President, be careful of love

Chapter 203 Round Mountain Resort Case

The doorbell is as eager as a soul.

"Jingyi, you open the door first." Ye Hongwen had better give up and go on and ask her to open the door first.

As soon as the door opened, Zhou Mechanics rushed in in surprise, grabbed her hand, and said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Chen, what should I do? There is something wrong with the design draft of the Yuanshan Resort development plan!"

"What the hell is going on? Don't worry, say it slowly. Looking at Zhou Meian's panicked appearance, her heart suddenly hung up.

"Young man, wipe the rain from your body with this towel first. The more important it is, the slower it is to explain it clearly. I don't know when Ye Hongwen handed it to Zhou Mechanics with a dry towel. Zhou Mechanics was so kind that he respectfully took the towel in Ye Hongwen's hand and symbolically wiped the rain on his forehead.

After he sat down on the sofa and drank Ye Hongwen's re-brewed tea, his expression gradually settled down and slowly brought things one by one.

It turned out that before the typhoon landed, the construction site of Yuanshan Resort entered a state of strict protection. Most of the workers and construction units were evacuated in advance, leaving only two supervisors and seven or eight workers to confirm the final protection state. But I don't know what happened, the main building of the resort suddenly collapsed, the accident, and all the people present were pressed under the theme building. When someone found this situation, the typhoon had landed in City A, with strong winds everywhere, and the implementation of the rescue plan was almost difficult! Immediately after the incident, the person in charge of the Huban followed up on the matter. After their investigation, they found that the problem was in our design draft. They thought that the foundation and reinforcements used for the support on the Kaitu design draft were too small and not strong enough, causing this catastrophic accident. Huban asked Kaitu to Full responsibility for this matter!

"Mr. Chen, what should we do now?" Zhou Mechanics looked at Jingyi without a master, trying to get an answer from her. If this crisis cannot be weathered safely, Kaitu is likely to go to the end of bankruptcy.

Jingyi's eyebrows were tightly twisted together and focused on this matter. The first draft of the Yuanshan Resort development plan was formulated by her. At that time, there was no specific design of the theme building on her design draft. These designs were later added by Kaitu's design team according to the general structure of the theme building. Each data has been carefully calculated and refined, especially the steel bar size. This is the soul of a building. It is impossible for them to carelessly use sizes that do not meet the specifications, so that the foundation is unstable and the support is insufficient, resulting in the collapse of the theme building. From another perspective, every design draft cannot be accurate and perfect, so supervisors and quality monitoring are configured at the construction site to ensure that the construction will be carried out reasonably according to the design drawings! If there is a serious error on the design draft, the supervisor and the quality monitoring department will point out the problems between the design draft and the construction according to the construction principle and sufficient experience! Based on this, the responsibility is not all in Kaitu!

Also, she clearly remembers that on the day she submitted the design draft, there was a very serious leak. It was precisely because the two design drafts prepared by Kaitu leaked in advance that she had no choice but to replace it with her first draft. From this point of view, there must be traitors in the company. However, before she could investigate the matter clearly, she met Hu Linglong and was arrested. In order to rescue Hu Linglong, she went to the United States with Lei Shaochen, but she did not expect to be imprisoned by Taylor in the United States.

Various accidents happened again and again, and she slowly forgot about it. Later, Chen Meili came to take over Kaitu. Kaitu got an unprecedented development situation after the crisis. She slowly relaxed her vigilance and simply left this matter behind.

It is probably the root cause of the disaster left at that time. She blamed herself for her negligence at that time with some distress. If I had insisted on investigating this matter clearly at that time, maybe there would not have been such a thing now? However, at this point, regret is useless, and it is better to think of a comprehensive plan to suppress this matter. Kaitu can't be destroyed like this. That's the painstaking efforts of his father's life and his proudest career!

She took a deep breath, as if she had made a great determination, and her confused eyes gradually became clear. The blackwash gradually exudes clearness and firmness!

"Zhou Mechanics, who from Huban Group informed you after this happened? Who knows about this matter so far?

"It was the manager of the quality inspection department of Huban Company who called me. After the incident, I immediately notified the team leader of the design department to check the original. Then I called to inform Chen Meili, but she is now on a business trip in the United States, and I can't get through her mobile phone. Because things are tricky, I just went straight to your place. Zhou Mechanics said everything.

Jingyi nodded thoughtfully, and her eyebrows became deeper and tighter. The whole body seems to be shrouded in a layer of haze, and the whole body looks gentle and feminine! But a pair of bright eyes are extremely sharp and amazing, which makes people feel solemn and majestic.

