President, be careful of love

Chapter 177 Averting Risk

After all, Dr. Li has been an obstetrician and gynecologist for more than 20 years, and she probably guessed something about Jingyi's expression.

However, she didn't say anything directly, but changed the topic lightly: "Children are the best and most holy gift from God, and welcoming the arrival of a new life is our most exciting moment as a doctor. Watching them grow from a small dot to a baby, we enjoy the joy of life with every pregnant woman.

Jingyi nodded as if she didn't understand, but her eyes seemed to be hazy by a layer of fog, and she looked a little confused.

"Dr. Li, can I ask you something?" Jingyi raised her head and looked at Dr. Li with a pair of eager eyes. Now, she was very confused and didn't know whether to leave the child or not, but before she thought about it clearly, she could not be known by Lei Shaochen, otherwise, there was only one result.

Dr. Li nodded kindly and motioned Jingyi to go down.

She swallowed her saliva and a pair of clear hands tightly grabbed the leaflet on the operating table: "Can you keep me secret about my pregnancy? I haven't decided whether to do it or not, but I divorced him, and he..." She couldn't say the next words. How could she say that she was pregnant with Lei Shaochen's child, but the other party must let her kill her? It's good to know such cruel words in my heart, so naked to tell outsiders, as if to show the bloody wound to others again to make yourself feel pain again.

"Miss Chen, with all due respect, since you don't want him to know that you want this child in your heart, maybe you just need time to accept this fact. Secondly, about concealing this matter..."

"Dr. Li, I know that this is not in line with the rules of the hospital. Don't worry, I will bear all the responsibilities by myself. I will deal with it well and will never affect the hospital and your reputation." Jingyi was afraid that Dr. Li would not agree, so she hurriedly interrupted.

Dr. Li smiled faintly: "Miss Chen, you misunderstood me. As a doctor, we will never make decisions that are dangerous to patients. If you want to keep this child, we will keep it secret for you according to your will, but are you sure that this matter can be hidden from him? Dr. Li's meaning is obvious. Even if she hides it for her now, her stomach will grow day by day. At that time, she can't hide it. It's like a piece of paper on fire, and any cover-up is just futile.

Dr. Li's words made her fall into meditation. Yes, even if Dr. Li didn't say anything, as long as he stayed in City A, he always had a way to know the truth. Why didn't she think of this?

"Mr. Lei, the patient is being examined. You can't break in casually!" The nurse on duty tried to stop the impatience of waiting, and Lei Shaochen, who rushed into the testing room, had no choice but to stop him. How could a weak nurse stop him?

He vigorously pushed the nurse away. He seemed to be in a no man's land. Hearing the movement, Jingyi tidy up his clothes and came out calmly. The two happened to meet in the middle. Jingyi could still see the anger on his face, but he didn't understand why he suddenly became so fierce, as if someone had provoked him. His eyes were round, like an angry bull, revealing a dangerous atmosphere.

"This is a hospital. Can you follow the rules of the hospital?" Jingyi looked at him angrily and looked very contemptuous of his excessive behavior. He not only affected other patients, but also disturbed the doctors. This man never seems to think about problems from the standpoint of others. No matter what he does, he is domineering according to his own rules!

"Woman, don't you know that in my world, the rules are determined by me? Come on, how are the results of the inspection!" He looked down at her arrogantly, like a king standing at the top of the world, and she, like a puppet dominated by him, has no right to speak or protest. The only thing he can do is to abide by his rules and become his vassal?

When did she become so cowardly? No, she has to become a strong man so that she can protect the child in her belly! Whether you want to give birth to him or not, it should be up to you!

She bravely met his eyes, and the two of them faced each other without hesitation. The temperature in the air suddenly rose, as if there was a force ready to go!

"The results of the inspection have nothing to do with you! We are divorced, aren't we? Even if you are pregnant with a child, it is impossible for you Lei Shaochen to belong to it!" Her fearless eyes were full of majesty, standing proudly opposite him, with her own posture.

Dr. Li heard this inside and knew that it was time to come forward to solve the problems between them. Take off the mask and come out with a faint smile.

"Miss Chen, your report is out."

Before Jingyi could react, Lei Shaochen stepped forward to grab the report sheet and stared at every word on it.

At this time, one of her hearts seemed to be pressed, so nervous that she couldn't breathe. The air pressure suddenly decreased, and a sultry and depressed feeling arose spontaneously.

Her little hand held tightly and was very annoyed. How could she choose to believe Dr. Li so easily? She has such a good friendship with Lei Shaotang, and she is also a famous doctor at Zhang's General Hospital. She was hired by Zhang Yimo. How could she offend Lei Shaochen for herself? If you offend Lei Shaochen, you won't give Zhang Yimo face. The interests in this are clear!

