Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 117 Conspiracy

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The skeleton of howling is clear. Although the space for the confrontation between the two sides is full of the power of black witchcraft, compared with the sealed witchcraft world on the other side, it is simply not worth mentioning. Fan Tian and others who had just entered did not immediately participate in the battle, because they were stunned by the huge light curtain behind the two sides.

The light curtain is constantly fluctuating, flashing the rhythm, and at the other end of the light curtain is the real witch battlefield, dark and dark. From time to time, strange creatures hit the halo in the thick black fog, and they are also making a sneering sound. The creatures that hit the light curtain are like moths and fire, and instantly turn into a ball again. The black fog blended into the dark world.

"Is that the world of witchcraft?" Xiting's eyes were round, and she was shocked by the horrible scene in front of her.

"Yes, that is, another world in the seal. After tens of thousands of years of evolution, no one knows what has changed in it, but from the breath revealed by the other party, it is obvious that the evil spirit has become stronger." A trace of worry appeared in the eyes of the gray elder Cang Ye. This thing is indeed a hidden danger. Sooner or later, the seal will break. At that time, the source continent does not know what kind of disaster it will face.

"Then why didn't you completely destroy this place?" Xiting has willow eyebrows, and obviously she doesn't like this place very much.

"It's not so easy to destroy. This is the resentment of more than a dozen emperors and tens of thousands of witches. Even if an emperor is willing to appear and refine, it may not be successful. What's more, no family can give up the emperor to sacrifice this place." Everyone knows that the importance of an emperor to the family is the existence of the Optimus Prime. Once the Optimus Prime falls, it is difficult to say whether the family will still exist. After all, it is difficult to covet the treasures of the imperial family.

As soon as Fan Tian and several people woke up from the shock in front of them, the battle between the two sides broke out again, and this time it was better than before, because the fierce beast side had realized the crisis and the appearance of the ancient clan had to let them recalculate the current situation.

Beast Tianqing raised his left hand, and the white tiger claws blocked the other party's breath, but his face became extremely solemn. The green robe around him buzzed, and the purple and gold crown on his head were shining. A soft breath confronted each other in the air, and instantly pushed the two groups of people behind him into the distance.

"Yiyi, don't be obsessed with it. If you are more aggressive, don't blame me for being cruel." Obviously, the real war between the two kings, even the existence of the quasi-king level close to the king, cannot be intervened. This kind of leap between levels represents not only strength, but also a realm.

"Beast Tianqing, I know that you have the king-level soul weapon of Wan Beast Mountain in your hand. If the real soldiers fit together, I am not your opponent. But don't think that I don't know anything without leaving home. The Wanshou Mountain Horcrus left here two months ago and went to the southeast. Xieyi's black sleeves shook, and thick smoke rose. Looking at the beast Tianqing, he couldn't help showing a trace of irony.

"Do you think I would suddenly be interested in the attack and defense array? If Jiuyuan hadn't been born, many strong people would not have ignored me and would have been so boldly destroyed here with me as a king-level soul master. In fact, you know better than me why you have fought. For more than a month, no king-level soul master has come to help. Xie Yi finally said what the beast Tianqing was worried about. The other party was really prepared and launched a raid when everyone had no time to care here. This was a complete conspiracy.

"Since you know that Jiuyuan is about to be born, why do you want to break the seal here? You should know that Jiuyuan also has the mark of becoming an emperor." Beast Tianqing's face was heavy, and the other party was obviously prepared. He had a feeling that everything seemed to be carried out in the other party's plan, and he seemed to have been calculated by the evil.

"Jiuyuan is about to be born, but every time the benefits are not taken away by those old antiques. How can lonely people like us fight through those ancient families that existed in ancient times? You are also people who have experienced the birth of Jiuyuan. You know the situation there better than me." Xieyi's words are reasonable. Last time Jiuyuan was born, he had just reached the king level. Under the leadership of the previous generation of leaders and the ancient shadow of the beast mountain soul weapon, he also participated in the grand event.

