President, be careful of love

Chapter 80 Clear the Mist 2

Back in the room, Jingyi carefully placed Tongtong. When passing by the living room, he looked at the popular hall and only Zhao Yiting and Mo Ziqi were busy there. There was a feeling of melancholy: After Lin Xiaonan disappeared, Yang Yidan also asked for leave. I don't know what will happen? Now everyone is panicked and worried. Several people worked together and played together. They had long been like friends. In an instant, their friends turned against each other. How could these people get out? The so-called city gate caught fire and affected the pool fish. In the past few days, everyone was in a bad mood. Some were worried about Lin Xiaonan, some worried about Lei Shaochen, and some people wanted to know about Yang Yidan's situation. After all, such a big thing has happened that no one can escape the relationship.

Jingyi looked at the busy back of the two of them in a low mood, turned into Xiaoyan's room without disturbing a sound, closed the door, sat next to Xiaoyan, and frowned slightly with a sad face. He sighed gently and said slowly, "It's getting more and more complicated."

Xiaoyan shook his head listlessly: "A wave of unevenness and another wave rise again, Jingyi, you have to hold on!"

"I'm fine. I'm not a weak woman who can be bullied without saying anything. If the enemy is strong, I am strong. This is a society ruled by law. She can't cover the sky with one hand! There are so many plots and tricks in her stomach. There will always be times when they are exposed. We will stick to our own rules and don't make mistakes. No matter how wrong she is wronged and slandered, there will be a day when the truth will come out.

"Eh! Just like today, your answer is wonderful!" Xiaoyan praised.

Jingyi's face was calm, his eyebrows twisted more and more tightly, shook his head gently, and said, "It may not be so simple. I'm afraid that the content reported in the end will surprise us. You don't know that in order to win attention, the reporter likes to exaggerate and take it out of context. Let's wait and see what happens first. " At this point, why not be ready to wait for the attack!

Reported in the evening of the same day.

After 6 o'clock, Xiaoyan and Jingyi turned on the TV on time to watch today's news broadcast. As a result, they found nothing and there was no news about the Lei family. It seems that she worried too much. She turned off the TV and Xiaoyan began to deal with the clothing design competition. Tomorrow is the final date for submission, so they must I have to put all my works on the Internet today. After the two of them finished this, their bodies relaxed, as if they had completed a big event that had been pressing their hearts for a long time. Their relaxed and happy mood floated in their hearts. When they were about to turn off the computer and go out for dinner, Jingyi suddenly left a rolling news on the website navigation: Lei's daughter-in-law loves Stealing wealth and taking advantage of people's danger to be a mistress! Jingyi shook her hand and clicked in. After reading it quickly, she was so angry that she wanted to smash the computer. She had seen it out of context and had never seen such a reversal of black and white! Unexpectedly, she said that she tried her best to seize the Lei family's property and steal it secretly. After being discovered by Lei Shaochen, she stabbed her newlywed husband regardless of her kindness! Lei Shaochen was desperate to divorce her. She was so angry that she pushed down her ex-girlfriend who had been injured in a car accident, causing her to hurt her legs and live in a wheelchair! She also said that she was irritable and cruel, and did not hesitate to break the muscles and bones of her beloved cat's front legs! The beard was pulled out, and many hairs on the cat's body were pulled out to reveal the bloody flesh. The picture below clearly shows her holding Tongtong, and next to it is a partial enlarged picture of Tongtong!

Jingyi turned off the computer angrily and angrily wanted to find Zhang Xinmeng to argue, but was pulled by Xiaoyan. Chen Jingyi, calm down! You can't take advantage of her, but you will suffer losses!"

"But I can't let her turn black and white upside down, out of nothing! What would my father think of me if he saw him?

"No, I'm going to find Lei Shaochen and let him see Zhang Xinmeng's face clearly!" Jingyi's eyes turned around, and finally felt that she wanted to find Lei Shaochen to do justice for her! Xiaoyan couldn't stop him, but he had to follow closely so that he could take care of him.

Along the way, Jingyi was overwhelmed by anger and couldn't calm down for a moment. When she arrived at the hospital, she rushed straight to the third floor and happened to see Lei Shaochen reading alone there. She must have recovered well. Seeing Jingyi's figure, he was a little happy in his heart. He thought that this woman was really so ruthless to ignore him, but as soon as he saw that her face seemed to be wrong, he closed his eyebrows gently and frowned and watched her rush in.

