President, be careful of love

Chapter 217 Amazing Secret

"Is it unexpected?" Qiao Xiaoxiao's calm tone shocked Jingyi. She didn't ask who she was, didn't ask why she appeared here, and even looked confident?

"Do you know me?" Jingyi still asked the doubts directly from the bottom of her heart. Qiao Xiaoxiao smiled faintly: "JaneChen, is it Chen Jingyi translated into Chinese?" Qiao Xiaoxiao saw Jingyi's silence, she sneered and then said, "Why don't you sit in my office and have a cup of coffee?" Jingyi smiled at the corners of her mouth, nodded gently, turned around, and immediately changed her serious face.

Qiao Xiaoxiao's office is located on the second floor of the east side of the hospital, with a one-bedroom and one-living room pattern. In the center of the living room is a circular conference table with many medical records and several neurological medical books neatly placed on the small shelf next to it. There was no smell of hospital alcohol in the room, but exuded a fresh fragrance of flowers. There was a bunch of elegant lilies on the window sill. Jingyi sniffed the air and guessed that the fragrance of flowers in the air was probably the fragrance of the lilies.

"Feel free to sit down. I'll make you a cup of coffee." Qiao Xiaoxiao pointed to the stool by the round conference table. After Jingyi sat down, she turned into the room to make coffee. Jingyi looked through the crack of the half-open door and faintly saw Qiao Xiaoxiao reaching out to the top of the cabinet to take coffee. Soon, the strong fragrance of coffee floated in the room, gradually covering the fragrance of flowers.

Not long after, Qiao Xiaoxiao came out with a tray: "I don't know if you like coffee with milk and sugar. I can't make my own decision." While talking, he put a cup of coffee in front of Jingyi. At the end, he put a bag of sugar and a pot of warm milk next to the coffee. Here, this is milk and sugar.

"Thank you." Jingyi thanked politely, picked up the coffee and took a gentle sip. He looked at Qiao Xiaoxiao with approval and said, "It tastes good!" Qiao Xiaoxiao nodded happily.

The scene was almost finished, and Jingyi went straight to the topic: "Miss Qiao, I don't know what you are looking for me this time?" It must be more than just drinking coffee, right? Jingyi silently added a sentence in her heart.

"Miss Chen is really a smart person, and nothing can be hidden from your eyes. However, does Miss Chen know that Lei Shao sent three hairs this morning and asked me to test the DNA sequence? Qiao Xiaoxiao saw a trace of surprise flashing in Jingyi's eyes, and the corners of his mouth involuntarily raised them, and then said, "But it's a pity that only two DNA sequences in these three hairs show blood relations."

"Did you tamp about this? Why?"

"Isn't this the result exactly what you want?" Qiao Xiaoxiao half squinted and asked. Jingyi looked at her smiling face, but her body suddenly became cold, and her tone of voice was a little cold: "Miss Qiao, please make it clear!"

"Don't you understand yet? I want to be a dignified Mrs. Lei!" Qiao Xiaoxiao said this as if he had suddenly changed, with fierce eyes and a ferocious face, and there was no faint smile on his face!

Jingyi looked at Qiao Xiaoxiao, as if guessing whether her words were true or false. After a long time, she responded to Qiao Xiaoxiao: "I'm not interested in Mrs. Lei's position at all."

"Really? Then you don't cove anything about Lei Shao, a man at all? Qiao Xiaoxiao asked provocatively, with a pair of Danfeng eyes shining brightly, staring at Chen Jingyi closely, with aggressive and surging momentum.

Jingyi raised her eyebrows firmly and raised her chin slightly: "I'm engaged. You can rest assured."

"Okay, I believe you." Qiao Xiaoxiao answered directly.

"May I ask how you know that I am Chen Jingyi?"

"I knew it five years ago when you came back to visit your father."

Qiao Xiaoxiao smiled, paused for a moment, and suddenly said in a low voice, "I also know Chenchen's secret. If you don't want to lose him, you'd better keep the agreement between us.

