President, be careful of love

Chapter 183 Demons and Goblins

She sat barefoot at the door, with her hands on her knees, and looked at the road under the mountain with empty eyes. She didn't know how long she had sat. The sun gradually set and the afterglow sprinkled on her body, but it was not as hot as before. The temperature on the mountain gradually dropped, and she felt slightly cold.

She doesn't know what she is waiting for and what she is expecting. I stretched out my tongue and licked my lips. It was as dry as a desert, and so was my throat. It was so dry that it would be astringent and painful to swallow saliva, as if something was stuck there, hindering normal swallowing. She thought, is she going to get sick? Every cold begins with a dry throat and slowly becomes painful. In the end, it begins to cough, runny nose and tears. Such things have to be experienced once or twice a year, and it can't be stopped. This kind of hot cold is different from a fever. The fever is better than a hot cold. The fever is muddle-headed and nothing is clear. It lies in the hospital for a drip and hangs salt water. One night passes. When the fever subsides, it heals. However, this hot cold is like a difficult lover. Once it gets involved, it will never leave without a week. Open, sticking to your body, you have to work hard with it and confront it, just like standing for a long time, and keep waking up the spirit! Every day, I drag my tired body to work and study. At worst, my nose and tears are uncontrollable, even if I sit, and there is a tissue in my nose.

She remembered that she once made the tissue too short to stuff it into her nose and couldn't take it out. Her heart suddenly blocked her heart. Her whole face turned purple, and her small fingers kept clasped. As a result, the more it was, the more the paper towel leaned in. She was so anxious that she almost cried, but this was in class. She was already a sensible junior high school student. , the handsome geography teacher talked about the vast mountains and rivers on it. The students listened carefully and took some notes from time to time, but no one found her embarrassment.

Later, cold sweat came down, soaked her clothes, and was blown by the wind. The slight coolness penetrated her skin. She sneezed uncontrollably and washed out the tissue, which was relieved!

From then on, she dared not stuff paper towels into it when she had a cold. She endured it desperately. In serious cases, she wiped it with a paper towel at most. Sometimes, she wiped it more times, and her small nose was red and red, almost broke her skin.

She shook her head in a little stunned. How could she think of these old things? However, I still miss my father's mustard sparerib porridge, which contains finely cut shredded ginger and has a faint fragrance. The porridge is smooth and tender, and melts in the mouth. Dad always said that if you drink two bowls while you have a cold, you will get better quickly. Although she has never verified whether shepherd's spareribs porridge has a driving effect, she loves the taste of shepherd's spareribs very much, but her father usually never cooks. Only when she has a cold does her father wash her hands and make soup and cook such a pot of porridge for her. At this time, she felt that she was the happiest princess in the world and got the best love. Without her mother, this love seems precious.

Dad is still in a coma. She sighed gently, and her body gradually blended into the night. The iceberg man never ran out. She was thinking that even if you explain a little, she would believe that he was not treating her as a pawn and that they could at least be called friends. Although from the beginning, they were doomed to be friends. Her heart was sinking at this moment, sinking to bottomless, but there was a faint smile on the corners of her mouth, a little self-deprecating.

Remember that Xiaoyan used to point to her head and say, you always have a kind of loneliness.

Every time she asks with a hippie smile, does Gu Yong mean lonely and brave?

Xiaoyan spit on his face. Gu Yong means that you are stupid and stunned to the end.

Now think about how wise and powerful Xiaoyan is, and he interprets those two words so cleverly. Who said no? She is stupid and single-minded, so easy to believe, but she is hurt by these faiths. Gu Yong, Gu Yong, she thought silently, and inexplicably thought of her father in her heart. Tears fell, drowning in the night in the middle of the mountain, silent.

"Are you still reluctant to come in?" There was a cold voice behind her back, and her back was so stiff, but she didn't look back.

"Come in for dinner." He said again.

She finally moved, but her legs were numb.

"Come and help me. I've been sitting for too long, and my legs and feet are numb."

The iceberg man behind him hesitated for two seconds, walked to her, picked her up, put her on the sofa in the living room, half squatted down, and carefully rubbed her calf.

The orange light shone on his angular side face, which made the lines on his face seem to become soft. His long eyelashes droop, and a pair of eyes fell on her lap so attentively. She could see that she was distracted and felt sad. What a good man. Except for her father, no one gave her such a considerate massage. Her expression made her feel warm in this slightly cold night, but there was so much love and hatred between them.