Jingyi stared at Lei Shaochen fiercely and asked, "Lei Shaochen, I ask you to manage your dream and don't do anything to annoy me!" Don't let me down with you anymore!"

Lei Shaochen was confused and asked, "What the hell happened?"

What happened? You will know it by yourself on the Internet! First, she used the property certificate to falsely slander, and then informed the reporter to block me. In addition, she also abused Tong Tong to look like a cat! I can tolerate anything else, but if I torture Tongtong like that, I will definitely want her to pay her back with blood! I didn't expect you to like such a vulgar taste and such a dirty and despicable woman. Lei Shaochen, I look down on you!" Jingyi was furious and scolded!

"Jingyi, calm down. I don't know anything in the hospital. Is there any misunderstanding in the middle?"

Jingyi sneered, misunderstanding? What other misunderstanding can there be!!! She also hoped that this was a misunderstanding, but Tong Tong was injured like that, how could it be a misunderstanding! Did the reporter write her like that? She also hoped it was a misunderstanding, but she slandered her and wanted her to treat all this as a misunderstanding? No way!

"Is it a misunderstanding? Zhang Xinmeng knows best!"

"Why do you always have such a big preconnoy for Xinmeng?" Lei Shaochen couldn't help but have a headache.

"Do I have a preconnoy for her? I think you are kept in the dark, right? You are such a business wizard! There is no distinction between right and wrong, black and white are reversed. I didn't expect you to be capable of this! I don't think you are qualified to be the father of a child! We are divorced!"

"Chen Jingyi, are you reasonable or not?" Lei Shaochen was obviously also enraged.

"There is no reason to talk to you! Just hold that fox for the rest of your life. Jingyi said angrily and left without turning around. The so-called words were not opinative.

As soon as she walked out of the door of the hospital, her mobile phone rang. Looking at her father's number, Jingyi was nervous and didn't know how to explain it to her father. What a headache! Gently pressed Dad's number, turned around and called the car, and drove directly to Dad's apartment, leaving a helpless whisper...

I rang the doorbell and waited nervously for my father to open the door. It didn't take long for the door to open. It was Aunt Chen Qing who opened the door.

"Where's Dad?" Jingyi asked.

"Your father went to Lei's house to find you."

"What?" As soon as Jingyi heard this, she didn't have time to enter the house and immediately rushed out. She must not let her father see Zhang Xinmeng. Maybe she would make some rumors to tell her father that she couldn't stand the stimulation when she was old. Some time ago, the physical examination also found that she had high blood pressure and could not be stimulated. Be sure to drag your father back before he sees Xinmeng. Jingyi walked out in a panic and called her father's mobile phone, but the mobile phone kept ringing but no one answered. Jingyi's worries in her heart became stronger and stronger, and the uneasiness occupied the whole heart, and she couldn't even breathe smoothly.

When she rushed to Lei's house, she happened to see her father coming out of Lei's house with a blue face. Jingyi secretly shouted in her heart: miserable. He hurriedly stepped forward to help his father. When he walked to him, he found that his legs seemed to tremble, his face seemed to be much older in an instant, and the wrinkles crawling on his forehead became clearer and abrupt. Jingyi didn't dare to say anything. She helped her father walk out step by step for fear that saying something wrong would make her father more excited, but she secretly made up her mind that if her father had any shortcomings, Zhang Xinmeng would never want to live so safely!

When he got to the car, the driver drove a long way, and Chen Yitang calmed his fluctuating mood and said with difficulty, "Jingyi, Dad, I'm sorry for you!"

"Dad, what are you talking about! You didn't apologize to me. It's my fault!"

Chen Yitang took out a contract from his pocket tremblingly, and Jingyi glanced at it: Isn't this the agreement he signed with his grandfather? How did it fall into Dad's hands?

Chen Yitang said slowly, "Jingyi, you stupid child, how can you take your happiness as a contract!" What can you do now?" The last two words were pulled by him, and the tone could not hide the sadness and helplessness.

"Dad, I will solve my business by myself. Don't worry, and don't listen to other people's rumors. I will solve this matter well. Please believe me, Dad." Jingyi said his words powerfully, full of confidence and strength, but Chen Yitang had already obtained a wrong truth from Zhang Xinmeng, so he did not believe Jingyi's words in his heart, but he also echoed: "Okay, Dad believes you, Dad believes you."

