President, be careful of love

Chapter 184 The excitement of the vegetable market

After staying in the mountain villa of the iceberg man all night, he was finally going down the mountain. He thought that the iceberg man would drive a handsome sports car, or at least a famous car to give her, but he didn't expect it to be the inconspicuous van in front of him! The white body is stained with some faint stains, which looks a little broken, but the seats inside are very new, in sharp contrast to the situation outside, which makes her weak heart slightly stable. She doesn't want to be the heroine of the mountain rollover case in tomorrow's newspaper!!!

The route down the mountain was paved with cement, which was not steep. She looked down the mountain through the window, her heart trembled slightly, and her heart cried silently: Oh, my God, this mountain is ridiculously high! Fear of heights! Looking down from the car, it is like standing on a steep mountain overlooking. The pouring trees are almost in a straight line, and the bottom is a small square-like house, densely connected, as small as a mold. She patted her chest in shock and took a deep breath: "What kind of house is built halfway up the mountain? It's really scary!"

The iceberg man did not look back, but smiled faintly and stared intently at the road ahead. The car drove forward safely. After a while, they arrived at the bottom of the mountain, which was different from the silence and desolate on the mountain. There were houses everywhere under the mountain, and the residents were densely next to each other. There were farm restaurants and all kinds of small shops. After looking at the name of the store, they knew that this place was called Jiang Shan, and many store names were named like Jiang Shan. Guan: Such as Jiangshan landscape tofu, Jiangshan dried organic vegetables, Jiangshan roast chicken, all kinds of them. She looked at these small shops with great interest and drooled almost all over the place...

"Actually, we're not in a hurry. Why don't we sit down and eat something?"

"Who said he would not be in a hurry?"

"..." She lowered her head and did not answer. But I'm thinking, isn't it just to send her back? She doesn't rush. What else can he do? However, this kind of words can only be thought about and must not be said, otherwise they will be complained by him. After being with him for a period of time, they know that he is a god who can't be offended. When he is with him, he should know how to keep silent at the right time. Silence is gold. This is still reasonable!

But he didn't intend to let her go this time.

"Why don't you talk?"

Jingyi looked at him speechlessly through the rearview mirror and scolded in his heart: What else can I say? Since she went out in the morning, she has only eaten a bag of cereal and two slices of bread that are too thin to be thin, which is not even enough to stuff her teeth. He also argued that the concentration is the essence! What concentration is the essence? She is not used to eating this exquisite breakfast. Being full is the king! If it hadn't been for his so-called exquisite breakfast, would she have coveted such attractive food now? She frowned unhappily, put her dissatisfaction with him on her face, and deliberately turned her head out of the window to look at the scenery! So as not to mourn and resent himself for his thousand-year-old iceberg face.

The iceberg man was a little self-interesting. He saw her bulging cheeks through the rearview mirror. Her small face was so angry that she almost blew over her eyebrows. She pulled the corners of her mouth helplessly. The action was so light and light that he didn't realize it. I don't know when she could pull it with a move of her cheek. Move his mood...

The van finally stopped at a farmer's market. He rolled up his sleeves and walked in, greeted the aunts who sold vegetables enthusiastically, and picked up other people's vegetables and fruits from time to time. Jingyi followed him closely and looked a little aggrieved. When she went to the fish stall, she saw the bloody fish slaughtered and put them on the table. From time to time, the fish seller grabbed the live fish, cut open the fish belly quickly, dug out the intestines, and scraped the scales. The whole action was completed in one breath. She looked thrilling... She grew so big , has never entered the market, let alone people slaughter fish and such...

What surprised her more was that the iceberg man fought hotly with these market aunts and uncles, and there was no cold and evil look on his face. A handsome face was filled with a warm smile, and the narrow Danfeng's eyes were slightly raised and his eyebrows flew, like a young uncle in the neighbor's family, amiable, respectable and lovely.

"Xiao Li, is this your girlfriend? You are so handsome. When will you treat us to a wedding wine? Don't make us wait too long!" A female boss of a fish stall looked at the two with a smile. Her eyebrows were full of smiles before she spoke. Her hand was cut down, and a big black fish was cut into several sections. She quickly took a white plastic bag to pack the fish and handed it to Jingyi: "Girl, take this, cooking soup can nourish it, and it also has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney! " After saying that, he took a meaningful look at the iceberg man.

Jingyi took the fish in her hand and walked away for a while before asking the iceberg man, "Lao Li, is the aunt who just looked at you so strange? Is there anything wrong with this fish?

The iceberg man gave her a white look: "Who asked you to call Lao Li?"

"Didn't that aunt call you Xiao Li just now? I'm younger than you. After thinking about it, it's too rude to call you Xiao Li, so I changed it to Lao Li without permission, hey hey. After saying that, she smiled brightly.

"My brain is full of bad water!" The iceberg man said something, walked to the chicken stall next to him and began to talk to people.

She stood not far from him, standing sideways, staring at him with her eyes tilted. She didn't know what he was talking about with the boss. Her face was always smiling, as warm as spring, which made people involuntarily remind people of the willow branches fluttering in the wind in the spring, and a little like a stream after the spring breeze blowing and melting, fluttering. , warm and bright, slowly flowing, full of spring~

She never understood that such a cold person would have such a warm side. She thought that there was only a single cold expression in his expression, but she didn't expect it. It's not that she didn't laugh, it's not that she's arrogant, but she didn't meet those people who made him enthusiastic and his eyes shining... She didn't know that he was with Che Enjun. Will it be like now, smiling as brightly as a flower, handsome and enchanting! She shook her head and wondered how she thought of Che Enjun? Why is it because of debt and guilt when you think that his heart will be slightly astringent? In my mind, I couldn't help thinking of his determination and sadness before he left. I was a little sad. I remembered that when I was in college, she, fat girl, Xiaoyan, Zhang Ziwen, Che Enjun, and several people often gathered together for dinner. In the evening, they would sneak to the East Gate Snack Street of the school for barbecue. At first, she didn't know how to drink beer, which was spicy. The bitter taste made her cough and burst into tears. Che Enjun taught her earnestly. He said that any woman with a little beauty, talent and ambition should learn to drink, not to show your potential to become an alcoholic, but to make men unable to guess you and let your opponents worship you and admire you.