She said a little astringently, "It's better. Let's go to dinner." Her spare light swept over the dishes on the table, and her stomach was already hungry. She didn't think about anything. Eat well and talk about it when she was full.

"Ye, okay." He stood up and walked to the table one after the other.

Four dishes and one soup, exquisite dishes, each of which has been exhausted, including the matching of color and shape, the stacking of shapes, Jingyi sighed in her heart! This is not a common meal. It is clearly the level of a five-star hotel. There is no servant at home. It must be his craft.

Jingyi picked up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth, and the strong meat fragrance slowly spread in his mouth and covered his whole mouth. She tilted her head, tilted her neck, and smiled hippiely: "I didn't expect that you are a god!"

"I'm a chef!"

"You're not!" Jingyi pouted, chewing meat in her mouth, a little unclear, oily on her mouth, shining with oily luster, shiny. He was distracted for a moment. Jingyi swallowed a mouthful of vegetables and found that he was staring at her. His eyes were burning and shining. Her figure was reflected in the black gem-like pupils. A small piece filled his pupils.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a moment. She lowered her head with a guilty heart, but she didn't expect that he would kiss her, hot and domineering. The kiss made her dizzy and her head was short of oxygen.

When he let go of her, he said inexplicably, why is it you?

Why are you?

Her head was in a mess and a little uneasy. Why did he kiss her? Should he do a full set of plays? Why didn't you push him away? Why is there a slight tremor in my heart? No, it's impossible. She still loves Lei Shaochen. How can she fall in love with him in such a short time? He is an enchanting poppy, which can't be touched!

He just regarded her as a chess piece. A valuable chess piece.

She smiled bitterly and her eyes began to turn red: "Let me go. Don't look for me anymore. Don't see me again." I don't want to be your pawn. I just want to live with dignity, flesh and blood, but not betrayal and exploitation!

He paused for a long time, looked at her swollen red lips, rubbed his lips with his fingers, wiped away the greasyness of his mouth, and his eyes were still calm, but there was a slow flow of brilliance: "Stay, I will protect you well."

How gorgeous words are combined to ensure that you are so charming. Her heart is almost trapped in these words. A man's greatest promise is not that I love you, but that I will protect you. No matter where you are and what kind of deadlock you are, as long as you need it, I will be incumbent on me to go to the mountain of fire for you... What an exciting word. In her small world, this is almost the highest level of commitment. If there is a man like this, she should be grateful. Her heart moved slightly without warning.

"Good!" A simple good word. She was willing to put down those suspicions and stay with him. Without explanation, she stopped asking. With her painstaking efforts to find the answer, it would be better to stay with the answer. The truth will always come out...

She smiled gently, more relaxed than ever before, and mischievly picked up a green broccoli and put it in his bowl: "Eat this, it's crispy and has anti-cancer effects!"

The iceberg man glanced at her: "This is decoration!" That said, I still put the gorgeous broccoli in my mouth and chew it vigorously.

Jingyi laughed and trembled. For the first time, she felt that this cold man was a little cute, cute, perhaps, and could be loved.

"You can also eat one." The iceberg man took advantage of her wild smile and put a bigger green flower in her bowl. Her eyes flowed and smiled gently. In fact, she likes to eat broccoli very much. Even if it is a side dish that is not cooked well, she loves it. He put the flowers into his mouth happily, but his little eyebrows frowned tightly and his eyes were round: "Ice man, why don't you cook it!" This product is completely raw. Doesn't he want to burn it with hot water first!!!

He spread his hands and was a little innocent: "I said, that's a side dish!"

Jingyi hummed: "It's a waste. How good it is to eat such a green flower in your stomach, but it has been ruined by your evil!"

"Yes, it's a waste. Why don't you pick it out and put it in the refrigerator later? Leave it to the goblins for the next meal?"

"What?" Jingyi was not calm at this time. Her shoulders trembled and threw herself on him and twisted his shoulder hard: "Say it again, who is the goblin?"

"I'm a demon, of course you are a goblin! That's how we can match!"

"You also said, who wants to match you..."

"Okay, I'm wrong, goblins, spare your life!"

A string of black lines appeared on Jingyi's face. This guy is absolutely intentional!!!