"Where is the company's most original file stored?"

Jingyi's words suddenly turned around, which caught Zhou Mechan a little caught him off guard. He looked straight at her with his eyes and stayed there as if he couldn't understand the meaning of her words.

Jingyi repeated again patiently: "Do you know where the company usually keeps the most original files?"

"The company has a archives, where each original contract and design is kept in a separate category."

"Who keeps the information in the archives?" Jingyi goes deep layer by layer and pursues the bottom.

"The team leader and deputy team leader of the design department, and the manager-level leaders of each department."

"Do they need to register to enter the archives?"

"Ye, generally, before entering the archives, they need to borrow the keys from Xie Tianhua, the person in charge of the archives."

Jingyi nodded thoughtfully: "Then do you remember how many staff involved in the design of this case? Does everyone have the original manuscript of the design?

Zhou Mechanics seriously thought for several seconds before looking at Jingyi and said, "There are 12 people in the design department of Kaitu. Except for team leader Kong Tianming and deputy team leader Zhao Tianrui, there are still 10 people left. Because the design case is a teamwork work, everyone is responsible for part of it and then merges it to form a complete design draft. If one part is changed, the rest will certainly be implicated, so the whole design team will have every modified and final version of the design plan.

"Okay, I see. How is your relationship with the staff of the design department?"

"Ah?" Zhou Mechanics obviously didn't expect Jingyi to suddenly ask such a private question, and he was stunned for a moment and looked embarrassed.

"It doesn't matter. You can make reservations." Jingyi knows that this is a personal matter. She has no right to ask, but now there is a reason, and she can't care so much.

Zhou Mechanic swallowed and said reluctantly, "I used to be with Liang Enxi of the design department. Later, she cheated on the manager of the human resources department. We broke up unhappily. Since then, I have rarely go to the design department. Even if I have to contact her, I arrange the cloth by phone or email. Put the relevant work."

Jingyi originally wanted to know the personnel layout of the design department through him to see who was most likely to betray the company's traitor, but it was expected that Zhou Mechanics had such a surprising traitor. Although Kaitu does not agree with the relationship between the company's internal employees, the company has always turned a blind eye to this kind of private matter.

However, Liang Enxi is also really capable. She got rid of Zhou Mechanics, the director secretary and assistant of the company, and climbed to the manager of the human resources department. However, isn't it embarrassing for these three people to meet every day in the company? Especially Zhou Mechanics and the manager of the human resources department, how much pressure do these two men have to bear? Why is this woman so stupid? She made the relationship so rigid, how can she continue to stay in the company in the future? Rabbits still know how to eat grass around the nest!

Jingyi thought about it. After such a bad incident, Zhou Mechanics must have alienated the design department, and then asked him that he would definitely not be able to ask anything. This matter was stranded like this first.

"I have roughly understood the matter. You should call Kong Tianming and Zhao Tianrui to block this matter for the time being, and then call the manager of the quality inspection department of Huban to ask them to hold the matter down first, give us a day, and we will give a satisfactory answer. Please be sure to tell them in the investigation. Before the result comes out, you can't release any information that is unfavorable or defamatory to the media, otherwise Kaitu reserves the right to pursue its law.

"Okay, I know." Zhou Meili nodded solemnly, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, went to the corner of the living room to make a phone call, and arranged all the things Jingyi ordered.

From beginning to end, Ye Hongwen has been sitting quietly beside him, watching her and Zhou Mechanics discuss the story.

It was not until this moment that she realized that she had just been completely immersed in the discussion with Zhou Mechanics and ignored Ye Hongwen, who was sitting on the side. She smiled at him apologetically: "Grandpa, I'm sorry, the discussion was so intense that I ignored you."

Ye Hongwen smiled a few times: "Stupid child, work is important, how can grandpa blame you? Just listened to your discussion, is the company in crisis? I think you are very skillful in dealing with the crisis, but there is only one thing, but you ignore it.

Is that right? Please ask Grandpa to indicate.

"This kind of thing is crucial to the image of an enterprise! Success or failure is in this move. No matter who is responsible, we should start to rescue the personnel as soon as possible. Second, to appease the families of the casualties must be minimized! Third, Kaitu should immediately recruit investigators to investigate this matter, try to get first-hand information, and don't give his opponent time to erase the evidence of the crime, which is the most important point. Fourth, there is a typhoon now!"

Jingyi looked at Ye Hongwen with some surprised. What does the fourth point mean? There is a typhoon now, which is a fact known to everyone, but why is this the fourth point?