It's all her recklessness. She closed her eyes a little and waited for the storm to come...

But the storm did not come as scheduled.

Lei Shaochen looked at the results of the report and twisted her eyebrows tightly: no obvious gestational sac was found...

That is, he is not pregnant. I don't know why, when he saw such a result, a sense of loss rose in his heart. Why did he feel lost? Do you want her to give birth to their children? Do you still expect anything from her in your heart? Even if she is a woman who can do her best, don't you mind?

No!!! Lei Shaochen angrily pinched the report sheet into a ball, threw the paper ball into the trash can next to him, and turned away angrily!!! From beginning to end, he didn't even look at her, as if she was just a passer-by, a person who had nothing to do with him! When Jingyi saw him leave silently, she was full of doubts and couldn't help running to the trash can, picking out the paper ball inside, and spreading it flat with trembling hands.

"No obvious gestational sac was found?" Jingyi whispered the results on the report sheet with doubt and looked at Dr. Li with question marks in her eyes.

"Miss Chen, go back and have a good rest. Think about what I said. Dr. Li did not answer her questions directly, but asked her to go back and think about it.

Jingyi looked at Dr. Li gratefully and nodded sincerely: "Dr. Li, thank you. I will think about it."

After saying goodbye to Dr. Li, she walked quietly on the road, thinking about the problem that Dr. Li had just hinted at her, and was a little upset...

When I got home by taxi, I remembered that my wallet and mobile phone were still in the underwear store. Oh, my God, fat girl!!!

"Chen Jingyi, you have gone too much! Unexpectedly, I ran away by myself, so I have been looking for you in the underwear store for a long time! I have to bring back such a lot of things for you!"

After she got out of the car, she originally planned to ask Zhao Yiting to send her money to pay for the car. Unexpectedly, the fat girl happened to be on the roadside. Before her feet landed from the taxi, the fat girl crackled at her.

Jingyi lowered her head apologetically and smiled brightly: "Well, fat girl, I'm sorry, I've encountered something urgent. Hehe, I haven't paid for the car yet."

"Well, next time you leave me alone, I will definitely catch you to the zoo to feed the tiger." The fat girl scolded, but she still righteously took out the car money from her wallet and handed it to the driver.

"Okay, don't be angry, I'll treat you to dinner tonight! Have a seafood feast, OK?" Jingyi snuggled up to her and asked for her advice flatteringly. She knew that fat girls like seafood the most. As long as they eat delicious seafood, any grudges can be written off...

"You said!!!"

Sure enough, the fat girl hooked up, and Jingyi's hanging heart finally settled down.

But the next second, the fat girl's face changed: "You can't eat seafood..."

"Why?" Damn fat girl, do you want to embarrass her?

"Che Enjun said he would take us to a place tonight. You must accompany me!"

"Where is it?" Jingyi breathed a sigh of relief and asked.

The fat girl deliberately aroused her appetite and raised her eyebrows: "You will know tonight. Remember to wait for me at home, and I'll pick you up!"

Jingyi raised her hand to look at the time and frankly pointed out, "It's almost five o'clock. Don't go back. Sit here with me and we'll go there together."

"Well..." The fat girl thought for a few seconds and simply agreed, "I think it's okay. Let's go in."

Split line...

"Fat girl, where are we going?" Sitting in the car, Jingyi asked the fat girl anxiously. The fat girl blinked and said, "I really don't know. Che Enjun will lead us there then."

"Eh, driver, stop at the square in front of you."

As soon as the two got out of the car, Che Enjun greeted him: "Two beauties, please get in the car."

The fat girl after sitting down touched the cool sports car and exclaimed: "Che Enjun, where did you get the sports car?"

"My boyfriend's!" Che Enjun proudly announced.

The fat girl exclaimed repeatedly: "Kid, you are so awesome that you are so rich and handsome! Jingyi, you don't know that his boyfriend is really super handsome!!!"

Cheongjun knocked on her head: "Don't be crazy. If you dare to dig corners, I won't let you go!"

Jingyi listened to their conversation and smiled: "Che Enjun, your boyfriend likes beautiful men of your type, how can Hongxing come out of the wall with women? There is something serious wrong with this logic!!!"

Che Enjun glanced at Jingyi and looked full of contempt: "Don't you know that there are people in this world who are bisexual?"

What an ignorant guy!

Jingyi was dumbfounded and was so surprised that she even forgot to close her mouth...

It took several seconds to react and asked with trembling lips, "Shouldn't you be..." Oh, my God, I had an affair with him before, which stimulated Lei Shaochen...

"Of course not!!!" Che Enjun shouted dissatisfiedly! Why is this woman so stupid!!!