President, be careful of love

Chapter 214 First Meeting

City A, Airport South Station.

"Wah, so handsome, so cute!"

"Can you sign it for me?"

"This gift is for you!"

"Ah! Ah!"

A corner of the airport was full of excited crowds. They surrounded the group of people, waved all kinds of items in their hands, including beautifully packaged gifts, various well-paper notebooks, and even more, holding the super-large bear puppet in one hand and holding the locked diary tightly in the other hand, desperately going into the circle. The central crowded over. The girls who usually maintain an elegant posture have all lost their minds at this moment and forgot to take care of the image. The carefully woven braids have become crooked, loose and messy in the squeeze. The non-mainstream black-framed glasses hang down in the impact, hanging under the bridge of the nose, and the white shoes on their feet are printed with various sole patterns, becoming Mottled...

Although the cost is so heavy, and it is completely inconsistent with or even contrary to the worldview they have been pursuing, they are willing to do so. You know, what they are going to see is the most handsome, ghost horse, the most pink and charming "little bodyguard" in history, Brother Yu! For this moment, they have been fully armed here since last night, in order to witness their true face as soon as possible, and get their autographs and photos in time.

At this moment, they were as excited as chicken blood and kept screaming, attracting the attention of everyone at the airport, including Lei Shaochen. He tried his best to investigate the address of the little bodyguard actor, booked a ticket as soon as possible, and now he is entering the airport lobby to pass the security check.

His eyes inadvertently swept to the noisy corner of the airport, and his eyebrows frowned involuntarily. He really couldn't figure out the madness of these star fans. He shook his head slightly and withdrew his mind. Until the crowd walked out of the airport, his ears finally cleared up, his sexy thin lips raised gently, exhaled comfortably, raised his wrist to look at the time, and continued to wait quietly.

After a ten-hour flight, he finally arrived in New York, USA. Standing on the streets of New York, he felt for the first time that his heartbeat was so fast! He has been to this city countless times, but there has never been a time that he can be so excited, his heart is surging and his heart is rising, as if something is about to pour out. He reached out and called a car, told the driver the destination in fluent English, and then waited quietly.


, the mobile phone rang. He reluctantly picked up the mobile phone, just glanced at it, and hurriedly hung up and put it back in his pocket. But the other party seemed to be very stubborn and called again. He stared at the screen and pressed the answer button: "Hello?"

"President, I'm Secretary You. I've got the admission ticket for the Mousse Summer Clothing Conference. I want to ask what time you will be back from the United States. Do you want me to prepare the clothes for that night?"

"No, I'll go straight from the airport."

"Okay, I know, Mr. Lei."

After hanging up the phone, Lei Shaochen put his mobile phone back in his pocket and raised his hand to look at his watch. A trace of fatigue appeared on his handsome face. He gently rubbed his temple and said to the driver in front of him, "Driver, please drive faster."

From the moment he got on the plane, he felt that time was getting slower and slower. This slow feeling made him feel impatient, bored, and even a trace of impatience.

The driver saw the man frowning in the rearview mirror, his eyes were gloomy, and the lines of his jaw were jumping tightly. He couldn't help holding a proud look at the corners of his mouth: "Sir, are you going to see your girlfriend? I said, if you are afraid that your girlfriend will be angry, remember to go out early next time. It is the rush hour after work, and traffic jams are inevitable. However, if you are really in a hurry, I can take another path, but..."

"It's settled!" Lei Shaochen eagerly interrupted the other party's words and gave a decisive order.

The driver saw that his face was getting colder and the corners of his mouth squirmed slightly, but after all, he turned the steering wheel and drove towards the road next to him.


The driver got off the car with a gloomy face, looked at the front of the car with a sad face, and a wail in his heart!

"Sir, it's all your fault. The road is famous for being steep, and you are still urging all the time. It's good now. It crashed. I don't know how much to compensate the company? Hey, I have to pay my wife's hospitalization and surgery this month..."

"I am responsible for the compensation." Lei Shaochen threw down a cold sentence and walked around the driver eagerly.

"Well, you just walk away, how can I... Contact you?" The driver grabbed Lei Shaochen who wanted to leave and saw Lei Shaochen's sharp eyes sweeping over, and his momentum immediately weakened several levels. The hand holding Lei Shao's sleeve unconsciously relaxed.

Lei Shaochen looked at the driver, looked at the crashed car, took out his mobile phone and made a phone call. Soon someone came to help him deal with this matter.

This time, he didn't take a taxi again and went straight to the car sent by Hao Yidong Company to the destination.

Standing in front of a two-story building of a white detached house, he took a deep breath, opened the wooden fence in the yard, and passed through a 30-meter path. The path was lined with green lawns, which looked very eye-catching.

When he came to the door of the main building, he rang the doorbell decisively, and soon someone came to open the door. The door was opened by a slightly rich middle-aged woman who looked Asian? But he was not sure whether the other party was Chinese or not. Lei Shaochen still asked in standard English, "Hello, is this Anthony and Arthur's home?"