The bottom of Jingyi's heart trembled slightly, morning? She actually knew Chenchen's secret! At this moment, her heart was a little uneasy and secretly clenched her fist, but her face still looked at Qiao Xiaoxiao indifferently. Qiao Xiaoxiao was indeed a little surprised by the calm momentum in her eyes. She originally thought that as long as she moved out of Chen Zichen, this woman would be soft. Unexpectedly, Jingyi could still say confidently: "Miss Qiao, I think you misunderstood. I don't want to hide Chenchen's secret at all. I'm just waiting for the time to mature. At that time, I will make everything public, and these things will not bother you. ." Jingyi raised her wrist and looked at the time while talking, and her face squeezed out a little apology: "Miss Qiao, I'm sorry, I have other things to deal with, so I won't bother you anymore. Also, thank you very much for your coffee. It tastes really good." After saying that, Jingyi went straight to pick up the bag and pushed the door, leaving Qiao Xiaoxiao, who was squatter, slamming her feet in the room, and her sharp high heels made the ground "cluck".

After Jingyi separated from Qiao Xiaoxiao, she drove back to the resort. When she passed by the swimming pool, Qianqian and Chenchen, who were swimming, stopped at the same time, shouted at her, waved their arms excitedly, and looked excited.

Jingyi raised the bag in her hand, smiled gently, and walked towards the hotel of the resort. After entering the hotel, she took out the bag she brought in the morning, turned out a striped split swimsuit, and went straight into the bathroom to change clothes.

"Jane, are you there?" Suddenly, a man's voice sounded outside the bathroom, and Jingyi asked in a low voice, "Who?" With some vigilance in his tone, he quickly wrapped the chest strap around the back of his neck and neatly tied a bow, and neatly pulled off the silk scarf hanging on the wall and wrapped it around his waist.

After finishing this series of actions, she stepped forward and opened the bathroom door. When she saw the people in the room, she looked surprised and happy: "Du Rufeng, why are you?"

"I just saw you enter this room next door, and I wanted to come to you. Who knew that you didn't close the door? I called you outside for a long time, but you didn't respond... The waiter looked at me and thought I was a thief!"

Jingyi covered her mouth and smiled annly: "You broke into your private territory without permission, aren't you a thief!" Du Rufeng smiled far-fetchedly, and Jingyi smiled and asked again, "Look at your expression, you don't seem to be very happy?"

Du Rufeng sighed: "Jane. Chen is not only a great designer, but also a psychological master!" Jingyi showed a surprised expression and exclaimed, "Isn't it right to me? Are you really in a bad mood? Can you say it?" Du Rufeng turned his eyes and didn't answer Jingyi's words. He changed the topic: "This swimsuit is really beautiful!" I didn't expect you to have such a good figure!" A pair of slender eyes turned around her body several times while talking. Jingyi smiled beautifully and said, "Handsome man, your eyes are about to fall to the ground." After saying that, he laughed and walked out with light and graceful steps. Du Rufeng shook his head and stepped up to keep up.

After walking a few steps and turning around behind him, he found that Du Rufeng did not follow, but helped her pull up the door and walk in the other direction, as if he was a little depressed. It was not until she had afternoon tea that she met Fat Girl and Du Juntao in the dining area that Jingyi knew the reason why Du Rufeng was in a bad mood. Du Juntao is a famous rich jewelry merchant in China. His brilliant jewelry is well-known at home and abroad for its exquisite traditional workmanship, unique design and genuine materials. Du Juntao naturally knew Jingyi, but he didn't expect that Du Rufeng would be his son, let alone that the fat girl was his new wife.

When I met a fat girl again, Jingyi's mood was a little complicated. At that time, because of Ye Lixin, her relationship with Che Enjun plummeted. The biggest sequele of this incident was the breakdown of the relationship between the fat girl and her. However, in that situation, she couldn't tell the story, so she had to make a mistake. Later, she often thought that if the relationship with the fat girl was deep enough, if she believed in herself enough and cherished herself enough, she might not choose to alienate her, choose to look down on her, or even despise her at such a juncture.

