President, be careful of love

Chapter 38 Intensification of Contradictions

After everyone left, there were only Lei Shaochen and Jingyi. They had just said goodbye to everyone like a loving couple. This time, after everyone dispersed, Lei Shaochen began to hold her hand and walked to the parking lot.

When Jingyi saw his appearance, she couldn't help but become nervous, and she was also a little afraid of him. He swallowed nervously and asked weakly, "Are we going back now?" I feel a little annoyed when asked this question. They must go back, otherwise?

"You must not be willing to go back, right? Shall I take you downstairs to Zhang Ziwen and let you say goodbye? Do you feel very sorry that I disturbed your date with your senior tonight? Lei Shaochen said angrily.

"Lei Shaochen, don't give me an unwarranted charge. My senior and I are innocent. Those jokes are all jokes by their employees. Why should you take them seriously!" Jingyi couldn't help but open his mouth to understand.

"I can think they are joking, but you don't defend it, don't you? Chen Jingyi, ask your heart and dare to say that you don't have any thoughts about Zhang Ziwen!" Lei Shaochen said aggressively.

"Lei Shaochen, don't you think it's ridiculous? You can allow yourself to remember Zhang Xinmeng and slap me twice for it. Don't you allow me to have innocent communication with Zhang Ziwen? Not everyone is as domineering and as dark as you! Take a step back, since you have your dream, what right do you have to control me if I have an affair with my senior? If you care about me, you have to be qualified!" Jingyi was obviously angry and lost some reason and said angrily.

"I can't control you, can I? Now I'll let you see if I can control you!" After saying that, Lei Shaochen accelerated his pace and pulled her forward, rudely pushed her into the car, and immediately sat in the cab to drive the car away quickly...

During all the way, Jingyi was so scared that she didn't dare to say anything, and her momentum was not as tough as before. At this moment, she obviously realized that her current situation was not very safe, but what she had said was like water spilled out, and there was no room for it. I had to pretend to fight against him fiercely and take it step by step.

The car quickly drove downstairs to his apartment and dragged her towards the elevator. Jingyi was obviously scared and desperately grabbed the railing by the roadside in an attempt to break free from his pull. At this time, the soreness of pulling came from his arm, and tears were about to fall down, but he was afraid to let go of his hand, so he could only let him torture himself... ...

Looking at her holding the railing tightly, Lei Shaochen couldn't help but increase his strength. Suddenly, he heard a click, and the sound of bones moving. Jingyi could no longer resist the pain at this moment, and tears fell down. Lei Shaochen knew that her arm might be strained or dislocated at this moment. Then she calmed down and helped her move her hand slowly down and asked her how she felt. She frowned tightly and said painfully, "It hurts!"

"Don't be afraid. Your joint is dislocated. I can help you reset it. You can put up with it later," Lei Shaochen said gently. But when she heard that he was going to reset herself, she was even more afraid. He was not a doctor. If she got the mistake, wouldn't her hand hurt more seriously? Thinking of this, she hurriedly said, "Woo, no, I'm afraid. You take me to the hospital quickly. Hurry up, it hurts!"

Lei Shaochen looked at her and frowned tightly because of the pain, and her little face was obviously pale. He thought that she might not be able to forcibly reset without a painkiller, so he sent her to Zhang's hospital. The doctor gave her a painkiller and immediately helped her reset. Then bandage it with a bouncing belt and tell her not to deliberately bend and move the joints before recovery, so as to avoid straining the ligament and aggravated cartilage wear.

After returning home, Jingyi thought that she should take a good shower after a day, but looking at her banded arm with a sad face, the doctor told herself not to bend her joints as much as possible. What should she do about taking a shower? Sitting in a daze with pajamas, at a loss.

At this time, Lei Shaochen thought that her arm was injured, so he planned to come and ask her if she needed any help. After all, it was because of her fault that she was injured. When I walked to the door, I saw her staring at a pile of pajamas in a daze, and I understood a little. He walked over gently and said gently, "Let's take a shower together tonight."

"My hand is injured, so I won't take a shower." She still replied coldly.

"It's so hot that I sweated ⊙_⊙b. Can you stand it if you don't take a shower?" Lei Shaochen patiently induced her.

This means her thoughts. Although she is a person without a cleanliness fetish, she smells of sweat all over her body. How to fall asleep? Thinking of this, I reluctantly said something to him. The two walked to the bathroom.

In order to accommodate her, he took his pajamas and so on to the public bathroom. After putting the water, he helped her take off her clothes carefully. At first, Jingyi's expression was very awkward, as if this was the first time to take off his clothes in front of him, which was very embarrassing. Lei Shaochen slowly helped her move her clothes up, prompting her to gently move her injured right hand, and finally took off the clothes. Then she untied the shackles on her chest. As his movements progressed, the two full slowly appeared in front of him. Lei Shaochen couldn't help taking a deep breath and tried to let Don't let your eyes fall on her chest, but even if you look at her smooth shoulders, his tightness still can't hold his head up weakly, and Jingyi feels even more embarrassed after sensing it. She hurriedly said that she would just come, and then unbutton her trousers with the rest of her left hand, but her clumsy left hand was obviously not qualified for such a complicated task. In addition, she was a little anxious and nervous, and the button could not be removed from the buttonhole at all.

When Lei Shaochen saw this, he ignored her objection and helped her take off her trousers...

Help her apply the shower gel and start rubbing...

Originally, they only needed to take a half-hour shower, and the two of them took a full two hours, worried that she would catch a cold. Lei Shaochen helped her dress immediately after washing, and then took her to ** despite her opposition. Worried that he would not stand to take action, she hurriedly pulled the quilt over her body and slowly lay down. Lei Shaochen was a little helpless when she saw her little sheep facing the prevention of the big gray wolf. Today, she was injured. Even if she was a hungry wolf, she would not take advantage of people's danger. Maybe his style is to fatten the sheep before eating it. Jingyi was a little puzzled when he saw that he was just helping her abnormally and did not deviate. Is he guilty about what happened today? Humph, after all, he is the one who made himself such a culprit, and so far, he hasn't even apologized!

Lei Shaochen helped her pull up and cover the quilt, then withdrew from her room, suppressed her inner restlessness, opened the notebook and began to contact Mr.G designer to see if the size of the previously customized wedding dress had been adjusted.