At that time, the dragons gathered, and princes from all walks of life gathered one after another. Among them, the gate school, the ancient clan, the hermit strongman, were as many as cattle and feathers. Among them, the three kings of the beasts were simply a small force. In the end, the three of them joined hands to obtain a head-sized source essence, those endless benefits, a few It has been obtained by the ancients and powerful sects. Beast Tianqing knew very well that Jiuyuan was just a scene for them. The real treasure could not fall into his hands at all. Although what Xie Yi said was unpleasant, it was an indisputable fact.

"Then you put your mind on the wailing skeleton, right? While Jiuyuan was born, other forces have no time to visit here." Beast Tianqing has understood that the other party's conspiracy has been planned for a long time. If he continues to talk, it is also a waste of words, and looking at the other party spending a month with him, he seems to be waiting for something, otherwise he should not be able to stop the other party's footsteps.

"Haha, you finally understand. Do you think I'm really afraid of you? In fact, I'm waiting for these ancients to send me the key to open the seal." Xie Yi, covered by the black robe, suddenly began to laugh wildly, and his thin claws slowly raised their beginning, and a ferocious head appeared in front of everyone. At this moment, Beast Tianqing finally realized something and turned his head to look at several ancient teenagers who had just come in.

"It turns out that you don't have the strength to open the seal at all. It took so long to wait for their arrival." The beast sky rushed to the crown angrily and suddenly turned to the elders behind him.

"Those teenagers Ma* escort me out!" In everyone's inexplicable eyes, Xieyi strangely moved his head, and his neck actually made his scalp tingle with another head, exactly the same as before, with a sinister and cunning light in his eyes.

"It's late, Beast Tianqing, do you think I'm really not your opponent? Today, I'll show you my real strength. Go and capture those ancient teenagers for me. If you let them run away, take your dog's head to see me!" The evil cold voice made all the fierce beasts shiver, and they looked at several people as if they were staring at their prey.

However, Fan Tian and others who had just come in heard it inexplicably. They didn't know what to say, but Xi Ting seemed to have caught something and fell into meditation. After a sound, she suddenly screamed.

"Oh, my God, I finally know what this guy is talking about. It turns out that he has been waiting for us to appear again."

"Why?" The moon wind has already entered the combat state, looming from time to time, and no longer lazy.

"Because it takes the blood of the ancients to open the seal here, he is waiting for us for a few sacrifices."

"Impossible. If so, how could my father send me here?" Lin Fan denied Xi Ting's idea at the first time, but Yuefeng was not immediately arbitrary, and a trace of thought appeared in his eyes.

"What he said may be true. Maybe other ancient people don't know about this matter except for the two-headed man in front of him." Yue Feng's eyes showed wisdom.

"Why?" Lin Fan was a little puzzled.

"You must have seen this history when you leave the family again. Although the destruction of the witch was recorded, it is not clear who was destroyed. It's just a stroke and attacked it in groups, and our family was also a giant in that era. You think there will be no footing us in this group attack. Traces? Yuefeng's analysis suddenly made everyone understand that this was also an ancient secret that had been blinded, and the two-headed man in the air, who did not know how to get these.

However, just when everyone fell into meditation, the fierce beasts in the air had been ordered to chase down. Although they were blocked by the elders of the beasts, they still could not stop the footsteps of these outlaws, because the evil order had made them crazy. Every fierce beast here was deeply afraid in his heart. He Our king.


The world changed color at this moment, and Yuefeng and Xiting were the two who reflected the fastest. They raised their legs and ran out in the direction they came. Although Lin Fan was a little slow, he also realized the seriousness of the matter and followed them on the colorful auspicious clouds. Only Fan Tian stopped and stood there, showing a trace of firmness in his eyes.

"I'm not an ancient clan, but a disciple of the Beast Gate. Since it's not their goal, let's make some meager efforts to stop them." Fan Tian stepped out of his left foot, and the magic stick turned into a stick of Optimus Prime and hit it directly into the hole, and a rock collapsed and blocked it.

"Kid, you want to die!" The fierce beast caught up in the rear had an abominable face, and he took the point and wanted to kill Fan Tian.