Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 83 Poison Scorpion

Facing the roar of the crane-haired childish old man, Xi Ting was not afraid at all, but turned around and made a grimace to the old man. And a group of senior soul masters behind the old man smiled bitterly at this grimace. It seemed that no one could do it in the face of this naughty little girl.

"Master, it's too boring to stay here all the time. I'm going out for a walk!" Xiting suddenly shocked everyone. No one thought that she was not only to save the intruder, but also bold enough to leave Luanfeng Holy Land.

"Ting'er, don't mess around. Come back quickly. It's dangerous outside!" The crane-haired old man's face turned green, and the source power around his body surged crazily and was about to chase him. Seeing this, Fan Tian was even more heartbreaking and did not dare to keep it at all. The martial soul in his body suddenly overflowed over his head, and the purple-gold source wind was running wildly. At this moment, a huge imprint appeared under his feet. At the same time, the speed suddenly exploded, took Ting'er's hand and rushed out and disappeared in front of everyone.

Seeing that the two suddenly rushed out of the boundary and disappeared into the air, everyone was suddenly frightened and were about to rush out of the holy land to chase them. However, at this moment, a middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the void, blocking their way.

"Psaga, what are you?" The old man with crane hair didn't know what it meant.

"Forget it, let them go. Tinger already has the ability to protect herself, and she has my magic symbol on her body, and she will not be harmed when walking in the source continent. It's time for her to go out and practice. The middle-aged man still looked in the direction of the two disappearing, and his mind seemed to be calculating something. However, these words are a little unclear to the old man, because the Luanfeng Holy Land has been closed for thousands of years, during which few disciples have gone to the source continent to practice, so he is a little puzzled why the patriarch suddenly changed his mind of the feudal domain today.

"Psaga, but our clan rules...!" The crane-haired old man wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by a middle-aged man.

"I know what you want to say. We will hold a clan meeting later. When this clan rule is abolished, other hermits seem to have acted ahead of us." In the surprised eyes of everyone, the figure of the middle-aged man slowly disappeared into the air.

"Is the mainland going to change again?" As an antique that has lived for thousands of years, the crane-haired old man seems to have smelled a strange smell.

On the other hand, after Fan Tian and Xi Ting broke through the fantasy, they did not stop, because they did not think that the pursuers behind them would let them go so easily. So the hungry and unscrupulous choice chose a road and rushed out. However, after a long time, Fan Tian suddenly found that they seemed to have come to the deepest part of the jungle.

"How did you lead the way? Why do I feel that the breath of the fierce beasts around me is getting stronger and stronger? Xiting wrinkled her cute little nose and stared at Fan Tian with big eyes.

"How do I know? This is at your doorstep. I've never been here!" Fan Tian felt that this aunt would really be able to rake down. Obviously, it was the direction she chose before, but now she blames Fan Tian.

"At the door of my house, it's also outside. It was agreed that you would take care of me when you went outside." Xiting stared at Fan Tian and did not let it go. It was not until now that he found that some women could not reason with them. Because they are reasonable.

"Well, aunt, I'm wrong, but shall we solve the fierce beast in front of us first?" While Fan Tian was talking, a poisonous scorpion with a fishy smell had appeared in front of them. The calf-sized body, fine steel-like armor, and dark tail needles, all risked a dangerous breath.

"What is this? It's so disgusting! I don't want to fight with it. You can solve it by yourself." With that, the aunt had soared to the huge tree next to her. Seeing Xiting's behavior, Fan Tian had an impulse to pull her down.

"The opposite side is a half-step advanced fierce beast. You can destroy it with your hand, but you avoid fighting, but let me be an intermediate soul master to deal with it?" Fan Tian looked at Xiting on the tree, pointed to the tip of his nose, and pinched his waist angrily.

"I don't care. It can't fly. It can't touch me at all, and it's so disgusting. If you want to solve it, you can do it yourself!" Xiting looked like a scoundrel and had already sat on the tree trunk, ready to watch the play. Fan Tian knew that this guy was absolutely sincere and took out the magic stick, because the other party couldn't help rushing up.

ji ji

The sound of the poisonous scorpion is very unpleasant, as if it was stuck in the throat by something. Fan Tian looked at this guy and was not happy. He put all his anger on him. Of course, this half-level fierce beast is not a soft persimmon. Fan Tian dares not forget that the fierce beast of the same level will always be stronger than the soul master.

