Beast Soul Continent

Chapter 118 Ancestor Snake

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In the face of the turbulent attack of the other party, Fan Tian did not dare to hold on. This is not a fierce beast, but a group of fierce beasts. Not to mention him, even those half-step king-level elders in the gate of beasts have to think about it. This space has fallen into a roar in the fight of a group of elders and fierce beasts, and the beasts in the middle of the battlefield have entered the white heat.

The "Shadow of Delusion" beast Tianqing was majestic, and the green robe rattled, and a figure like one slowly came out of his body. However, the man wore a white robe, his eyes were like demon pupils, and the combat power emanating from his body was not weaker than his body.

"Huh, a king-level soul master who has just broken through the second stage, think he can defeat me by summoning a split?" There was a trace of sarcasm on his ferocious face, and at this time, his two heads suddenly burst into unprecedented combat power, the left head was evil, and the right head was vicious.

"King-level three paragraphs? You actually broke through the king-level three sections!" Beast Tianqing was shocked by the other party's momentum for a moment. He did not expect that this fierce beast, which had always been comparable to himself, unexpectedly broke through the king-level three stages. Beast Tianqing sat at the gate of thousands of beasts, and the strength of the fierce beast in the back mountain was under his observation. Unexpectedly, the other party still deceived his eyes and secretly broke through. At the third paragraph, no wonder he dares to be so arrogant.

"Haha, do you think I will still be as stupid and stick to the rules like you?" Xieyi's words made the beast sky stagnate. What does it mean for him to stick to the stereotypes? Did the other party pass some shortcut to reach the third stage?

"Are you...!" Beast Tianqing suddenly realized something and felt awe of it.

"Look, you're not stupid, but it's all late. Today is the anniversary of your death."

"Crying Blood" With the evil and strange green eyes, two poisonous snakes completely transformed by energy flew out of his two heads. The demon snake on the left flashed with blood-red pupils, and the blood basin swallowed the sky and the sun. The poisonous snake on the right side was covered with green fog, and the green pupils revealed a cold light.

The two poisonous snakes are hundreds of feet long, and the dense scales are like strange secret documents, coming with a fishy evil atmosphere. The head of the beast Tianqing's face is solemn. In the face of the evil that is a whole higher than himself, the white tiger beast soul has completely merged with it. A king's word loomed on his forehead, and the strong blue light makes his figure continue to transform, like a phantom, erratic.


The viper and the figure of the beast Tianqing are intertwined. The two figures are green and white, facing the two poisonous snakes respectively. The beast Tianqing's white tiger claws dodged the other party's blood basin mouth and directly grabbed the viper's abdomen. A string of sparks splashed everywhere. Unexpectedly, the evil and condensed poisonous snake was almost materialized, which made the beast Tianqing wrinkled even more. I raised my eyebrows.

"The claws of ten thousand tigers" The white tiger's martial soul is cultivated by melee skills, which is also in line with his wind-oriented source power. It is erratic and as fast as lightning. The claws of ten thousand tigers draw out from two different figures at the same time. The claw marks are like dazzling white light in the night, constantly scratching the sky and bombard the viper.

"The sound of mourning, crying blood poison!" At this moment, the blood-red demon snake opened its mouth and suddenly heard the sound of crying, as if ten thousand ghosts were howling, the ghosts ringing the bell, and the Taoist sound waves rushed straight to the divine consciousness. Even the fierce beasts and elders in the distance were affected indiscriminately. They were all slow and had headaches.

"White Tiger Roar" In the face of this scene, the word king on the forehead of the beast Tianqing shined, and a vast righteousness gushed out of his body to compete with the soul sound, but the other party's attack did not stop here, because the green fog on another Bikong viper had spread, and even the void It made a rustle sound. Under the corrosion of the poisonous fog, the figure of the head beast Tianqing seemed to have nowhere to escape and was about to be shrouded in the middle.

At this critical moment, the two figures suddenly disappeared into the air and could not detect any of his breath at all. Even the two poisonous snakes in the void showed a look of vigilance, and Xieyi directly drew a ghost shield in front of him. However, his ghost shield had just formed, and In order to stabilize, the figure of Beast Skyqing suddenly appeared strangely behind him, and two white tiger claws turned to each other's vest.

"Hmm, I knew you would be here." Xieyi seemed to have expected it, and there was no tension between his words. On the contrary, the beast Tianqing showed a solemn look and realized that he seemed to have been calculated and was about to take back his white claws, but it was too late. The other party had already planned. A thin palm seemed to have no power, but it grabbed the other party like lightning. Chest.

"You...!" Beast Tianqing's face was shocked. He did not expect that a Dharma soul trainer on the other side would be faster than him. For a moment, he was caught off guard and had to put his hands in his chest. Even so, he was torn off a piece of flesh and blood by the seemingly powerless bone hand.