However, being able to meet the fat girl again still made her feel a little excited. She pulled the fat girl to a quiet place and sat down. Jingyi carefully looked at the woman in front of her. A small face was painted with exquisite makeup, wearing a tight one-piece swimsuit, showing concave and convex curves and a quiet brain. The sea suddenly remembered that they went to the seaside together that summer, and she wrapped herself tightly. At that time, the fat girl was not beautiful, and her facial features were rough. At first glance, she would feel a little boyish, fat, and had no curves of women. However, at that time, the fat girl was bright and amazing. She would pat her chest and say, "Fatty girl, I am famous all over the world, powerful, sinking fish and falling geese, closed moon and shy flowers. , loved by everyone, flowers bloom, go to the hall, go to the kitchen, be virtuous and virtuous..." Those words seemed to be yesterday's exhortation, lingering in my ears and turning into a beautiful song...

Jingyi smiled faintly at the fat girl, looking slightly embarrassed, but her tone was warm: "How have you been all these years? When did you get married?

"We have been married for five years." After answering briefly, the fat girl stopped talking. After a while, she picked up the spoon and gently stirred the coffee in front of her, with a heavy face.

"Congratulations, blessings for being late." Quietly and generously send out your blessings.

The fat girl didn't answer any more. She looked down at the ripples that were dizzy for stirring, as if she were brewing something. Suddenly, she stopped her movements in her hand, raised her watery eyes and looked around Jingyi. Then she lowered her voice and prayed, "Jingyi, I think you are very close to Du Rufeng. Are you a friend? Question mark Can you keep it a secret for me, me, about my plastic surgery?

Hearing this, Jingyi's heart stopped and suffocated. She didn't ask herself why she had changed. She didn't ask how she and Ye Lixin were in the end. She didn't ask whether she had been doing well over the years, but only said that she kept it a secret. Jingyi's heart was disappointed, as if someone roared past with a sharp arrow. What was the feeling of ten thousand arrows piercing her heart. Do you feel? It just hurts so much that she can't speak. At that time, she was thinking that if the fat girl cared casually, she would nest in her arms and talk about the pain and happiness, pain and happiness, disaster and sweetness over the years. However, she didn't ask anything. All she cared about was herself...

Jingyi smiled sadly and said, "The person I know is a fat girl, not Zhao Ruotong."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

How many friendships are left in the end with a thank you and rudeness. We once made an appointment to go together, cry together, and laugh together. Zhou Huajian still sings well: friends walk together all their lives, and those days are no longer there. It turns out how similar all the growth is. From together to no more, from getting to losing, all we have is remembrance and longing, and finally, there is mourning.

The two sat so quietly that no one could find the topic. Fortunately, Du Juntao arrived in time to resolve their embarrassment that they had nothing to say.

"What are you talking about, two beauties?" Du Juntao came over with a smile and said, and a white towel hung casually on his thick shoulder. Jingyi looked at Du Juntao's tight muscles in surprise, squeezed his lips and smiled. At the same time, he stood up and was about to leave. Du Juntao stopped her eagerly: "Jane. Chen, am I hindering you? "Are you guys?"

Jingyi smiled and said, "Well, I'm the one who hindered you. I've occupied Ruotong for so long. I hope Mr. Du, you don't care about villains and don't care about me." Jingyi kept looking at Du Juntao. As soon as Du Juntao heard this, he laughed a few times, and then continued to say, "Miss Chen is too foreign. Just call me Uncle Du. When I served in the military with Yitang, I was wearing a pair of trousers. At that time, I joked in the barracks, and I had to get married in the future! "

Jingyi said "Oh", raised her eyebrows slightly and asked with a smile, "Is there such a thing?"

"Yes! What a pity..." Du Juntao sighed thoughtfully, but said to Zhao Ruotong, "Tong, go and buy me a cup of green tea, Miss Chen, what do you want to drink?"

Jingyi pointed to the coffee on the table and smiled, "I haven't finished my coffee yet." Jingyi didn't expect that Du Juntao was deliberately buying drinks to open Zhao Ruotong. Zhao Ruotong stood not far away and waited for the waiter to cook green tea and looked at them uneasily.

