President, be careful of love

Chapter 152 Beauty Saves Heroes

Swam out of breath and swam to the island. The dragon wing roughly took off his coat and twisted the water hard. It was early spring and night, and it was still a little cold. Now the most urgent thing is to warm the body and do it. With the faint moonlight, the dragon wing began to walk into the depths of the island.

This is an island, which is actually more like a huge rock. There are almost no plants on the whole island, so he didn't find much firewood after wandering around, but he found a good thing!

There is a bonfire on the east side of the island, and there is a tent next to it! Judging from the shadow outside the tent, there must be someone inside the tent! As long as there is someone, it will be easy to do!

When Long Yi thought of this, a hope rose in his heart, and his pace involuntarily became brisk.

But the people in the tent don't think so.

She slept vaguely and suddenly heard a noisy footsteps. She immediately woke up from her sleep and gently moved her hand to the pistol next to the pillow. No matter what happened to her and wanted to invade her, I'm afraid there was no good fruit to eat.

Long Yi stood in front of the tent with some hesitation, thinking about how to open his mouth at this time...

A beautiful female voice suddenly sounded in the tent: "Who is standing outside?" What's going on?"

As soon as Longyi heard that she was a girl, his defense and nervousness suddenly relaxed. He immediately said respectfully, "Miss, I'm a crew member who unfortunately fell into the water. I have drifted here. I hope I can borrow your bonfire."

"Do you have anything to mortgage?"


"If not, please leave."

"Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute." Long Yi began to rumm through his pockets inside and outside, but there was nothing else but the wet mobile phone.

He put his mobile phone in front of the tent a little weakly and said, "Sorry, this is the only thing I have."

"A scrapped mobile phone is equivalent to garbage!" The woman refused coldly. In fact, she didn't really want to collect anything from him. She just wanted to take this opportunity to see if he had weapons hidden. Judging from his situation just now, it could be included in the security category, but he had already said that he had to stick to it.

"But I don't have anything else on me. Miss, you won't be saved, will you?"

"I clearly see that there is something on you..."

Is there one more thing? Long Yi lowered his head and looked at his clothes again. Suddenly, he understood what the other party meant. It turned out that the other party took a fancy to the jade pendant on his neck.

"But this was given to me by my mother. She told me to give it to my future daughter-in-law." Long Yi held the jade pendant in one hand and was a little reluctant.

"..." The woman in the tent became silent.

"Well, it's so difficult, and I can't care so much about it. Here you are." Finally, the dragon wing took off the jade pendant on his neck and handed it to the tent.

The girl in the tent looked at the zipper of the tent and stretched out half her head. The two officially met.

"It's you!" The two of them screamed at the same time!

"Oh, why are you here?" Long Yi's question was a little serious.

"Let's relax and watch the sunrise."

"Aren't you afraid of danger?" Long Yi looked at her attentively and asked.

"No one came to this place at all, but you, how did you appear here? Being hunted down?"

"Do I look like I've been hunted down?" The dragon wing smiled badly.

"Like, it's enough." A little awkwardly seen by him, Angela turned her head shyly and stopped looking at the dragon wings.

Suddenly, Angela seemed to think of something again, staring at the dragon wing doubtfully. Her eyes instantly became hidden and focused, and she took a deep breath: "Are you being chased by the ghost?"

"Do you also know ghosts?" I was surprised to change the dragon's wings this time.

"I know more or less." Angela answered lightly. How could she not know the ghost? They had dinner together, okay?

There was a time when she didn't want to be involved in the underworld, so she traveled alone and accidentally arrived at the island controlled by the ghost. The ghost did not embarrass her and established a little friendship with her. Later, he tried his best to invite her to stay to help him, but at that time, she was not in the mood to work and just wanted to empty herself. Later, he asked her to leave... It was on the way back that she met this small island. Later, she came here for a day or two to enjoy the quietness and tranquility of no one.

Sometimes, there are too many complicated lives, but they advocate simplicity.

"It's true, it's a hacker anyway." Long Yi said as he took off his clothes and put them next to the fire.

"What are you doing?" Angela suddenly covered her face and screamed.

"Drying the clothes... You haven't seen a man**, have you?" Long Yi has a strong interest in her shy appearance.

"Who said I haven't seen it!"

"Have you really seen it? No matter how I look at it, I think you look like an unrivaled virgin.

"Wake your clothes quickly, and bring your jade pendant!"

"Do you really want it?" Long Yi suddenly became serious and stared at Angela tightly.

