President, be careful of love

Chapter 120 Battle 15

After Lei Shaochen and others settled Hu Linglong down, several people surrounded her with solemn faces and waited for her to wake up.

Everyone looks thoughtful, especially Hao Yidong. His doubts are stronger than others. From the letter he received on the street yesterday to the meeting last night, how could he not notice the strangeness of the woman who called the dream, but he couldn't think of any information about her, as if she were a It's like a person who emerges out of thin air.

"Yidong, do you know the woman in the prison?" Zhang Yimo broke the silence first.

Hao Yidong shook his head helplessly and said, "I don't know it. This is also something I've been confused about. Yesterday's letter was also written by her, but I don't know the woman named Meng in my memory."

"Will it be the romantic debt you provoked before?" Dragon Wing asked half jokingly and half seriously.

"You think I'm you!" Hao Yidong stared at Longyi with bad intentions and muttered.

"Well, just kidding, I don't think you will provoke such a woman no matter how stupid you are!"

"It's good to know. By the way, Lei Shao, Hu Linglong has also been rescued, but we still can't find any news from Chen Jingyi. What should we do?" Hao Yidong turned to Lei Shaochen and asked.

"Meet Master Wang and Mark tonight to see if they can get some clues from their mouths." Lei Shaochen was thoughtful.

"Can they go to the appointment?" Hao Yidong frowned.

"I have my own way." Lei Shaochen smiled coldly and his eyes were calm and comfortable.

"What can I do?" Zhang Yimo asked curiously.

"You will know then."

"Shaochen, I heard that Thomas of the Yamaguchi Group is also here. Do you want to make an appointment together?" Dragon Wing inquired.

"Of course." Lei Shaochen's unquestionable tone.

"lei-shao-chen?" A faint voice came from **, and everyone turned around and looked at Hu Linglong, who was awake.

"Are you awake?!" Lei Shaochen said.

"Did you save me?" Hu Linglong's eyes were full of disbelief and doubt.

"Yes." Lei Shaochen replied briefly.


"Thank you, and Jingyi is missing. I don't know if you have any clues?" Lei Shaochen said.

"What? How did she disappear? How long have you been missing? Hu Linglong suddenly raised her voice and couldn't suppress the worry and concern in her eyes.

"We have been missing for nearly half a month, and we have received neither kidnapping nor extortion." Lei Shaochen answered truthfully.

"..." Hu Linglong suddenly fell into meditation.

"How can international terrorist organizations lock you up?" Dragon Wing interrupted and asked.

"Because I let Lei Shaochen go." Hu Linglong answered calmly.

"Such a simple reason? So what's the secret they want to get out of your mouth? Long Yi nailed the key point.

"Secret?" Hu Linglong's eyes suddenly narrowed, and there seemed to be a trace of defense hidden in it. "Do you really want to know?"

"Of course." Long Yi admitted it directly.

"It's okay to tell you!" Hu Linglong paused for a moment and continued to say, "Ten years ago, the Bright Star was found by us and I was responsible for transporting it. As a result, it encountered wind and waves during transportation. The whole ship sank into the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Almost all the people on the ship were killed. Only a few people survived. Because this was a natural and man-made disaster, above There is no way to blame us. This matter was stranded, but recently, someone suddenly reported that I took advantage of my position to enrich my own pockets and embezzled the bright star, so they imprisoned me and forced me to confess. Speaking of the end, Hu Linglong's eyes dimmed, as if she was afraid of worrying about something, and perhaps after suffering inhuman torture, everyone would have lingering fear.

"So you didn't embezzle the bright star, that is, the legendary blood diamond with a secret weapon preparation method?" Zhang Yimo stared at Hu Linglong fiercely, and his aggressive momentum was undoubtedly obvious.

"Do you also think I stole the blood diamond?" Hu Linglong looked surprised.

"It's not that you don't believe it, but something so important. How can you not protect it well?" Zhang Yimo analyzed.

"Or do you intend to let it sink into the Bermuda sea with the ship?" The dragon wing playfully raised the corners of his mouth to make a conclusion.

"Anyway, blood diamonds no longer exist in this world. Don't bother to find them. Everything has its own will." Hu Linglong said lightly, and her calm expression made people unable to see the true feelings in her heart.

"Maybe." Zhang Yimo echoed thoughtfully.

"We plan to gather with the leaders of several organizations tonight and try to find out Chen Jingyi's whereabouts from them." Lei Shaochen suddenly changed the topic.

"Okay, then prepare well and go back first if you have nothing to do. I want to take a break." After saying that, Hu Linglong didn't wait for everyone to react. She pulled the quilt directly, closed her eyes and pretended to fall in. Seeing her tired look, they couldn't say anything. They looked at each other and retreated.