"A stick splits the world" in the face of the other party's black tail needle, Fan Tian did not dare to be careless, and it was a powerful stick. Under the condensation of the source force in the sky, a huge stick appeared, which stopped the other party's footsteps. The breath of destruction permeated the space, and the long stick firmly locked the other party and suddenly fell.


The poisonous scorpion raised the steel pliers, did not avoid it, and greeted it with black fog. The long stick and the steel pliers instantly made a steel-like sound. Through the source force, Fan Tian could clearly feel that the strength of the steel tongs was not weaker than the magic stick in his hand. On the contrary, the black fog carries a strong smell of corrosion. If it hadn't been for Fan Tian's magic stick and extraordinary, I'm afraid it would have been damaged by this blow.

"It's worthy of being a half-step advanced beast, and its strength is really strong!" After a short engagement, Fan Tian has determined that the strength of the other party is not weaker than him at all. And Xiting, who was the audience, applauded because of the wonderful battle.

"That's a good fight. Let's continue!" Fan Tian has ignored this girl, otherwise she will be pissed off sooner or later.

The half-step advanced fierce beast is not a fool. After a short trial, it also figured out Fan Tian's strength. Facing their opponents, both sides became solemn. The whole body of the poisonous scorpion arched, and the thick black fog kept overflowing from its body, and even the surrounding flowers and trees were corroded. Seeing this scene, Fan Tian couldn't help frowning.

"It seems that it is absolutely impossible to get close to him, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable!" At this time, Fan Tian had already put on the golden armor. In the face of the poisonous fog, he did not dare to hold on. The magic stick in his hand waved out again, but this time it was no longer a stick to split the world, but the last three types of the mountain stick method.

"Ask the sky, ask the earth, ask for love!" The three-style stick method is continuous, folding and overlapping, pointing to the sky, pointing to the earth, and pointing to people! In the three sticks, each long stick turns into a word, heaven, earth and man. Three sticks surrounded each other and shrouded the poisonous scorpion. At this time, Fan Tian used the last three types of the split mountain stick method for the first time in the battle. The power is beyond doubt. The magnificent source force became boiling under the stirring of the stick method, and the poisonous scorpion on the opposite seemed to feel dangerous.


The ink-colored tail thorn, like a disconnected poison needle, actually turned into a half-meter-long benchmark and flew to Fan Tian. The poison needle was cut off by the stick method. The black fog seemed to want to corrode the three giant sticks, but the purple-gold source was like a dragon, constantly churning, extinguishing the black poisonous fog. The two moves were deadlocked, but the two sides did not stop. The poisonous scorpion rushed over first, and Fan Tian's hand of destruction also patted out.

The purple-gold scale claws directly grasped the other party's torso, and the poisonous scorpion's double pliers hit back mercilessly. The scale claws adhered to Fan Tian's will and pressed the other party's body fiercely, but the other party's hard shell could never be broken. At this unsustaining moment, the poisonous scorpion's eyes suddenly burst into a strange blood red, and a poisonous needle flew out of the other party's mouth without warning.

In such a situation, Fan Tian's face changed slightly, but the movements under his feet did not stop. The void imprint appeared, and the bronze figure suddenly soared into the air and walked step by step to the top of the poisonous scorpion. With the faint cracks in the void, Fan Tian's face showed extremely solemnity.

"Two seals step on everything!" With Fan Tian's voice, the purple-gold source power under his feet suddenly surged crazily, and complicated characters appeared in his feet. With a drop of sweat on his forehead, two prints suddenly appeared under his feet and merged together, blooming dazzling silver light. He pressed down on the poisonous scorpion fiercely.

ji ji

Facing the silver print, the poisonous scorpion below showed fear. However, under the control of the hand of destruction, its body could not move at all, and could only rely on its own iron pliers to block the top of its head. However, all this seems to be useless. In the face of the second seal of the void seal, the poisonous scorpion has no ability to resist. In this way, it was crushed to the ground and turned into a ball of blood mud without even the last cry.

"Wow, it's finally solved!" Fan Tian wiped the sweat on his forehead and fell to the ground. He still had lingering palpitations. If it hadn't been for the successful use of the second seal, he might have been lying down now.

"Fentian, that's good. Can the seal teach you the savior just now?" I don't know when Xiting has fallen from the tree and stood beside Fan Tian.

"It's not impossible to teach you, but if you want to tell why these fierce beasts turn a blind eye to you and run away because of your senior soul master's strength?" Fan Tian had already thought of this at the end of the battle. The fierce beast could not be stupid enough to attack a human group with a senior soul master. Unless they are stronger, this poisonous scorpion is obviously not.