"This is a mortgage!" Angela responded hatefully.

"Then close your eyes first!" Long Yi said.


"I have to take off my clothes first!" Long Yi answered angrily.

Angela had to close her eyes obediently.

The dragon wing did not take off his clothes, but untied the jade pendant on his neck, stared at the moonlight for a long time, and then looked at Angela's beautiful melon seed face. He slowly moved to her and gently tied the pendant around her neck.

Angela felt his movements, gently opened her eyes, and found that her head happened to be leaning against his thick chest. The unique masculine smell penetrated into her nose, which only made her feel a sudden throbbing, a little dizzy, and her eyes became blurred.

"Honey, it seems that I can only marry you in the future." Dragon Wing suddenly leaned against her earlobe and exhaled gently. The warm breath penetrated into her eardrums and attacked her ** fragile nerves. She was almost melting into this ethereal and demaging voice.

However, the figure in her memory is still as strong as before, and Simon's impression is still active in her brain, so clear and so prominent, just like he is still alive. They are just a temporary separation. Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, they will meet again, get together, and then join hands for a lifetime.

"Don't make such a joke, it's not funny at all." She gently pushed away, stood up, and looked at the faint crimson on the sea level. The sun was about to come out.

"There is a person living in your heart, and I can see it." Long Yi looked at her slightly sad eyes and looked at her slightly frown. Unexpectedly, there was an impulse to smooth them down.

"See, then stay away from me!" Angela said calmly, but there was clearly choking and sadness in her voice.

"If you want to cry, cry out!" Long Yi walked behind her and looked at her trembling body because of forbearance.

"..." Angela stopped talking and couldn't speak, and her tears had fallen.

Simon in memory.

The words he said, every inch of hair he stroked, the beauty he painted.

In the end, it became a heavy pain in my memory.

If you really love someone, maybe that's it.

Long Yi knew that she needed space, so she quietly retreated aside and focused on baking her clothes. Later, when the sleepiness came, he leaned against the bonfire and took a nap.

It was not until a strong smell of food invaded his nose that he woke up lazily.

He looked around and didn't see Angela, but there was a small pot of instant noodles stirred in the pot next to him, and there were wooden chopsticks next to him. Dragon wings had long been coveted by this fragrant noodles. At this time, he didn't care so much. He used a small wooden stick to pass through the two hands of the pot and put the instant noodles from the fire. He picked it down from the pile, picked up the wooden chopsticks next to him, began to devour it, and finally didn't even let go of the soup!

He dares to swear that this is definitely the best noodle he has ever eaten in his life!

After eating, he leaned lazily on the rock to take a nap. Enjoying the sunshine in the early morning, there is a feeling of happiness in my heart.

But before this feeling of happiness could be deeply felt, it was broken by a sharp female voice: "Hey, you have gone too far! Unexpectedly, he ate all the instant noodles alone!" Angela came back and looked at the pot of instant noodles, and there was no soup left. She was almost crazy.

"Get up quickly! You are a big bad guy with a beast! I ate all the noodles by myself, so what should I eat? You!" Angela shook the dragon wings lying on the ground crazily and almost torn him to pieces angrily.

"Well, don't be angry. How do I know that you only have a bag of instant noodles? Hey, you really should prepare more food on such a desert island. How can you blame me!"

"Hey, you still think it's reasonable to steal other people's food! Hurry up and pay me for instant noodles!"

"Oc, I'll go back and compensate you 100 packs!"

"Well, what's the use of going back and compensating me 100 bags! I'm starving to death now! If I had known you were such a person, I would have let you die cold on this isolated island!"

"You didn't save me unconditionally. Think about my jade pendant, you still earned it! Also, your noodles are ready, why do you go away... If you look at this noodle tightly, how can I have a chance..." At the end of the words, Long Yi's voice was obviously weak.

"I walked away to catch a few small fish."

"Did you catch it?"

"Do you think I'm a fish catcher?" Angela flattened her mouth and asked.

Originally, I thought he wanted to eat, so I planned to go down and see if he could catch some fish or something. But not only did he not catch fish, but he couldn't even eat instant noodles! What a bad encounter!

Hearing this, the dragon wing jumped up and walked down the rock gracefully.

"Hey, what are you doing? You don't want to steal my boat, do you?"

"Wait here, and I'll find food for you." Long Yi shouted at her without looking back.

After saying that, he raised the corners of his mouth and walked confidently to the seaside.