"I've said that you won't be as pedantic and stick to the rules. You are still so naive." Xieyi's eyes were full of cold, and another withered hand stretched out again, trying to kill the beast sky. However, as the second king, the beast sky would naturally not be captured. The white figure suddenly flashed and stood in front of him. If it hadn't been for the time emergency, he would not have been injured at all.


The withered claws were opposite the white figure, and the white figure was cut into the chest like tofu, but the beast Tianqing took this opportunity to escape. The white figure was expressionless in the face of Xieyi. Suddenly, the energy in the body was disordered and exploded without warning. Xieyi did not expect that the other party would lead After destroying the split, he didn't have time to escape for a while. The blown up blood surged and his mouth overflowed blood.

"I didn't expect that you would lose yourself!" Xie Yi gritted his teeth and had a ferocious head. He looked at the beast Tianqing's eyes full of anger. Unexpectedly, with its three-stage king strength, he was still injured by the other party. Although it was in the case of the beast Tianqing's self-destructive split, he still couldn't stand it.

"Three levels of strength are really good!" Beast Tianqing wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and there was no fear in his eyes, but the self-exploding split did bring him a lot of damage. If he hadn't had to, he would never have done so. He knows very well that if he doesn't work hard in today's war, I'm afraid everyone will be damaged here.

"I wanted to let you live longer, but now it seems that you have been idle for too long!" The evil and ferocious face grinned, and the body gushed out a breath of ink energy in anger, and the surrounding air cooled down again, like the cold winter twelfth month, the Arctic iceland. At the same time, a two-headed demon snake flew out of his body. The breath of terror swept the world, and he finally released his magic soul.

"The ancestor of nine heads, transformed into souls, the nine realms of the underworld, reappeared in the world" evil Yi was originally a nine-headed demon snake, but when he was young, he was cut off eight heads and left only one head. Today's second head should have just been cultivated back when it broke through to the third stage, even so. , and can't erase the blood of his nine-headed demon snake. Once one day, he breaks through to the imperial level, he can make the other snakes reborn again.

With the evolution of evil, the ancestor snake gradually rose from the body of the double-headed snake. The nine snake heads are like nine layers of purgatory, emitting different breaths, evil, gloomy, highly poisonous, destroying all kinds of negative emotions, and instantly filled the whole space. At this moment, the beast sky has not only looked dignified, but also green The colored body also continued to evolve, with white figures roaring up to the sky and confronting the Hydra ancestors.

"Western holy beasts, all the winds, the hearts of white tigers, heaven and earth can be seen" Nine white tiger figures appeared in the void, with wings on their backs, Wang Wei was vast, confronting the ancestor of the nine-headed snake on the opposite side. Under the command of the beast sky, they poured into his body one after another. At this moment, the beast sky was like a god of war, wearing a white tiger. A, stepped on the blue wings and killed the nine-headed ancestor snake in the void.


The two kings had a shocking attack at this moment. The fierce beasts and elders who were fighting beside them stopped their movements tacitly and watched this shocking scene. The beast Tianqing, dressed in white tiger armor, fought with the nine-headed ancestral snakes in the air. The sharp claw blades continued to cut each other's body, and the snake heads fell one by one. At the same time, he was also constantly eroded by the other party's nine different forces. The armor of the white tiger turned into ink, and his breath continued to decline.

"Chatter, I see how long you can hold on!" Xie Yi's face was ferocious, and the corners of his mouth were constantly bleeding. Obviously, a higher period of height did not make him feel like a broken bamboo. With the passage of time, the scars on the head of the beast sky continued to increase, and even his face was stained with poison gas into a dark green color.


After cutting off the seventh head of the other party, the leader beast Tianqing finally could no longer resist the nine-headed ancestral power. He was unwilling to fall from the air, and the breath of life was constantly passing. The elders of the whole beast gate were full of courage and rushed up regardless of the power of the other party's king, but the king was the king, even if The three-stage king who was seriously injured is not something that some senior soul masters can invade.

"Since you want to be buried with the leader, let's die together!" Xieyi's face was expressionless, and only two ancestral snakes were left to rush to everyone. The majesty of the king instantly made everyone pale and bloodshed.

"Are we going to be destroyed like this?" The elders roared unwillingly, but in front of the other party's powerful force, they could not turn over the river waves at all, and when the two-headed snake was about to devour everyone in front of them, a sigh suddenly appeared in this closed space.

"Oh, I didn't expect that I left your only head with good thoughts, but I still can't save your way!" With the sound of vicissitudes, a silver hand suddenly appeared in the void, easily pinching the remaining two-headed ancestral snake into pieces.