President, be careful of love

Chapter 178 The world is too fantastic

"Isn't it? Do you need to be so wronged?" Jingyi glanced at him angrily and disagreed with his fuss.

After a while, several people changed the topic, several people talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. An hour and a half later, the car stopped in front of a Korean restaurant.

Jingyi looked at the plaque of the restaurant with black wood and gold characters: flowers are not Korean cuisine, and several large gold-plated characters shine in the afterglow of the sunset, and with some ancient black plaques, it is a little like antique.

Before Jingyi had time to think about it, Che Enjun, who had parked the car, was dragged into the store. As soon as she stepped into the store, she was hooked out of half of her soul by the Guzheng music flowing inside. When she sat in the classical and elegant position again, she pushed open the window next to her and saw the slowly flowing river outside. The sparkling ripples, and looking forward, there is a foggy mountain, standing there looming, which makes people yearn for it.

This place is really good, and it is appropriate to sigh from the heart.

patted Che Enjun on the shoulder and praised generously: "Che Enjun, how did you find it here? It's really good. The environment is so beautiful, although it's completely like a paradise! Eat here and have a big appetite!!!"

Che Enjun patted his chest and said proudly, "You're welcome to eat when you open it!"

The fat girl looked envious and sighed with some self-repity: "Sure enough, she was raised. In just a few days, she was advanced to the rich level! Why am I so miserable that I haven't met a rich and handsome man? The world is so unreasonable that men have taken care of men..."

Three black lines appeared on Jingyi's face, but after being reminded by the fat girl, she remembered the purpose of this trip.

Isn't it just to have a meal?

"Yes, you haven't said why you brought us here?"

Che Enjun smiled mysteriously: "I'll know later."

The fat girl looked contemptuous: "We are appetizing!"

Che Enjun's hippie smile doesn't mind everyone's slander against him at all.

Several people played for a while and studied the menu for a while. The fat girl and she don't eat much Korean food. Che Enjun is most familiar with Korean food, and he is half Korean, so everyone looked at him with one eye on the menu for a while and gave him the heavy task of ordering.

Che Enjun smiled mysteriously: "No need to order, it's up to the chef to help us decide!"

Che Enjun snapped his finger at the waiter, and then whispered a few words close to the waiter's ear. The waiter nodded with a smile and retreated.

Jingyi and the fat girl looked at him with a surprised expression as if they were watching a play, speculating in their hearts what kind of medicine was sold in this boy's gourd?

It didn't take long for the dishes to come. When the dish was put on the table, Jingyi first saw a pair of slender hands and looked up. In an instant, she was shocked by the owner of these hands and was stunned on the spot.

"Ice Mountain Man?!"

"Ice Mountain Man?"

The first sentence is her scream, and the second sentence is the words of the iceberg man and Che Enjun.

At this time, she suddenly realized that she was in a hurry and called out the iceberg man in her heart. This was embarrassing. She was a little confused for a moment and didn't know how to explain it, so she had to be there brilliantly.

The two men waiting for her explanation stared at her closely, making her sit like a needle.

The iceberg man gestured to the waiter and simply sat opposite her, looking forward to her. The narrow Danfeng's eyes slipped through a trace of cunning and flashed by. No one caught it. Everyone's attention was focused on Jingyi, who was a little embarrassed.

She lowered her head with some embarrassment and habitually pinched her thumb and index finger, which was a small problem that she occasionally made when she was at a loss. Later, she tried to control herself and corrected it. I don't know why she made the same mistake at this moment.

She was bored and didn't say anything, which made Che Enjun anxious: "Jingyi, you should say something!"

"That, I..."

"Did you know each other before?"

The sudden problem of the fat girl saved her from the fire. She nodded eagerly and her shoulders trembled: "Yes, yes, we knew each other before. Unexpectedly, Bing... Well, repair works here!" How did she imagine that a thief who came and went freely would work as a chef in such an antique Korean restaurant?

No! Isn't he very rich? He should be the owner of this store, right?

"Repair? Did you say his name is Xiu? Che Enjun stared at Jingyi with an incredible look and turned his head to look at the iceberg man. A handsome and beautiful face was instantly hazy, covered with dark clouds, single-word cultivation, ambiguous and unique calls, and a loss gradually came to his heart.

Jingyi raised her eyes, blinked innocently, and said in a little nervously, "Did I say something wrong again?"

After asking carefully, I was stunned and suddenly remembered that the name Xiu was given to him by myself...

She noticed that Che Enjun's face was getting darker and darker...

It seemed that she was getting darker and darker. She simply stopped talking and took a sip of the strawberry juice on the table. The sweet and sour taste was very good for her appetite, so she took another sip.

The atmosphere was a little dull for a while. Everyone didn't say anything and had their own things on their own.

In the end, the fat girl couldn't help talking first: "Che Enjun, what's the matter with you bringing us here today?"

