President, be careful of love

Chapter 55 Back from the Ghost Gate

After Duan Yifei walked away, Lei Shaochen watched her quietly and stared at her without blinking, for fear that she would wake up and not inform the doctor in time if there was any need. As time went by, she was still motionless. In the past, she squeezed his little mouth tightly, which seemed to be a little dry. Lei Shaochen went to the hospital bed and poured a small cup of boiling water, adjusted the temperature, and gently smeared a little on her lips with a small spoon to reduce her dryness.

The doctor looked out quietly through the transparent glass window and walked in reluctantly, waiting for him to feed the water, gently patting him on the shoulder, hinting that he would follow him out.

Lei Shaochen looked at her reluctantly and quietly followed the doctor out.

"Mr. Lei, in order to facilitate the doctor's testing and nursing, we suggest that you wait outside the ward now. We will have a dedicated person to take care of you 24 hours, and you will be allowed to accompany the patient 24 hours later. This is the hospital's rule. I hope you can understand and cooperate." The doctor stared at Lei Shaochen's darker and darker face and quickly said something.

"Can't you wear quarantine clothes?" Lei Shaochen asked cautiously.

"Mr. Lei, the next period is a critical period. The patient's condition will change at any time. For the patient's view, please cooperate as much as possible. We will also do our best to protect the patient and the child in her belly. Please trust us." From a professional perspective, the doctor nodded helplessly, walked to the transparent glass ward, and stared deeply into it.

In fact, the doctor said this, which is a little out of the fear and fear of him by the nurses. He is next to him with a gloomy face. In case the patient's situation changes, I'm afraid that the doctor will be afraid of Lei Shaochen's blame and dares not deal with it according to normal means. The care of gunshot wounds should not be infected and inflamed, and the presence of outsiders will also increase the disease. For multiple considerations, it is the most correct way to let people leave.

However, looking at him staring at the people inside, the doctor couldn't help sighing: "This girl must be his favorite in his life. Since ancient times, there have been many love and empty hatred. I hope they can have lovers and finally get married. They have seen too much life and death in the hospital. That kind of pain and sadness is really too devastating. Maybe there will be some happy endings, which is the result that every doctor most wants to see, and it is also their most sincere emotions. Aside from these, Lei Shaochen wants If the rescuer fails, I'm afraid they won't even have a good job, so no matter what, they should try their best to protect the mother and son inside. While thinking about it, the doctor walked to the office. After entering the office, he clicked on the international medical video to discuss this situation with the top medical colleagues, and make sure that it is foolproof.

He was guarding outside the glass and suddenly saw the doctor in the room busy. Lei Shaochen hurried to grab a nurse coming out of it and asked in a hoarse voice, "Nurse, how are the patients inside?"

"The patient is now infected. We must immediately determine the dosage and inject it to the patient to avoid aggravation of infection. However, in this process, the impact of the drug on the fetus is not clear. Please follow me to sign a relevant document." After saying that, the nurse looked at the road ahead and made a gesture of invitation with her hand. Lei Shaochen followed nervously and asked in a panic, "Nurse, if this drug has a negative impact on the fetus, is it safe for adults?"

"For the time being, but if the patient does not use medicine, the infection will be very serious. Her gunshot wound is very close to the heart, and the resulting infection will seriously affect the function of the heart. Even if she can escape this disaster this time, she may leave sequelae, and this sequelae are the most severe. The serious situation will even affect the patient's normal physical function, so the injection of anti-infectious drugs is imperative, but at present, we need to calculate in detail the maximum amount that the patient can bear. Within the appropriate range, it can not only play an anti-infection role, but also reduce the risk of drugs to the fetus; but in case the drug The fetus has an impact, leading to pregnancy conditions such as abortion. Because the previous gunshot wound has caused her to bleed too much and her body is very weak, she may not be able to withstand the tos of abortion. At present, we are trying our best to control the development of the situation. I hope you can understand us. The nurse walked forward nervously and explained to him.

"I see." Replying slowly, the nurse finally found the landing point in a cold sweat, flowed down closely along her hair, exhaled gently, took out the document from the drawer and gave it to him, waiting uneasily for the moment when his pen fell.

Lei Shaochen waved his pen without blinking and wrote his name calmly, but his heart had already turned thousands of times, suppressing tension, panic, fear, worry and sadness... That's why this pen is shocking.

After signing, Lei Shaochen immediately followed the nurse back to the ward. Through the transparent glass window, his sight could not find the landing point. He was shocked, turned around and asked fiercely, "Why is the patient missing? Where have you been?"