"Miss Chen, to tell you the truth, in fact, I had a daughter before I was born like the wind." Du Juntao's eyes began to become cloudy. Jingyi guessed that the story behind it must be a tragedy. Sure enough, Du Rufeng took a breath and then said, "When she was two and a half years old, she had a serious illness. She had no choice but to send her child to the hospital. After a month in the hospital, she finally recovered. On the day she was discharged from the hospital, I When I wanted to negotiate a business with someone, I asked my wife to go to the hospital to pick up the child alone. Who knows, my wife put the child in the car and turned around to get the medicine, and the child disappeared... My wife has been blaming me for this matter, and not long after giving birth, we divorced. Over the years, I have never given up looking for this child. A few years ago, some people said that I saw a woman in the United States who looked like her dead mother. I know you have been in the United States for several years. Can you ask your friends to help me inquire about it?

"Yes, okay, Uncle Du, give me a picture of your wife when you have time. I ask my friend to inquire about it, but don't give too much hope. By the way, what are the characteristics of the child?" Jingyi responded frankly, but Du Juntao was very happy, so he told the characteristics of the child one by one. At the end, he told Jingyi not to tell Zhao Ruotong about this matter.

"I don't want her to worry. Du Rufeng always fights against her at home, and her life is not easy. If she knows that I still try my best to find my missing daughter... Oh, this child is really wronged. He is beautiful and careless. He follows me sincerely and takes good care of his family. Listening to her, the boys who chase her in college have lined up several streets, but they follow me. I am still very moved. Over the years, they have followed me to deal with all kinds of social activities all over the world. Running, I didn't have time to get together with my former friends, and many friends were estranged. At this time, it's rare to meet you. She is very happy. Can you spend more time with her? Du Juntao said these words sincerely for Zhao Ruotong, but he didn't know how awkward these words were in Jingyi's ears!

However, she is not such a bad woman, cruel enough to expose the lies that a woman deliberately weaves. Although I don't know if Zhao Ruotong really loves Du Juntao, from Du Juntao's description and feelings, Zhao Ruotong is also sincere to Du Juntao. In this world, everything can be disguised, but he can't pretend to be sincere. If he has no feelings in his heart, how can he follow an age enough to be a father? Five years of a dear man?

Maybe it's not so important to love or not, and it's unforgettable, isn't it?

Jingyi smiled faintly and nodded, which was considered to be accepted. As soon as I looked up, I saw Zhao Ruotong coming back, holding a cup of green tea and a glass of mango juice in his hand. She handed the mango juice to Jingyi. Jingyi smiled and was slightly touched. She still remember that she loved mango juice?!

After separating from Du Juntao, Jingyi returned to Qianqian and Chenchen, took them in her arms, and looked at Yi Tang sweetly and called "Dad." He shouted at Chen Qing next to him, "Mom." Chen Qing narrowed her eyes with joy.

Seeing this, Qianqian and Chen Chen rushed into Chen Qing's arms and affectionately shouted, "Grandma, grandma, I want to eat ice cream..."

Chen Qing smiled happily and said hello repeatedly. Only then did Jingyi remember the promise that Lei Shaotang would take the children to dinner.

"Dad and Mom, I'm going to take the children to meet Lei Shaotang tonight."

Chen Yitang thought for a moment and said, "Well, remember to be careful. Take the children home for one night after dinner. Chenchen kept shouting that he wanted to play chess with me. He went out in a hurry in the morning and forgot to bring a chessboard. Later, you and your mother will go back to make ice cream first. In the evening, you can bring the children here after dinner, and you can just eat ice cream.


"Mommy, where are we going?" Qianqian, sitting on the car, looked out of the window and asked.

"Mommy will take you to meet a grandpa."

"What kind of grandfather?" Chenchen stared at Jingyi's back with big curious eyes and asked.

"Um~" Jingyi thought for a moment and said, "It's a very friendly grandfather. He is sick and lives in the hospital. He is very lonely. When he goes to the hospital, he must call grandpa sweetly, so that when grandpa is happy, he will get better quickly."