Aunt Li looked at Lei Shaochen with a confused face and shook her head: "Sir, you made a mistake. This is not Anthony's house. This is JaneChen's house."

JaneChen? Isn't this No. 136?

"Sir, yes."

"Do you live here with two children? About five or six years old?

"Yes, but they are not at home and have gone to China..."

"Do you know where they went in China?"

"This... I don't know... Sir, if there is nothing else, I have to leave here.

It's rare that the two little ghosts secretly followed the movie "Little Ghost Bodyguard" propaganda group to China for publicity, and JaneChen was also on a business trip, leaving her alone at home, so she simply enlarged the vacation for herself... However, if the two children meet JaneChen, it must be another amazing spark... However, this is not what she is worried about. You know, these two guys have liked to do something out of style since she was a child. Fortunately, Jane Chen knows her child's character and will not blame her for these things.

Thinking of this, her heart was happy. She walked briskly over the gloomy Lei Shaochen, dragged the bulky suitcase outside, put the suitcase, and then walked to the door. She looked at Lei Shaochen doubtfully and said, "Sir, please let me, I'm going to close the door... ....”

Lei Shaochen withdrew his lax mind and strode away with a serious expression...

The scene of the summer dress press conference.

"There are still 30 minutes before the press conference. Models who have not yet put on makeup should make up as soon as possible. For the latest appearance, please start dressing! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!" Right Jingtian looked at the mess* and urged him urgently.

In an instant, he seemed to remember something, and rushed out of the dressing room and dressing room and walked forward.

"Blink, buckle." Right Jingtian knocked on the door of the largest room in the venue.

"Please come in." A clear female voice came from inside. After hearing the reply, Right Jingtian quickly twisted the door handle and entered. Before he stood still, his mouth began to say, "Jane, there are still 30 minutes to start. Now hurry up and have a look and give the final guidance."

"Jingtian, don't be so flustered. How many shows have you held? Why are you still like this? If people see it, it will make a joke! Calm down, calm down." Jane smiled slightly and gently patted the right Jingtian on the shoulder. There was no tension between her eyebrows and panic. In fact, she was not nervous. I remember that at the first fashion press conference, her whole heart was on her throat, and she didn't dare to stop staring at * for a moment. She carefully tidyed up her clothes for the model. She was busier and tighter than anyone else. I thought that hard work would be rewarded, but who would have expected that there would be an accident at the last minute of the show! The model who appeared on the axis was unable to straighten up due to acute gastroenteritis, and her most elaborately designed set of clothes was destroyed. Accidents can never be expected, and worries are always unfounded. In this case, why not be happy, open your heart, and wait for the progress of the story. As long as you have confidence in your work and the whole team, success is just a matter of course.

"Hey, what are you thinking about? Hurry up!" Right Jingtian's urging words pulled her back to reality. She gently curled her lips and stepped on seven-inch high heels closely behind Right Jingtian.

"Don't laugh!" Right Jingtian didn't look back, but ordered seriously.

Jingyi stuck out his tongue: "I don't have any. You don't have eyes behind your back."

"It's really hard. The emperor is not in a hurry..." After saying this, You Jingtian paused for two seconds and felt that it seemed wrong. The emperor was not anxious about the eunuch? That doesn't mean that you are an eunuch...

"Hahaha..." Jingyi couldn't help laughing anymore.

"Okay, that's enough of laughing, ready to fight! This time you insist on a group of new models, and there may be a lot of problems later!"

"This is what you want..." Jingyi muttered in a low voice.

Her clothes this time are mainly fresh literary style, which is in line with the current fashion trend, so she boldly proposed to use a group of new people to the company. First, they want to show their fresh style with fresh faces. Second, this group of models have not been systematically trained to maintain the original physical feeling and make people's vision. The line stays on the characteristic details of the clothing, rather than focusing on famous models. Third, she wants to take this opportunity to build a model team exclusive to Mousse.

When she put forward this point, she was opposed by almost all the upper class of Mousse, but in the end, she made all the opponents nodded willingly to accept. Perhaps, this is the charm of being a woman in the workplace! Women, due to their unique physiological characteristics, are always much weaker than men in the workplace. As a result, many women in the workplace feel inferior, give up their struggles and let themselves go. However, they don't realize that women's weaknesses are also their advantages! As long as they make reasonable use of it, the disadvantages may also become advantages. After all, the communication between men is more powerful, and the integration of women will make communication more harmonious.

Jingyi looked at the mess* and smiled. Although they are newcomers, they seem to treat the first show more carefully. Compared with famous models, they need this show more to achieve their life dreams! This is not only a show of JaneChen, but also a stepping stone to open their lives. The posture of going all out is the most beautiful and shocking!

"Okay, everyone, be quiet. Designer JaneChen has something to say to everyone!" Right Jingtian clapped his hands to signal everyone to calm down.

Jingyi glanced around the crowd and smiled: "It's beautiful! You are indeed the most potential models. Give full play to it! Tonight, it belongs to you!"