But looking at her father's expression, Jingyi also saw that her father did not believe her. Originally, she wanted to ask Zhang Xinmeng what she said, but she was afraid that it would evoke her father's thoughts again or let go of this problem for the time being, but she didn't know that it was a year.

When I got home, I had a warm dinner with my father and Aunt Chen. No one mentioned it. After eating, Jingyi went back to the small apartment. As soon as Jingyi stepped out of the door, Chen Yitang's face was gloomy, sad and sighed repeatedly.

Chen Qing looked at him worriedly and couldn't help asking, "What's wrong with you today? Do you seem to be very unhappy?"

When Chen Yitang saw Chen Qing asking, he told her what Zhang Xinmeng said at Lei's house today. It turned out that Chen Yitang couldn't get through Jingyi's mobile phone immediately after seeing the report. He had to go straight to Lei's house in a hurry. As a result, he met Zhang Xinmeng at the door, and the two began to talk. Zhang Xinmeng's face changed 180 degrees after learning that he was Chen Jingyi's father. He was wondering about the girl. When her face changed faster than June, she slowly told the truth about Chen Jingyi's marriage. Originally, Chen Yitang did not believe what she said, but she calmly asked people to take out a contract from upstairs. With conclusive evidence, how could he not believe it? Since they are a contract marriage, now the children are Yes, what should I do when the child is born? Now I don't know what's going on, but Jingyi has been unjustly kicked out of the Lei family. What should she do?

After listening to Chen Yitang's narration, Chen Qing was silent for a long time, patted him on the shoulder and sighed: "We have watched Jingyi grow up since childhood. We know best what kind of child she is. Theft is obviously wronged, but the contract marriage is likely to be true. Yitang, Jingyi has grown up. Let's let her solve this matter by herself. If she really can't help it, let's find another way to help this child. What do you think?

Chen Yitang looked at the distance blankly and muttered, "Now the only way is to look at herself."


After listening to Jingyi's words, Lei Shaochen immediately found someone to send him a computer, quickly turned on the Internet, saw the news Jingyi said, and immediately began to ask Long Yi to investigate the truth of the matter. Finally, he did not forget to ask him about the results of the property certificate incident last time.

Long Yi exaggeratedly complained on the phone: "Brother, you think I'm a god, and you can investigate it clearly in a day or two!"

Lei Shaochen's face sank and responded seriously: "It's been two days. Haven't you come up with the results? Hurry up and say it."

Long Yi smiled and said, "Mr. Mo Ruolei, who knows me, the results of the investigation have come out. There are no fingerprints of my sister-in-law on it, but there are no fingerprints of others. Of course, I mean except for the three of you!"

"There is no trace at all?" Lei Shaochen didn't believe it.

"Really not. The other party should be wearing sweat-proof gloves to commit the crime. He is very professional, not like an amateur. Are you sure that this powerful role is your sister-in-law?"

Lei Shaochen listened quietly and remembered the expression that she had just come to find herself. In fact, he doubted the results of the investigation before he asked Long Yi to continue the investigation. However, at present, there seemed to be no clues, and he couldn't help but feel annoyed.

"Lei Shao, are you still listening?" Seeing that there was no response, Long Yi unconsciously asked. You can't let him talk to the air stupidly, can he?

"In, in your opinion, is there any other way to do this matter at present?" Lei Shaochen's heart was in a mess, so he had to ask Long Yi for help.

"Hm, in my opinion?" Long Yi thought about it while supporting his chin and was silent for a few seconds before continuing to say, "Since it happened in your house, it must be an insider. As the saying goes, it is difficult to prevent thieves day and night, but it does not mean that there is no way to prevent it. I have the most advanced video receivers here. How about secretly give you a few and let you install it hidden The sheltered place, so that you can monitor every move in the thunder house. Over time, thieves will always reveal the fox's tail.

"Then do it your way."

"OK, by the way, how's your injury?"

"I can't die." Lei Shaochen responded sullenly.

"You are really a contemporary living Lei Feng!" After saying that, Long Yi smiled over there and did not hide his gloating at all.

"If you say one more word, just wait to get out of here!" Lei Shaochen was slightly angry.

Long Yi laughed and turned to beg for mercy: "Lei Shao, don't treat others like this. Well, don't be angry. Come on, kiss me, yo!" Long Yi smiled obscenely at the other end of the phone, and then hung up the phone without waiting for Shaochen to respond, with a proud face.

