, I'm afraid you don't have enough heads at that time!" Jingyi deliberately imagined a brother, hoping to scare them away.

Who knows that as soon as this came out, they laughed and said thinly, "Little girl, you are really stupid and naive. Even if your brother comes out, what can we do? What's more, we have a lot of people. Don't implicate your brother at that time. After saying that, everyone laughed again.

Jingyi saw that there was no way to scare them and kept retreating in fear...