She smiled charmingly and seductively. Although they were all beautiful, they secretly admired Jane Chen's gorgeous but quiet temperament, as if they knew everything and were fearless. Are the people at the top of fashion so favored and humiliated? After enjoying the prosperity of the world and seeing the luxury of the world, will it be so calm and light?

The model under him secretly tightened his slender hand. Tonight, you must grasp it well.

When Jingyi saw the perseverance between their eyebrows, she knew that these women were not idle people. Have faith, beauty and posture! Such a woman is the easiest to succeed! Or, if you don't succeed, you won't give up!

"Right Director." Secretary Han, the secretary of the manager of the public relations department, appeared beside You Jingtian with a worried look, looking at a loss.

"What's wrong?" Right Jingtian raised his eyebrows unhappily.

Secretary Han swallowed nervously and said, "This is how it is. There is a dress..." Secretary Han paused for a moment, as if he was thinking about the wording. Suddenly, he clapped his hands and continued, "Ragged, yes, the man in rags, with a scum on his face, wants to enter with an admission ticket..."

"When did the admission tickets of Mousse overflow so much?" Right Jingtian muttered thoughtfully.

For a long time, he said decisively, "Please come to *."

"Let him in and let him sit down." Standing next to him, Jingyi, who had never spoken, suddenly interrupted.

What else does You Jingtian want to say? Jingyi raised his hand: "Since the venue is required to enter with tickets, we must abide by the regulations. As for any problems, we have to wait until the end of the press conference."

"In case..."

"In case, Secretary Han, follow my instructions."

Secretary Han looked at You Jingtian hesitantly, whispered yes, and retreated.

"Jane, this is your show. Although I know you are looking forward to new ideas, such an unruly press conference is easy to go wrong!"

"I know..."

"There are still five minutes left. Let's check again to see if the accessories are fully worn?" Right Jingtian did not continue to entangle with Jingyi and turned his mind back to the model.

Jingyi frowned and wondered, who was the man in ragged clothes? How did you get the admission ticket?

When the silver-white light poured down from the center of the stage, this summer dress conference belonging to JaneChen officially began! The beautiful light shines on each model. As they move, the light gradually changes, transforming into a variety of different colors and echoing their clothes.

The dynamic and beautiful music flows slowly over the venue, which is pleasant and fascinating.

The model's tall figure, light pace and swaying skirt are shining, attracting all the guests present. The flashes under the stage are flashing frequently, and all kinds of people use cameras and cameras to capture every detail and every surprise. When the last seven models slowly walked down from the stage in different styles of white lace dresses, the whole venue burst into thunderous applause!

In the endless applause, Jingyi came out of * in a specially designed tight contrast dress. The upper body of the dress was red lace tight sleeves, and the size close to the skin slightly hooked her beautiful waist. The lower body was a black seven-and-half split tight skirt, and a goose yellow fiber at the waist. The thin belt shows the slender waist.

The bright red lips are slightly raised to draw a beautiful curvature. The dark eye makeup makes the round eyes look more charming, and the slightly curved eyebrows are straight, which is both strong and beautiful. Lei Shaochen, sitting in the first row, suddenly trembled when he saw this woman, and there was always a feeling of déjà vu lingering in his heart.

He tilted his head slightly and asked the secretary beside him in a low voice, "How many years has this JaneChen been a designer?"

"seven years." Secretary You also answered in a low voice.

"seven years?" Lei Shaochen unconsciously repeated Secretary You's words. As soon as he raised his eyebrows, he really couldn't see that it was not easy to achieve such a result after only seven years of entering the industry. However, if it's seven years, isn't it her? He shook his head and rejected his idea.

Coming out of the press conference, Lei Shaochen looked a little restless. He rubbed his temples tiredly and walked in the direction of the parking lot... At this time, a black car slowly drove into the parking lot, followed by a crowd of people...

Which star is it? What annoying! So many people are blocked at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, and he can't even drive out... He got into the car angrily and hit the horn heavily. The harsh sound resounded throughout the parking lot, but no one noticed his existence, which made his face more embarrassing. I was about to get out of the car to find a security guard, but the person in the black car just got out of the car... Lei Shaochen's black eyes suddenly tightened, and the sharpness followed the two small figures tightly. His eyes suddenly lit up, and his heart suddenly became happy, and his feet followed him unobediently...

But before he approached the two children, he was stopped by two tall security guards: "I'm sorry, sir, Anthony said that he can only follow here. Please go back first. If you want to see Anthony again, please go to Dadong Mall tomorrow. He will be there. A fan meeting was held inside.

"Ren go!" Lei Shaochen shouted angrily at the two security guards! But the two security guards are so good that they don't see his arrogance at all!

"This gentleman, it's still acceptable for children to do something out of style, but you are very old, should you restrain it?" One of the security guards looked at Lei Shaochen with obvious contemptuous eyes, which angered Lei Shaochen so much that his eyes could spew fire! He was angry, but he could only watch the two children disappear from his sight...