"Mr. Lei, don't panic. The doctor transferred her to the tracking room of the injection room. There are detailed tracking instruments, which can monitor the impact of the addition of drugs on the patient's body at any time. Please rest assured and wait for the doctor's good news." The nurse tried her best to calm down Lei Shaochen.

Lei Shaochen squatted down decadently, covered his face with his hands, and his strong eyebrows condensed tightly together, showing an extremely painful look. For a long time, he raised his head and took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Yimo.

"Yimo, invite the best expert in your medical room. I want to make sure that she is foolproof."

"Shaochen, I know that the doctor who treats her now is the best expert at home and abroad. He has just come back from a special plane abroad. Don't worry so much. The doctor will do his best to protect Jingyi and the children. Don't worry, by the way, the big tiger has been handed over to the police by us, but... .." Zhang Yimo swallowed his throat, and there was no way to say the following words. He paused and saw that Lei Shao did not respond. He changed the topic: "You have a good rest first. There is an internationally renowned internal surgeon Dr.T. The problem will be solved, but you, don't eat, drink or rest. Don't wait for Jingyi to wake up, you It fell down."

"I'm fine. I believe that your hospital will give me a healthy one. It's okay. I'll hang up first. Bye." Before Zhang Yimo continued to speak, he hung up the phone first.

The moment he saw Ni Anjie, he guessed the story. At this moment, Jingyi is still lying in the intensive care unit. His life and death are uncertain, making him easily forgive the originator of the accident. I'm afraid that he has not been so generous that he touched his woman. There is only one end, that is, half-life! Let him not survive and die!

Time passed minute by minute. Three hours later, Dr.T walked out of the emergency room with a tired face and walked calmly to Lei Shaochen, with a bright smile in front of him: "Hello, Mr. Lei, nice to meet you." After saying that, he stretched out his hand to him kindly. Lei Shaochen came to his senses, gently shook his hand, and couldn't wait to ask, "Dr.T, hello, I want to know about the patient's situation. Has she passed the dangerous period?"

"You must love your wife very much. She is fine, but she needs a good rest and wait for the wound to recover. Don't worry too much. The child in her belly is also very healthy." Dr.T reported the final results to Lei Shaochen in a little standard Mandarin.

Hearing that she and the child were safe, Lei Shaochen's tense heart finally relaxed, took Dr.T's hand again, and said with a gentlemanly smile, "Dr.T, thank you! Can I go in to see my wife now?"

"Yes, no problem. But don't wake her up and let her rest more." Dr.T kindly warned that he looked at Lei Shaochen deeply, and there seemed to be a strange look in his eyes. Lei Shaochen, who was thinking about Jingyi's illness, ignored this meaningful look for the first time.

Jingyi, who slept for two days and one night, finally woke up on the morning of the third day. She opened her eyes and looked at the white ceiling, white curtains, and a moment of flash. She didn't know where she was. Her eyes slowly moved down and saw him lying on the edge of the bed and sleeping soundly. Her resolute face seemed to be much thinner, and her chin There were a lot of beard scum growing densely, and there was a black pressure. Jingyi suddenly felt in his heart. He stretched out his hand to touch the lovely beard scum and touched his handsome and resolute face in front of him. There was a pain in his chest and couldn't help exhaling, "It hurts so much."

Lei Shaochen, who heard the sound, slowly opened his eyes. Seeing her open eyes, he was moved, and a stream of heat surged into his heart: "Jingyi, you finally woke up! You finally woke up! Wait for me for a while, I'll ring the bell and call the doctor!" He ran over and rang the bell with a happy face. Soon after, Dr.T came over and politely nodded to Lei Shao, which was a greeting. Then he went over and stared at the testing instrument to record carefully. A few minutes later, he smiled and said to Jingyi, "Hello, I'm Dr.T. I'm your attending doctor. Do you think anything now? Don't you feel well?"

She looked at Lei Shaochen in panic like a little rabbit and nodded with his acquiescence. Then she was relieved and said to Dr.T, "I just wanted to move my right hand and felt a pain in my chest. What's going on?"

"Miss Chen, you were shot in the chest. We have taken out the bullet for you, and the wound has been wrapped with medicine, but it will take some time to heal. During this period, you need to stay in the hospital. Remember not to get up easily these days. It's better to lie down and rest. I will give you a detailed review in a few days. If Make sure that the wound heals and you can be discharged from the hospital and go home to recuperate.

"Thank you, doctor." Jingyi smiled weakly at Dr.T and no longer dared to make big movements. He was afraid of pulling the wound on his chest.

"Mr. Lei, take good care of your wife and let me know if you need anything." After saying gently, Dr.T walked out of the room with relevant medical equipment, leaving the two of them behind. For a moment, the swords and shadows in the abandoned warehouse seemed to come back to their minds.