President, be careful of love

Chapter 119 14

"What? Did they know our plan?" Dragon Wing patted the table vigorously, with a face of disbelief! How can this be possible? Only a few of them and a few of Brian's cronies have been discussing and deploying this matter. How can they let outsiders know?

"This proves that there are moles between us." Lei Shaochen concluded with a gloomy face.

The insider? Who is the insider? Everyone looks up and glances at everyone in the room, as if they want to see a clue from their expressions. However, if there is really an insider, his performance must be so powerful that he can hide from the world and avoid so many sharp eyes.

"Lei Shao, since the matter has been exposed, I think we'd better give up the rescue plan for the time being?" It is not advisable to take risks against the wind, which is the principle that Zhang Yimo has always adhered to.

Lei Shaochen lowered his head and supported his hands domineeringly on the table, as if he was meditating and brewing something. The cold expression could not make people guess his inner thoughts at all.

For a long time, he raised his blood-red eyes and said tiredly, "The plan is cancelled. Let's all disband."

"lei..." Long Yi wanted to say something else. Lei Shaochen waved his hand, hinted that he didn't say anything, but the words that Long Yi spit out to his mouth and swallowed it back abruptly.

The group retreated, leaving only four people, Long Yi, Zhang Yimo, Hao Yidong and Lei Shaochen. The whole conference room suddenly quieted down, as if even a needle fell to the ground and could be heard clearly. Hao Yidong walked to Lei Shaochen's side, put his hand on his shoulder and whispered, "Don't put so much pressure on yourself. My sister-in-law has her own appearance. Maybe everything will be dark and bright."

Lei Shaochen nodded gently and said, "I'm fine. I'm just a little tired recently. It's rare that I'm free today. Shall we go out for a drink?"

"OK, let's go." Zhang Yimo took the lead in responding, and the four people reached a consensus decision to walk towards the parking lot...

When the night comes, everything is calm.

"Head, I think the Panthers really cancelled the plan. It's been midnight and they don't even have a figure."

"Wait a minute. If they don't show up in an hour, we will withdraw. Let's go back to rest." The leading woman said thoughtfully.

"Okay, everyone cheer up and stick to it for another hour." The man who had just spoken clapped his hands and said loudly.

The members guarding in the dark were cheered when they heard such inspiring words! The feeling of fatigue seems to have eased a lot. How long has it been since they were so ready? As one of the best underworld organizations in the world, in the years of hegemony, the headquarters has been calm, and they are also happy. But now suddenly there is a surprise vigil, and the body feels a little unsistible. Those years of hard work have long gone, and a considerable number of them have long been used to this kind of thing. A happy and stable life wrapped in sugar-coated shells, how can you withstand such hard times!

In the next hour, everyone stays absent-mindedly in their posts, waiting for the passage of time, but the pointer of this time seems to be against them. When you want it to run faster, it climbs slower than a snail. Some people have long been impatient and look at their watches frequently, as if they seem to look at more. It will run faster next time.

The leading woman also raised her hand and looked at her watch. It was 4:50, and a new dawn was about to come. Maybe he really withdrew after reading the letter and cancelled the plan? Thinking of this, he reached out and called Wang Gui and ordered, "Let the original duty officer come back and stand guard. The others are dispersed. Go back to have a good rest and wait for orders."

The person called Wang Gui nod respectfully, smiled, and then turned around and left.

At dawn, because the sun came out later in winter, the sky and the earth were still dark, out of nowhere, making people miss the warmth of the quilt, with the exception of a group of people, who are the black panther led by Lei Shaochen.

It is said that after drinking last night, they called Brian. After the five of them made a new deployment to the rescue plan, they stayed in the dark night and waited for a good time. In the cold winter, the north wind blew through their ears. After a night of cold wind, their hands and feet were a little stiff, but they noticed the heavy guards of St. John's Church. They were alone and did not dare to break through. They could only wait until they left. Otherwise, no matter how many people they had, they could not beat their opponents. I'm afraid Before entering the inside of St. John's Church, it was completely destroyed by the other party!

Now I finally see the moonlight, and see waves of people coming out of it with tired faces, guessing that their internal deployment has been completely relaxed. This is the best time for them to start. Several people hiding in the dark quietly gestured, jumped lightly, and divided into two teams. One team entered through the sewer, one team crossed through the fence next to the church, and then converged in the aisle on the first floor. Long Yi was fully responsible for entering the monitoring room to solve the problem of the monitoring personnel inside, so that they would not find that they would ring the alarm and expose their whereabouts.

Just as their group approached the imprisoned basement, a group of people in black suddenly rushed out of the dark road next to them. The leading woman was covered with a black cloth, which made people unable to see her appearance clearly. However, the heroic eyebrows and the pair of bright eyes were fierce and sharp. Li is no less than a man!

"Hall, no one is allowed to move!" The leading woman raised her pistol at them, and the message in her eyes was that if you dare to move, you would be killed in an instant!

The five men raised their hands to show surrender and slowly turned around, but their hearts secretly speculated about the other party's background and quickly made a judgment in their hearts. Before the corners of the woman's mouth could spread, the five people quickly pulled out their pistols and confronted the opposite man in black. The situation suddenly became tense. For a moment, no one had the upper hand, and no one was willing to bet on their lives.

" hand over the keys quickly." Long Yi shouted fiercely.

The leading woman sneered: "Key? You are all in trouble, and you still want to save people. It's simply delusional. I don't know what to say!" The words drifted coldly to the crowd, but her eyes never left Hao Yidong.

Hao Yidong's expression suddenly changed: she turned out to be the woman who bumped into him in the afternoon!

"Who the hell are you?" Hao Yidong asked involuntarily.

"It doesn't matter who I am. You should care about whether you have a life or not." The lower half of the woman's face was covered, but the sarcastic meaning had rippled between her eyebrows.

"Well, it's not certain who will die!" Lei Shaochen half narrowed his eyes, and his blood-red eyes were ferocious and bloodthirsty. In order to be quiet, he could do anything, and he dared to fight no matter how dangerous it was! This is a kind of fearlessness.

A woman is a little guilty when he stares at her. No matter how powerful she is, she is just a woman. However, the experience of life has made her have a cold and invulnerable face, and she can perfectly cover up her emotions under any circumstances.

"You are blindly measuring yourself!"

When Long Yi took advantage of their words, she quietly moved her hand to the inside of the windbreaker, took out a * from it, and threw it at the other party without mercy. The leading woman ran away as soon as she saw that the situation was not right. Long Yi smiled proudly but wildly. A woman actually wanted to be with him beyond her ability. We don't know whether to live or die!

While riding the smoke, several people cooperated and quickly pried open the lock. Lei Shaochen's injured Hu Linglong quickly fled to the other side of the prison room. Before that, they had investigated that the other end of the prison room was another block. As long as they blew up the wall, they could escape. God...

Of course, the woman led by

also knew this, but she didn't chase them anymore. The temporary defeat meant anything. In fact, they could save Hu Linglong from her. More or less, there was something they deliberately did in it. Maybe if they couldn't get it, they could get it from the Panther. Maybe!

Smile at the fleeing people. Although they are not charming, they are also charming!