President, be careful of love

Chapter 130 Escape 5

When Jingyi saw the priest smiling so brightly, she felt uneasy: "Why are you laughing?"

"I want to laugh."

"Oh." Jingyi muttered softly.

The two of them talked to each other like this. Not long after, she had almost had dinner, touched her round stomach, and felt satisfied that it was completely written on her face.

"Isn't it boring for you to live here?" Jingyi seemed to suddenly think of something and asked. She felt that life here was quite boring. There was no prosperity of the city, no computer, no mobile phone, or even a TV. So how do they usually pass the time?


"So what do you usually do besides work?" She couldn't help asking curiously.


"singing and dancing?" Jingyi tilted her head and thought about it. It seemed to be fun.

"It must be fun." She paused for a moment and continued.

"Are you-happy-happy-?" The priest looked at the brilliance and desire bursting out of her eyes and asked.

Jingyi shook his head and said, "I don't know. Maybe I liked it very much before." After saying this, her expression suddenly dimmed, and there seemed to be unknown sadness in the dark.


Jingyi came to her senses and smiled faintly: "I lost my memory." He pointed to his brain and said, "It's hurt here, so I forgot what happened before."

The priest nodded thoughtfully. Later, when the two talked about something, she was not impressed. She only remembered that she was getting more and more sleepy. Later, the priest seemed to leave, and she fell down to rest on Mu**. At first, she was a little scared and tried to open her eyes and be vigilant. Later, the upper and lower eyelids fought very fiercely. In the end, she was still invincible. After the call of Lord Zhou, he fell asleep. I just slept uneasily and woke up in the middle of the night by a low sob. Before she could wake up, the priest asked her to get up quickly: "We were attacked by wolves. Get up quickly and hide."

When she heard that it was a wolf attack, she had no idea. Later, she thought about it, wolf? There are wolves here! Then he began to panic, starting from ** and hiding behind the priest. The priest opened the vines from the cabin and looked outside. He saw more than a dozen wolves stared closely at the tree. Jingyi looked along the sight of the wolves and found that several indigenous people stood on the tree at some point. They held wooden arrows and were ready to go.

The wolves looked up at the indigenous people on the tree and quietly divided into several groups, scattering the trees surrounding the indigenous people. Unexpectedly, two wolves still came towards their cabin. Jingyi's heart suddenly raised their throat and leaned against the priest nervously. The priest did not object to her, but raised his eyebrows and quietly took out a sharp knife from the stone bench next to him. Looking at the silver knife, Jingyi smacked his tongue: It turns out that they also have such modern weapons! It seems that she misunderstood them and thought they only had wooden arrows and so on. When she arrived at the door, the two wolves stopped very tacitly and roared in a low voice. Jingyi became more and more nervous. Now they are only two meters away from the two wolves at most, and she was so scared that she almost fainted! The priest looked back at Jingyi, who was a little trembling, and gently patted her on the shoulder, suggesting that she should not be afraid. She nodded gently, but her slightly trembling lips still showed her inner fear. The priest frowned slightly and stared at the wolf. Jingyi almost dared not look in the direction of the two wolves. Their bright green eyes seemed to penetrate everything, full of domineering and tears, which made people tremble without fighting! Those faint eyes stared at each other, making people feel cold and trembling.

A wolf first tentatively pushed the uncold wooden door, and then opened a gap. The other wolf stood behind it, motionless. Fortunately, they hid behind the door, otherwise the actions just now were enough to have a panoramic view of them. Just before they could come, the wolf standing in front broke into the door, quickly swept around the room, and finally fell on them.

The wolf standing at the door has not moved. It stood at the door, and the priest frowned unhappily. The damn wolves are really smart animals. Every time they cooperate with each other's actions, making them unpredictable! If it's okay for him to do it alone now, but the problem is that there is still this woman around him. I'm afraid it's not easy to get out. While staring at the wolf, he shouted outside, "Bamo, come in and help."

The man who was called Bamo casually answered, "As much as possible." Their current situation is not optimistic. Although they are on the tree and the wolves can't attack, the problem is that they don't have a chance to go down. If they continue like this, when they are tired, I'm afraid they will be tired of attacking again. And now several strong and fierce wolves have been hitting the tree where they are located. It was not a very thick tree. After their impact again and again, the trees began to shake to a certain extent, but in the face of these more than ten wolves, if they unfortunately fall under the tree, I'm afraid they won't even have bones left!

