President, be careful of love

Chapter 40 The Perfect Wedding 2

reluctantly said goodbye to Xiaoyan and got into the car back to the apartment with a calm heart. If this happened can't make her learn a little experience from it and still have fantasies about him, then she is the stupidest woman in the world! How brave it is to eat a chasage without a wisdom? Only then can you dare to be more and more brave on the road of love, and you are not even afraid of bleeding your head and body and mind.

When he got home, facing his gloomy face, Jingyi directly ignored his emotions and asked him calmly, "What's the matter with me coming back so urgently?"

"The wedding dress and dress have arrived. You can try it and see if it's suitable." Lei Shaochen answered slightly unhappyly and pointed to the big bag on the sofa.

"Oh, okay." After simply replying to him, he walked towards the wedding dress on the sofa. After opening the outer packaging, the wedding dress appeared in front of her...

Seeing such a beautiful wedding dress, her previous calm mood was gradually broken, and her heart slowly filled with a sense of surprise, and a bright smile quietly climbed up her eyebrows. Originally, I had been worried about wedding dresses and dresses these days. I wanted to go to the wedding dress shop sometime. I didn't expect that he had presented such a beautiful and unique wedding dress in front of her. How could she not surprise her? Although he was very bad to himself before, with such a beautiful wedding dress, his sentence was reduced by half for his crime.

She carefully picked up the wedding dress and walked lightly to her bedroom, with a clear heart of joy.

Looking at her happy smiling face, Lei Shaochen's mood also warmed up, unlike the previous cold, and he was thinking about her wearing a wedding dress.

After about 20 minutes, Jingyi slowly came out in her wedding dress, with a little joy on her face, and it seemed that there was a little little woman's shyness, which stunned Lei Shaochen. This wedding dress is simply tailor-made for her. Mr. G's design taste is unmatched. Each set of works he designs has to be carefully designed and modified. The pattern decoration on the clothing is basically handmade. Having a wedding dress he designed is almost the perfect wedding dress that women all over the world dream of. However, he has a unique taste, but his vision is also very high. Everyone who wants to wear his wedding dress or dress must be approved by him before he can wear the brand clothes he designed. It is precisely because of the limitation of this condition that every celebrity, star, etc. who is beautiful, famous and elegant, has him. I am very proud of a dress, and even wearing the brand he designed is a great show and pride.

These Jingyi naturally don't know, but she has a unique aesthetic vision and jewelry appreciation ability, but she also knows that the wedding dress is expensive.

The luxurious and elegant chest-wrapped wedding dress perfectly shows her thin shoulders. The short folds on her chest hide her plumpness more and more mysteriously. The silver shiny rhinestones are crystal clear and densely inlaid in the chest and waist, showing the exquisiteness of the wedding dress vividly. The long tail gauze skirt adopts a feather-like design. The tall woman drags this long feather wedding dress, like an angel falling into the world, light and beautiful, pure and clean.

She gently carried the wedding dress with her hands and walked towards him, with a quiet smile on her face, as if she had come from a faraway country, as if she could purify the filth of the world as long as she gently stretched out her hand. He walked up to him and asked gently, "Is it beautiful?" I can't hide my satisfaction and love for this wedding dress.

"Yewell, it's beautiful and suits your temperament." Lei Shaochen answered gently and couldn't bear to destroy the quiet atmosphere.

"Thank you!" Jingyi said with a little gratitude.


The two had a very polite conversation. After saying this, it seemed that they could no longer find a topic, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward. As if to break the embarrassment of silence, Lei Shaochen stared at her hand and asked, "Is your hand ready?"

"Ye, it doesn't hurt. As long as you bend too much, there is no problem at all." After saying that, she also gently moved her arm. After taking the medicine yesterday, Jingyi asked the doctor to remove her bandage. There was indescribable strangeness in her heart with bandages, as if she were a seriously ill person. Going out always provoked the strange eyes of many outsiders.

"I owe you a word sorry for the injury of my arm." Lei Shaochen thought for a moment and still struggled to say that apology.

"The past is over, and there is no need to mention it again." No matter how many apologies you make up, you can't make up for the pain in your heart. I just ask you not to interfere with my life in the future. Jingyi silently adds in your heart.

"Wait for me for a while." After saying that, he turned around and went into the bedroom. After a while, he had an extra piece of information.

"This is the contract I drew up. Look, if there is no problem, sign it." Lei Shaochen said calmly.

Jingyi took over the document and saw another contract. She got married and made two contracts alone. It was really pathetic, as if her life had been detained by these treaties, like shackles, holding her tightly. She couldn't escape but couldn't help it. Maybe it was like a bird raised in a cage. Yes, it's a bird, not the canary that people often call the canary. I'm afraid she doesn't have it. After a trance for a while, he took a deep breath and stared at the contract carefully:

Article 1: The marriage period is three years, and a child must be born for the Lei family within three years;

Article 2: In the case of completing the first article, depending on the situation of the child, if the child no longer needs her support, she can be free, and she can receive 10% of his property as a reward;

Article 3: During marriage, you must be clean, maintain your image and reputation in front of the public, and do not do anything that damages the image of the family, otherwise you will bear the consequences;

Article 4: During the marriage, she can receive 50,000 yuan of pocket money from him every month, depending on the situation. If necessary, she can apply for an increase;

Article 5: During the contract, the inside story of the marriage shall not be mentioned to anyone, otherwise the consequences shall be borne by themselves.

After reading it in one breath, Jingyi felt a trace of bitterness in her heart. What's the difference between her and the surrogate mother after signing such a contract? Perhaps the biggest difference is that people sincerely want money, and she just passively accepts these gifts or alms that she doesn't want. Ignoring the pain in her heart, she said firmly, "I will sign this contract, but I will add two more."

"Yes." Lei Shaochen said with a blank face.

"First, during the marriage, they shall not interfere with their respective freedom of making friends without violating the above treaties; second, during the marriage, if one party violates the above treaties, the other party has the right to terminate the contract without any fault." After saying that, Jingyi looked at Lei Shaochen and nodded with acquiescence. Another contract came into effect. Jingyi smiled bitterly and was helpless for her sad marriage and at her own mercy.

Looking at her slightly pale little face, he was sad and said, "I hope we can get along peacefully under the constraints of the contract and get along under the same roof, which is also fate."

"Ye." Jingyi replied indifferently and turned in to take off her wedding dress. Maybe she is the first person to sign such a contract that violates love in a holy wedding dress, right? At this time, the white wedding dress seemed to have lost its meaning, more like a faint irony. The dazzling light of those shining diamonds made her unable to fully open her eyes.

It turns out that sometimes there are things whose value has nothing to do with price.