"Okay, we will definitely make Grandpa happy!" Chenchen and Qianqian answered in one voice. After saying that, the two small heads came together as if they were discussing something. The voice was extremely low, and it was appropriate to hear jokes and performances intermittently... I guess these two kids are discussing how to make Grandpa happy.

The car soon arrived at Zhang's Hospital, and Jingyi saw Chen Li waiting at the door with several food boxes from afar. After parking the car, she led the two children over, stopped in front of Chen Li, and gently called out, "Aunt Chen." The two children shouted obediently, "Grandma Chen." Chen Li looked at the two children with hot eyes and couldn't help crying. She hurriedly handed the food box to Jingyi and pushed her: "Go in quickly. Uncle Lei has been waiting."

Jingyi answered "um" and carried the food box into the hospital.

The moment Lei Shaotang heard the door open, he turned his head and looked at the door with joy. When he saw the two children standing there together, he was excited and raised his trembling hands to wipe his tears.

"Good grandpa!" Qianqian and Chenchen walked to the hospital bed and greeted him at the same time. Lei Shaotang smiled happily, stretched out his hand and touched Qianqian's head, and asked kindly, "Is it Qianqian?" Qianqian nodded seriously, and a big question arises in his heart: he hasn't introduced himself yet. How did Grandpa know that his name is Qianqian? Just as he was puzzled, Lei Shaotang turned around again, took Chenchen's hand and said, "Then you must be Chenchen!"

"Grandpa, how do you know our names?" Qianqian couldn't help asking. A pink and cute little face was full of doubt and curiosity, and his small eyebrows frowned slightly and looked like a little adult.

Lei Shaotang glanced at Jingyi, who was placing tables and chopsticks next to him, with a smile on the corners of his eyes.

"Mom told Grandpa, didn't she?" Chenchen interrupted.

"Chenchen is so smart!"

Lei Shaotang's praise made Qianqian a little dissatisfied: "Grandpa, do you mean that Qianqian is not smart?" Before Qianqian finished speaking, his cheeks were bulging like a big steamed bun, and his shining eyes were full of grievances and dissatisfaction.

Lei Shaotang was stunned and turned to laugh: "Qianqian is also very smart! They are all grandpa's babies. How can they not be smart?

"Well, it's time to eat, modesty, Chenchen, go and help grandpa come and sit down." Jingyi set up the table, bowls and chopsticks, and then invited a few people to come over for dinner.

When Qianqian and Chenchen heard Jingyi's words, they obediently lifted the thin quilt covered by Lei Shaotang on his legs and stood on tiptoe to support him carefully. Although Lei Shaotang stayed in bed for two years, he actively rehabilitated after waking up. In addition, his body was relatively strong and had already recovered. However, it is rare for a great-grandson to help him, and he is also happy to enjoy it. He involuntarily transferred his weight to the two children. Qianqian and Chenchen held Lei Shaotang to slowly move to the table until Lei Shaotang sat down. The little faces of the two children were already red because of their strength, like ripe red apples. It's so cute.

After Lei Shaotang sat down, Qianqian and Chenchen consciously ran into the bathroom in the room to wash their hands. Qianqian was the first to wash it. When he came out, he had a white and clean towel in his hand.

"Grandpa, you are inconvenient to move. I'll wipe your hands for you. Mom said to wash your hands before eating, so that you can be healthy." After saying that, Qianqian carefully wiped Lei Shaotang with a warm towel. The serious appearance was really loving and painful.

"Qian and good-behaved!" Lei Shaotang was a little choked and praised, and his eyes turned red at the moment of speaking.

"Grandpa, are you going to cry? Mom said that a man can't shed blood and tears!" Qianqian looked like a little adult, standing straight while talking, and stretched out his fat little hand to wipe the edge of Lei Shaotang's eyes.

"Grandpa didn't cry, but his eyes suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, but after modest touching, he is fine now!"

Qianqian nodded suspiciously and ran all the way into the bathroom to put the towel away. The four people had a warm and lively meal. Chenchen told a few jokes from time to time. Qianqian sang and danced, and twisted their little farts with a playful smile for a long time. Finally, they also interpreted the classic movements in the little ghost bodyguard, which made Lei Shaotang unable to smile all the time!