The priest stared at the wolf who looked at him for a moment. The two sides seemed to be engaged in a contest, as if as long as anyone relaxed, he would be the loser! Jingyi desperately searched for ways to deal with the wolves in her mind, but searched her whole brain without getting any information. It seemed that either she had forgotten or she had not learned this knowledge at all.

The wolf who looked at the priest gently took a step forward. The priest half narrowed his eyes and met it more sharply, and his front foot also took a step forward! It can be said to be tit-for-tat! Jingyi, who had been leaning on him, did not expect that he would suddenly move. He suddenly lost his center of gravity, stabbed forward and violently hit the priest. The priest was almost knocked forward by him. Fortunately, he had a very steady posture!

Jingyi, who was scared out of a cold sweat, shouted in horror: "Ah!" Sharp and crisp! This sharp female shout echoed in this ethereal forest for a long time and spread far away. Hearing this sharp cry, the wolf in the cabin seemed to be a little touched and unconsciously retreated two steps! Seeing this, the priest turned his eyes and said to Jingyi behind him, "You shout again!"

"What?" Jingyi is confused.

"It seems useful to shout like just now!"

"Oh." Jingyi answered in a daze. Then he opened his throat and shouted, "Ah!!!" This time, the shouting was several times more tragic than before. The wolf of the cabin retreated towards the house, and the priest had no choice but to retreat to the door, but there was also a wolf at the door, which they seemed to forget. Jingyi, who has been focusing on shouting, didn't pay attention. It's just the wolf who put his eyes tightly in the room. Suddenly, the two wolves looked at each other and rushed to them at the same time. The priest only cared about the wolf in front of him. When he pulled out a sharp knife and scratched the skin of the wolf coming to his face, he suddenly found that the back was also attacked by the wolf. Seeing that the sharp wolf teeth were about to pierce into Jingyi's body, the priest stretched out his hand vigorously. He pushed Jingyi and pushed her aside. Jingyi, who was frightened, opened his eyes and looked at the wolf's teeth deeply pierced into the priest's arm. Jingyi was simply scared and screamed in despair: "No! Don't!" Don't be sad and desperate! It seems that the world has stopped at this moment, leaving only this emotional cry.

Jingyi saw that the wolf still bit the priest tightly and looked at the house confusedly. Suddenly, she saw the sharp knife pulled by the priest's hand. Like crazy, she grabbed the sharp knife in his hand and stabbed the wolf fiercely. The stung wolf Then he reluctantly let go of the priest and grabbed the door and left. Jingyi didn't care about the situation outside, so she immediately squatted beside him and asked with concern, "How are you?" Your arm is bleeding. Panic voice, scared and nervous.

The priest opened his eyes weakly and looked at her and grinned: "It's okay." But he just said that he had nothing to do and fainted.

Jingyi held him fragilely, holding his bleeding part with his hands randomly but tightly, and tears couldn't stop flowing down: "You must be fine, you must be fine, okay."

The indigenous people outside rushed in, and Bamo hugged the bleeding priest and walked out. Jingyi wanted to follow her, but the other indigenous people grabbed her, suggesting that she stayed. In the end, Jingyi had to stay, but she couldn't let go of that hanging heart! He was injured because he saved her! She can see the long wolf teeth clearly, as long as a little finger, sharp, so deep, and shed so much blood...

After such a period of toss, Jingyi stayed up to dawn, and her heart was full of guilt and emotion. Perhaps the indigenous people are not bad, which is her conclusion after a night of thinking.

After dawn, a strange indigenous man brought her food. She wanted to inquire about the whereabouts and injuries of the priest, but the other party didn't say anything. She put down the food and left. Jingyi had to eat boringly and feel down in her heart. This day was spent in all kinds of wild thoughts.

On the fourth day, when she opened her eyes in the morning, she suddenly saw the familiar figure. She was extremely happy. She jumped up and pulled his arm and exclaimed, "Are you all right?"

"Ye." It still looks faint.

"Thank you for saving me!" Jingyi is generous and generous.

"You're welcome."

"Ah, you speak faster!" Jingyi is as excited as discovering the New World.

"Eat quickly. After eating, I'll take you to a place."

"Good." Jingyi responded happily, as long as he didn't die, that's good. At this moment, she is very happy, as if she is sweeter than drinking honey.