Su Yan, who came in with the documents from the outside, saw Long Yi's happy appearance and asked decently, "Long Shao looks very happy today. What's the happy event?"

Long Yi saw Su Yan, looking up from her sexy calf, and her eyes were deeply locked on the crisp chest on her chest, and her romantic heart began to be noisy again: so beautiful that you can't miss it!

Su Yan is not a three-year-old child. What kind of person she has not seen in the past few years when she has been rolling in the mall with Lei Shaochen? Although she is dissatisfied, her face is full of smiles. Her eyebrows are full of charm, but they are not exposed. Her black and white eyes are clearly shining with desire but another serious face. Long Yi smiled secretly at the bottom of her heart: smelly Tao.

"Su Yan, right?" Long Yi asked deliberately.

"Exact." The answer is neither humble nor arrogant, but thousands of graces are fully displayed in it.

"Go and close the door first." The dragon wing suddenly smiled badly.

Su Yan was suddenly shocked. There were only two of them in this huge office. It was nothing to close the door. When she gave the documents to Lei Shaochen, she often closed the door. That was because some documents were private documents that could not be transmitted outside, but now there were no private documents. When he closed the door, he smiled again with a bad smile. , I always feel that it is not safe. Su Yan stood coldly and did not intend to carry out his instructions.

"Do you dare to disobey the vice president's order?" Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Of course I don't have to abide by your unreasonable reasons."

"Then why is my reason unreasonable?" Long Yi continued to ask questions.

"What do you need to close in broad daylight?" Su Yan is also not relaxed at all.

Long Yi laughed after listening to it: "Don't you think what I'm going to do to you?"

When Su Yan saw that what was on her mind was said, she couldn't help but be angry and stared at him fiercely without saying anything.

Long Yi felt bored when he saw that she didn't say anything. Finally, he said, "I know you secretly love our Lei Shao."

Su Yan was obviously shocked. She had hidden well enough. How could he know? I can't help but feel a little puzzled.

Seeing her surprised expression, Long Yi was even more proud and said sloppyly, "Actually, Lei Shao handed over Ni Anjie's matter to me to investigate some time ago..." Speaking of this, Longyi stopped and looked at Su Yan from surprise to panic. Her eyes were wide open, and her sexy red lips opened slightly. Due to surprise, she forgot to close it. Together with her decent professional dress, it added a little sexy and seductive.

For a long time, Su Yan came to her senses, lowered her volume and asked, "What do you want?"

The dragon wing rubbed his hands, shrugged his shoulders, and said helplessly, "What else can I do? Of course, I will write the report and give it to Lei Shao."

As soon as Su Yan heard this, she looked embarrassed. She turned around and obediently closed the door, returned to him again, and asked softly, "Can you not report it to Lei Shao?"

"Isn't that good? After all, you once framed his wife, and if I hide it, he will know it. Long Yi didn't finish speaking and made a "kake" action with his hand on his neck, which meant that Lei Shaochen would kill him.

Seeing this, Su Yan retreated two steps in a depressed spirit, and her eyes suddenly lost their luster. Her job was not easy to get. Although she was Ni Anjie's cousin, this kind of distant relatives did not move frequently, and her family had fallen, and she had long lost her former glory, and her father was still sick in bed. Now the whole family is supported by her. If she doesn't even have this job, what will the whole family do? My brother has just been admitted to college this year and is waiting for her money to pay his tuition. Although she admired Lei Shaochen and once wanted to be Mrs. Lei, she couldn't bear the bitter fruit of a moment of heartbreak! Thinking of this, Su Yan begged Long Yi bitterly: "Mr. Long, you are fine. Don't tell Lei Shao about this matter. You can do whatever you want me to do?" After saying that, the tears of fear fell one after another, and the big ones flowed into the mouth.

Long Yi didn't expect that she would have such a big reaction and cried. What he feared most in his life was the tears of women. He hurriedly persuaded him: "Well, I won't tell Lei Shaochen, but don't do such a thing again, or I will never forgive you the second time!"

When Su Yan saw that Long Yi actually promised herself, she raised her head gratefully, hugged him, and said excitedly, "Mr. Long, you are so kind. Thank you, thank you." She said two words of thank you in a row, and her gratitude was overflowing.

Looking at Su Yan's decadent back, Long Yi shook his head and smiled gently: Women, women...