Che Enjun's face twitched, looked at Jingyi, looked at the iceberg man, and said in a sour tone, "Let me introduce, this is my boyfriend Luo Xiu! This..."

Before Che Enjun finished speaking, Jingyi sprayed out with a mouthful of strawberry juice, and the bright red color fell on the white shirt of the iceberg man opposite, making the people present dumbfounded again.

Jingyi was completely panicked. She picked up the paper towel on the table and threw it next to the iceberg man and wiped it for him, but the wet strawberry juice slowly spread on her rendering, and the area of immersion expanded more and more...

Jingyi stopped the action in her hand with some discouragement, threw the tissue at the table, and said angrily, "Clean it up yourself!"

Hmm, who can be blamed for this? If you blame yourself, who let him lie! Luo Xiu? This is obviously the name he gave him, but he actually took it to deceive Che Enjun! It's wrong to lie to her friends! Is he still Che Enjun's boyfriend? Is there really adultery between them? She remembered the imagination when she saw the iceberg man. At that time, she was still curious about what would happen if the two best would be together. She didn't expect that God was so awesome that she could make her imagination come true!

The combination of these two best things makes her not excited!

The iceberg man looked at her coldly and didn't say anything. Suddenly, he got up, grabbed her and walked out, leaving Che Enjun and the fat girl looking at each other.

The fat girl cleared her throat and wanted to find something to comfort Che Enjun, but she circled around and found that her words were poor, so she had to lower her head and pick up the juice on the table and pretend to drink it to hide her clumsiness.

Jingyi was pulled outside by him and was a little angry: but he was forced to dare to say nothing, so he had to follow by appointment. It was not until he stopped in front of a row of two-storey classical buildings that he gently loosened her soft and slender hands.

She gently rubbed the place where she had been caught with another uncaught hand, where there was a trace of pain. She lowered her eyes and looked at it. It turned red, and her resentment against him immediately warmed up!

I can't wait to beat his cold face! Let's see if he will grin and scream in pain.

"What are you crazy about? I didn't offend you, did I?" Jingyi gritted her teeth with hatred, and her tone of voice was naturally not much better.

"What do you think?" He is still in such a cold posture, neither angry nor relaxed. His tense and serious look is really annoying!

"It's just getting your clothes dirty! At worst, I will compensate you one thing!" Isn't it just a white shirt? What's there to make a fuss about? She looked at his cold and stinky face contemptuously and sneered at his behavior.

"..." What answered her was a burst of silence.

"Come in with me." For a long time, he grabbed her hand again and pushed open the door of classical architecture.

A fragrant smell came to her nose. She sucked greedily, and the stuffy breath in her chest was much more comfortable.

He spoke briskly: "Is this house yours? The decoration is very antique. Do you like Chinese-style decorations?

Jingyi said to herself. Without hearing his response, she turned her head and looked. It didn't matter. She was shocked. She instinctively stunned there and looked at his strong upper body in front of her eyes without cover. She swallowed it with fear or surprise. A pair of big dark eyes flowed brightly and flashed. Strange light. This figure, this muscle, coupled with this cold and handsome face, although it is a little cold, it is still flawless!!!

He suddenly walked towards her, instinctively retreated, and was forced to the corner by him. He arrogantly wrapped her in his arms, with warm and sexy muscles in front of her. Her face seemed to touch the hot breath. She raised her eyes in panic and said nervously, "You, don't you like men?"

He raised his eyebrows arrogantly, lowered his head, leaned against her ear, and sprinkled an ambiguous breath on her earlobe: "Who said that? Don't you know that there are people in this world who eat both men and women? The speed of words made her tremble and her little shoulders trembled!

She glanced at her head and was full of contempt: "I'm not interested in a man who is too fraternal!"

He gently pulled the corners of his mouth: "What about Lei Shaochen? Are you interested?"

Her heart trembled and stopped. Why does this man mention Lei Shaochen when he has nothing to do? It's really a pot that doesn't open!

"I want you to take care of it!"

The iceberg man's fingers slowly slid across her bright red lips. Her back stiffened, her whole body paused, and she dared not come out. She thought to herself that if he dared to make further moves, she would use the anti-wolf skills she learned from Xuanyuanfan!

However, the iceberg man rubbed her lips, stopped his hand on her shoulder, and put it loosely, with a charming and seductive smile on the corners of his mouth: "Don't worry, I won't do anything to you! It's just that I need you to play my girlfriend and help me get rid of that boy outside!"

In his minute, his heartbeat seems to be out of rhythm, and he doesn't like this feeling...

"Don't you like men?" Jingyi asked questions puzzledly.

"What are you doing?" Che Enjun's cold voice sounded at the same time.

Hearing the voice, she instinctively pushed the iceberg man out, but she didn't expect that before she exerted her strength, she was hooked her waist with a strong ring, and her red lips were covered by his softness. She was stunned there and wanted to resist but couldn't exert any strength! I had to stare at his big eyes and resist his hegemony with resentment!