When the room calmed down, Hu Linglong slowly opened her eyes. Her dark red eyes were full of tears. Jingyi, her Jingyi, where the hell are you? It's my mother who is sorry for you. Maybe my mother shouldn't have left you, but if I have been with you all the time, it will bring you misfortune. Over the years, my mother has tried her best to keep a distance from you, and she didn't even have the courage to peek at you. I'm afraid that after taking a look, she will be reluctant and want to see you. Second eye, third eye... In the end, I can't help leaving you and... Yi Tang, the only person she has loved in her life! But if I want to be with you, it will bring you a dangerous or even devastating blow at any time. I can't be so selfish. I can't be greedy to have the happiness of my family after abandoning you, even if it will hurt you. No, she can't do it. Jingyi, you must be fine and wait for your mother. , waiting for mom to find you.....

Tears are like broken beads. The first one slips down, the second one, and the third one can no longer be suppressed and surged out, just like their day and night, wet their faces, then pillows, and finally the completely wet heart.


A man and a woman are chasing at the seaside in casual clothes, with a sweet smile on the girl's face, playful and cute.

"Uncle, look, I picked up a super beautiful shell!" The girl happily raised a unique shell with her hand to show off. The sun came through her back and reflected a faint halo behind her. The slight sea breeze blew up her long vertical hair, making Taylor lose her mind for a while. She was still a beautiful girl, pure and lovely!

"Uncle, come and have a look. It's so beautiful. Can I give it to you?"

"Well, let me see, it's really beautiful! Our Bella is awesome!" Taylor dotingly praised the quietness in front of him.

"Well, then you have to reward me!" The girl blinked her innocent eyes and looked at him cunningly and smiled.

Taylor looked at her little face that was red by the wind, and her heart throbbed. Her hands stretched out and pulled her into her arms. Before Jingyi came to her senses, Taylor's gentle kiss fell down, extremely lingering. The gentle touch was soft and ambiguous, but extremely sweet, quiet. Yi was kissed by him to be delicate/shy, gently leaned into his arms, and his whole body was completely attached to his arms. Since she woke up, the uncle has always kissed her emotionally. At first, she was not used to it and felt embarrassed, but since the uncle said that they were married, the wife could not resist or even refuse her husband's enthusiasm, otherwise he would be very sad. She doesn't want the uncle to be sad. She doesn't want him to be sad. The uncle is her only relative now. She is afraid that the uncle will be angry and ignore her. In that case, she will feel very nervous and scared, as if she is an abandoned child. She doesn't rely on anyone to love her. That's very pitiful. So she wants to make her uncle happy, and the way to make him happy is to kiss.

As a normal man, Taylor will certainly not be satisfied with a child's home-like kiss. He picks up the person in his arms, never leaves her pink face, calmly walks towards their home, and walks up the stairs step by step until he puts the person in his arms into the soft big **. He gently He bent down, and his breath began to warm up, muttering softly, "Bella, my dear Bella." The hot breath blew in her ear, itchy and comfortable, and seemed to bring a trace of tremor. She noticed that the person under her seemed to gradually relax. Taylor put her hand further into her body to touch her softness. The strange touch immediately made her tremble**, and her mouth said, "Ye. ...... Well..." The bang. These gentle kisses, like a reminder/agent, prompted the male hormones on Taylor's body to surge in his mind. Gradually, he also sank into her gentle hometown. His breath began to be chaotic, and his hands rubbed/handling her two buds harder, and his thick big hands kept going down and gradually moved to her thighs. Gently stroked, Taylor saw that the person under him did not refuse and continued to move forward. Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. Taylor wanted to pretend to ignore it, but Jingyi in his arms gently pushed him and said, "Go and answer the phone, uncle."

Taylor paused for a moment and finally got up reluctantly and asked the other side of the phone with a little resentment, "What's going on?"

There was a lot of talk on the phone, and Taylor replied angrily, "Okay, I know. If there is nothing special in the future, just do it. Don't disturb me." After saying that, he hung up the phone angrily. Turning around and looking at the girl who was **, she didn't know when she had tied up her clothes. She was looking at him mischievously and said with a smile, "Uncle is so fierce!"

"It's not fierce to our dear Bella."

"Has that uncle ever been mean to me?"

"Of course not. It's too late for me to love you." Taylor stretched out her hand and pinched her little face as she spoke, frowned slightly, "You've lost weight again, my Bella, what do you want for lunch today?"

"I don't know. Why don't we cook together? OK?" Jingyi looked at Taylor expectantly.

"Okay, let's go downstairs to cook."

Jingyi clapped her hands happily and cheered, "Uncle, let's cook together!" Joyful laughter filled the whole room...